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Drone wars: new UAV interceptor billed as net-firing solution to rogue flying | Technology | The Guardian
"Michigan Technological University’s latest drone-catcher system deploys an octacopter armed with a gun that fires out a net to entrap and carry off rogue unmanned aerial vehicles flying where they shouldn’t be."
drones  police  weapons 
january 2016 by kevan
Activists’ drone shot out of the sky for fourth time | sUAS News
"SHARK used the drone to successfully videotape illegal animal abuse committed at the pigeon shoot for nearly the entire day. [...] At approximately 3 p.m., a single sharp rifle crack rang out."
drones  surveillance  weapons 
july 2013 by kevan
Ohio Man Charged With Shooting Robot | Singularity Hub
"First, a camera-equipped robot entered the home to locate the man and the guns. A second larger bot was then sent in, but when the owner spotted it, he opened fire with a small caliber pistol damaging it."
robots  weapons  surveillance 
march 2013 by kevan
Shooters: How Video Games Fund Arms Manufacturers • Articles •
"It is hard to qualify to what extent rifle sales have increased as a result of being in games. [...] But video games expose our brand to a young audience who are considered possible future owners."
weapons  games  america 
january 2013 by kevan
BBC News - Afghan toy inspires wind-propelled landmine destroyer
"Two brothers studying at the Design Academy in Eindhoven have made a prototype wind-propelled landmine destroyer which is able to map its own path and 'clear' it as safe to use."
design  weapons  toys 
january 2013 by kevan
BBC News - Sonic device deployed in London during Olympics
"The American-made Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) can be used to send verbal warnings over a long distance or emit a beam of pain-inducing tones."
sound  london  police  technology  weapons 
may 2012 by kevan
Olympics 2012: A Bruce Schneier Moment - Charlie's Diary
"The Ministry of Defence is considering placing surface-to-air missiles on residential flats during the Olympics. [...] If one of those things is ever fired, either in anger or by accident, it'll shower white-hot supersonic shrapnel across the extremely crowded residential heart of a city."
weapons  architecture  london  terrorism 
april 2012 by kevan
The Associated Press: Wildlife officials use robo-deer to catch poachers
"Once a plan is in place, authorities put the mechanical deer near a road where it can be seen by passing cars. Then they hide nearby and keep watch, waiting for someone to take the bait, occasionally using the remote control to move the decoy's head and tail."
robots  mammals  weapons  illusions  crime  via:blech 
october 2011 by kevan
Iraq Swears by Bomb Detector U.S. Sees as Useless -
"The device works 'on the same principle as a Ouija board' - the power of suggestion - said a retired United States Air Force officer." [...] "Still, the Iraqi government has purchased more than 1,500 of the devices, known as the ADE 651, at costs from $16,500 to $60,000 each."
delusions  magic  war  weapons  lies 
november 2009 by kevan
Inside the Apocalyptic Soviet Doomsday Machine
"The Soviets had taken game theory one step further than Kubrick, Szilard, and everyone else: They built a system to deter themselves. By guaranteeing that Moscow could hit back, Perimeter was actually designed to keep an overeager Soviet military or civilian leader from launching prematurely during a crisis." [...] "No matter what was going to happen, there still would be revenge. Those who attack us will be punished."
war  apocalypse  technology  russia  history  politics  weapons  via:lmg 
november 2009 by kevan
Quick Review of Cardboard Wars | BARG
"In an empty warehouse space in Digbeth, something like 40 people gathered and spent 2 hours industriously (like, really industriously) constructing weaponry and armour out of the most marvellous heap of assorted cardboard boxes and tubing I’ve ever seen."
paper  weapons  war 
september 2009 by kevan
Clapping-game RPS hybrid. "A player successfully shoots the opponent (and wins the game) if they make the 'Fire' move at exactly the same time their opponent makes a 'Reload' move. Also, players can not fire the gun unless it has previously been loaded and they must reload before the each attempt at firing is made."
games  weapons  hands 
december 2008 by kevan
Dragonfly trick makes missiles harder to dodge - 28 June 2003 - New Scientist
"Insects that use this technique sneak up on their prey in a way that makes them seem stationary even though they are in fact moving closer. They do this by keeping themselves positioned between a fixed point in the landscape and their prey."
insects  illusions  war  weapons  technology 
december 2008 by kevan
Call of Duty 4 (Xbox 360)
A satisfying amount of terrain awareness, through beautifully derelict environments; shouldering up against thick stone walls, hiding behind thinner ones that won't stop a bullet, and ducking behind cover to recover your ambient, few-shot health gauge.
gamelog  4stars  war  weapons  terrorism  dereliction 
february 2008 by kevan
Hitman: Blood Money (Xbox 360)
Good balance of linear and freeform, with a lot of randomly pursued routes feeling like official, scripted ones, until you try again and go somewhere else. The AI gets a bit dodgy up-close, but works quite chillingly at a distance.
gamelog  4stars  death  money  weapons  secrets 
january 2008 by kevan
Assassin's Creed (Xbox 360)
A clean hybrid of Prince of Persia and GTA, with a great, flowing sense of parkour across the 12th century rooftops of Damascus and Jerusalem. Slightly thin missions so far, and the meta-plot seems unwisely bolted on, but it's still exhilarating to play.
gamelog  4stars  death  secrets  history  weapons  war  cities  architecture 
november 2007 by kevan
Portal (Xbox 360)
A great curve of lateral thinking puzzles, and one of the best game endings I've played. Striking how much difference good writing can make, that the final scenes were a thousand times more memorable and movingly sympathetic than anything in Halo 3.
gamelog  5stars  puzzles  physics  science  surveillance  weapons 
october 2007 by kevan
Halo 3 (Xbox 360)
Completed this morning. An utterly dull-as-dishwater generic sci-fi narrative, for all the pretentious trailers and posters. Multiplayer and co-op are fun, but aside from a few in-game moments, the campaign itself is entirely forgettable.
gamelog  3stars  aliens  war  weapons 
october 2007 by kevan
Crackdown (Xbox 360)
A fun, cartoonish sandbox game, with a nice parkour feel plus the mission freedom of Mercenaries ("kill this one person over here, by whatever means"), although the near-future environment is very thinly painted, and the characters entirely forgettable.
gamelog  4stars  police  crime  weapons  transport  cities 
september 2007 by kevan
No Starch Press Home Page - Forbidden Lego
"Using [Lego] in combination with common household materials (from rubber bands and glue to plastic spoons and ping-pong balls) along with some very unorthodox building techniques, you'll learn to create working models that Lego would never endorse."
lego  weapons  books  via:leonard 
august 2007 by kevan
Serenity (2005)
Less of the smugly retort-crammed dialogue than what I saw of the series; some good, casual moral ambiguity, but a lot of stock-issue monochrome cliche as well. Some lazy resolutions, some nice lines about how we build the future.
filmlog  3stars  space  future  pestilence  secrets  weapons  via:brendan 
july 2007 by kevan
Church to demand apology from Sony //
Manchester Cathedral in Resistance: Fall of Man. "For a global manufacturer to re-create one of our great cathedrals with a photo-realistic quality and then encourage people to have gun battles in the building is beyond belief and highly irresponsible."
games  religion  weapons  simulation  law  architecture 
june 2007 by kevan
Clue (1985)
Cheerfully nonsensical vagueness that only really works if you know the three endings are coming, and doesn't really work that well anyway. The isolated-house murder-mystery trope is always fun, though.
filmlog  2stars  mysteries  death  board  games  meta  crime  secrets  weapons 
april 2007 by kevan
BowMaster Prelude (Web)
A great hybrid of Bow Man's projectile aiming and Siege's field of tiny combatants. Defend your castle against swarms of invaders, and buy your own troops to send back at them and back up your firepower. Good level progression and satisfying headshots.
gamelog  4stars  games  flash  weapons  war 
january 2007 by kevan
Every Extend (PC)
"One day suddenly, you receive 12 UCHU-guided bombs. What do you do?" Good precision-driven pseudo-shooter, waiting for exploding blocks to float into the optimal formation before detonating them. Could have used more levels and variation, though.
gamelog  4stars  japan  weapons  download 
december 2006 by kevan
The Devil's Backbone (2001)
A ghost story in an isolated orphanage near the end of the Spanish Civil War, all yellow dust and red detailing. A strong and clearly-bounded plot, a lot of vivid imagery, some great aesthetic touches on the ghost itself.
filmlog  3stars  ghosts  war  children  death  secrets  weapons  via:matthew 
november 2006 by kevan
Eurogamer - First Impressions - S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl
Very odd press event for a Chernobyl-set FPS, sounding a lot like they've just been paid to pretend they were there. "Unbelievably, we're no more than 200 metres from Reactor 4, the site of the worst nuclear accident in human history."
games  russia  pestilence  dereliction  apocalypse  mutation  weapons  via:levez 
november 2006 by kevan
The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye - Robert Kirkman
A comatose cop wakes to a world of standard zombie tropes, all moving a little too quickly and in a strange sequence, but such is apocalypse. A couple of great characters in there, and the murmuring zombies are mutedly perfect.
booklog  zombies  apocalypse  society  weapons  via:alex 
october 2006 by kevan
Participants in London watergun 'assassination' game could face arrest
"Participants in a citywide watergun game could face criminal charges from law enforcement patrolling London's subway stations, police said Monday."
police  weapons  games  terrorism  water  illusions 
august 2006 by kevan
Mute magazine - The Poor Man's Air Force
History of the car bomb. "On a warm September day in 1920, a few months after the arrest of his comrades Sacco and Vanzetti, a vengeful Italian anarchist named Mario Buda parked his horse-drawn wagon near the corner of Wall and Broad Streets."
terrorism  transport  war  history  weapons  via:anne 
july 2006 by kevan
Brotron Gallery
Building fake weapons from 50s electrical goods. "Hailed as the Rolls-Royce of atomic weapons, the Electrolux Deathray is the ultimate blend of devastation and design."
art  weapons  technology  nostalgia  via:collision 
june 2006 by kevan
Shanghai Knights (2003)
Some fun Chan scenes connected by tickbox cliche and enraging anachronism. I don't think I've ever felt *angrily* homesick before.
filmlog  2stars  london  lunacy  weapons  china 
april 2006 by kevan
Self-Defence with a Walking-Stick: The Different Methods of Defending Oneself with a Walking-Stick or Umbrella when Attacked under Unequal Conditions
"Of course, it is understood that if the tall man has only got a weak stick or umbrella in his hand [...] he would use his fist to strike his opponent in the face or over the heart in order to disable him."
walking  weapons  history  via:mcios 
march 2006 by kevan
Crash (2004)
Entertainingly complex jigsaw of racism and racist stereotyping, almost every character giving as much as they get. Ultimately a bit arbitrary and empty, that connecting every character doesn't mean you automatically get points, but nicely built.
filmlog  3stars  society  coincidences  transport  weapons  crime  police 
march 2006 by kevan
From Beer Bottle to Arrowhead
"This page describes how to knap an arrowhead out of a beer bottle bottom. This includes breaking a bottle and working with extremely sharp broken glass."
glass  weapons  via:arbroath 
january 2006 by kevan
From Beer Bottle to Arrowhead
"This page describes how to knap an arrowhead out of a beer bottle bottom. This includes breaking a bottle and working with extremely sharp broken glass."
glass  weapons  via:arbroath 
january 2006 by kevan
Scott Kildall: Gun Control
"Each of the four units incorporates a police-issue revolver and a small video camera. As people move into the installation space, the cameras track the movement and the guns follow."
art  surveillance  weapons  via:wmmna 
january 2006 by kevan
The Omega Man (1971)
The last gun-toting scientist in the world, versus a horde of Luddite Goth monks. Nicely emptily post-apocalyptic, but it's a bit too black and white and arbitrary, at times. And red all over. Why couldn't they make realistic stage blood in the 70s?
filmlog  3stars  apocalypse  science  pestilence  dereliction  weapons  technology  religion  via:lori 
november 2005 by kevan
San Antonio News - Online Terror Threat Hits Local High School
"All but 400 of the 3,000 students at San Antonio Warren High School either didn't show up or walked out of class today due to [shooting] threats against the school posted on a popular teen web site [by other students]."
education  children  weapons  web  terrorism  via:foe 
november 2005 by kevan
Telegraph | Unicef bombs the Smurfs in fund-raising campaign for ex-child soldiers
"The short film pulls no punches. It opens with the Smurfs dancing, hand-in-hand, around a campfire and singing the Smurf song. Bluebirds flutter past and rabbits gambol [...] until, without warning, bombs begin to rain from the sky."
war  children  advertising  television  weapons  via:mcios 
october 2005 by kevan
The Observer | Armed and dangerous - Flipper the firing dolphin let loose by Katrina
"They have learnt to shoot at divers in wetsuits who have simulated terrorists in exercises. If divers or windsurfers are mistaken for a spy or suicide bomber and if equipped with special harnesses carrying toxic darts, they could fire." Surely not.
dolphins  war  terrorism  weapons  via:zarba 
september 2005 by kevan
BBC NEWS | Nazis' exploding chocolate plans
"There were other examples of devices with explosives inside them - a tin of Smedley's plums, lumps of coal, cans of motor oil, shaving brushes and a mess tin."
war  weapons  terrorism  secrets  food  technology 
september 2005 by kevan
Guide to Shooting Rubber Bands
Rules and strategy and instructions. "Mounting three bands on three fingers requires quite a bit of practice, meaning you'd better get good at it or find a safe place to hide and reload slowly."
war  weapons  games  via:ole 
august 2005 by kevan
New Scientist - Details of US microwave-weapon tests revealed
"People playing rioters put up their hands when hit and were given a 15-second cooling-down period before being targeted again. One person suffered a burn in a previous test when the beam was accidentally used on the wrong power setting."
weapons  police  fire  technology 
july 2005 by kevan
Cluedo Crusade
Bracing and neatly-overlaid ludemetic hybrid, with some nice rules for attacking detectives to steal their clue cards. "Marines and Chaos creatures cannot carry or use any of the Basic Cluedo Weapons, as they do not recognise them as weapons."
games  board  mysteries  death  aliens  weapons  via:yoz 
june 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | Bush likely to back weapons in space
"The 'Rods from God' scheme would aim tungsten, titanium or uranium cylinders at targets on the ground from a position in low earth orbit [...] with the impact of a small nuclear warhead." Hopefully the title is a parody, rather than Bush's suggestion.
space  war  weapons  religion  apocalypse 
may 2005 by kevan
we make money not art: Seoul considers installing armed robots along borders
"Robots with weapons mounted on their frames would observe the border, record voices and take pictures in a 180-degree circle." Reminds me of a film I can't remember the name of.
surveillance  weapons  robots 
april 2005 by kevan
Journal of Non-lethal Combat: The First Earth Battalion
Full text and some artwork from Jim Channon's 1979 new-age military blueprint. "Meanwhile inside our armored personnel carriers is rhythmic positive pulsing organizing music." It reads a lot like a bad roleplaying system.
war  religion  lunacy  magic  technology  music  ninja  sound  weapons  ronson 
april 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | Asbo after assault by rhubarb
"A woman who attacked her elderly brother with three sticks of rhubarb, leaving him on painkillers and with double vision, was given a six-year anti-social behaviour order yesterday."
food  weapons  crime 
april 2005 by kevan
ABC News Online: Online gamer killed for selling cyber sword
Actually killed. "A Shanghai online game player has stabbed to death a competitor who sold his cyber sword for real money. The sale created a legal dilemma because China has no law covering the ownership of virtual weapons."
games  death  roleplaying  weapons  law 
april 2005 by kevan - Army prepares 'robo-soldier' for Iraq
"Officials are quick to point out that these are not the autonomous killer robots of science fiction. A SWORDS robot shoots only when its human operator presses a button after identifying a target on video shot by the robot's cameras."
robots  war  weapons  technology 
january 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | Village honours victims of 1944 big bang
Fauld crater gets a memorial; I used to live in Hanbury. "It ripped the local landscape apart: hills vanished and a reservoir [...] disappeared. Seismographs recorded the shock waves in Casablanca."
apocalypse  death  history  war  weapons 
november 2004 by kevan
Aresa Biodetection
Using genetically-engineered cress to detect landmines; tweaked to turn prematurely red when it soaks excessive heavy metals of NO2 from the soil.
genetics  plants  secrets  war  weapons 
november 2004 by kevan
Manchester Online: The Terror of Text
Violent crime is up 8% in the last six months, but "a large part of the increase is due to the fact that the Home Office now classifies harassment by text or e-mail as a violent crime".
email  law  phones  police  weapons 
november 2004 by kevan
[Max Console] Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller
A GameCube controller in the form of a bloodied chainsaw.
games  technology  weapons  zombies 
november 2004 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | The road to Abu Ghraib
"General Stubblebine rifles through his bag and produces, with a flourish, bent cutlery." Jon Ronson on loony post-Vietnam psychic warfare (the subject of his new book), and how it became darkly repurposed at Abu Ghraib.
goats  lunacy  music  prison  psychology  sound  war  weapons  ronson  cutlery 
october 2004 by kevan
SFGate: Air Force pursuing antimatter weapons
"A copy of Edwards' speech on NIAC's Web site emphasizes this advantage of positron weapons in bright red letters: 'No Nuclear Residue.'"
future  science  war  weapons 
october 2004 by kevan
Yahoo News: Australian scientists turn to insect swarms for new generation weapons
"We want to give them an overall goal, as in carrying out surveillance of a region, but you don't want to tell every one of a thousand different vehicles exactly what to do."
emergence  insects  robots  war  weapons 
august 2004 by kevan
New Scientist | Doomsday wreck in Thames could blow
"If the wreck explodes it will be one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions ever. The cargo contains a mixture of fused and unfused bombs that were destined to support the Allied push in France following the D-Day landings."
apocalypse  war  water  weapons 
august 2004 by kevan
Yahoo! News - We All Scream for Ice Cream
Excellent headline; an ice-cream man opens fire on a customer. "Miller was arrested in his ice cream truck a short distance from the incident."
food  ice  police  weapons 
august 2004 by kevan
Yahoo! News - China Seeders Train Sights on Soggy Skies
The work of a "weather modifier". "If there is hail heading for Beijing, this is the last line of defense."
china  science  weapons  weather 
july 2004 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | Police test hi-tech zapper that could end car chases
"...delivers a blast of radio waves powerful enough to knock out vital engine electronics, making the targeted vehicle stall and slowly come to a stop."
electricity  police  technology  transport  weapons 
july 2004 by kevan
New Scientist: Sweeping stun guns to target crowds
"Weapons that can incapacitate crowds of people by sweeping a lightning-like beam of electricity across them are being readied for sale to military and police forces in the US and Europe."
electricity  police  war  weapons 
june 2004 by kevan
Liero - Total Conversions
New skins and weapon packs for the excellent real-time Worms game. Submarines!
download  games  weapons 
april 2004 by kevan

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