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The tube at a standstill: why TfL stopped people walking up the escalators | UK news | The Guardian
"In theory, he found, getting people to stand on both sides would mean that 31 more passengers would get on to the escalator each minute – an increase of 28%."
crowds  london  tube  walking 
january 2016 by kevan
Forget the Shortest Route Across a City; New Algorithm Finds the Most Beautiful | MIT Technology Review
"Quercia and co begin by creating a database of images of various parts of the center of London taken from Google Street View and Geograph, [then] crowdsourced opinions about the beauty of each location."
walking  cities  maps 
july 2014 by kevan
"Enter your starting and ending locations, as well as the type of place where you'd like to stop on the way, and Roadli will show you the fastest route options." For both walking and driving.
walking  maps  via:danielle 
march 2014 by kevan
Sudden Sway: Neuro-Activity Modules and Klub Londinium | Cope
"Klub Londinium was a specifically media-based experience, possibly one of the first real transmedia experiences, more than twenty years ago, before portable technology included CD players let alone MP3s, GPS or Google Maps."
london  walking  history  sound  secrets 
september 2012 by kevan
Walking in America: What scientists know about how pedestrians really behave. - Slate Magazine
"Block by block, [patterns] emerge: The way people drift toward the shady side of the street on hot days; [...] the way walking speeds are slower at midday than before or after work; the way people don’t like to maintain the same walking speed as a stranger next to them; [...]."
walking  science  america 
april 2012 by kevan
How Far Can You Walk From Trafalgar Square Without Crossing A Road? | Londonist
"A couple of years ago, as a test of the walkability of London, I set out from Trafalgar Square — the official centre of the town — one Sunday morning to see how far I could get without crossing a road or going over the same place twice. It was almost 17 miles before I ended up going round in a circle."
walking  london 
january 2012 by kevan
A farewell to pavements | Art and design |
"This is the idea behind [Exhibition Road's] cross-hatching, which suggests diagonal paths across the road. It obviously has a strong subliminal effect, because you really do see people crossing diagonally."
london  transport  walking  design 
november 2011 by kevan
Walk With Me
"To try the soundwalk, right click the download link and 'save as'. Sync the downloaded file to you MP3 player of choice, wait until the next time it rains, and take it out with you. Put your headphones on, press 'play'."
sound  walking  water  via:_dspk 
june 2010 by kevan
Bernie DeKoven, funsmith: Some walking games from Phil Smith
"The city is under occupation by intelligent microbes, Martian bodysnatchers, mind control rays - you can't tell the resisters from the wholly invaded. Do not attract attention to yourself. Choose routes where the least number of people will see you. Use alleys and back paths. Walk calmly through crowds. Show no emotions. Ignore commodities. Hide your hunger."
walking  games  delusions  zombies 
february 2010 by kevan
tweenbots | kacie kinzer
"Rolling at a constant speed, in a straight line, Tweenbots have a destination displayed on a flag, and rely on people they meet to read this flag and to aim them in the right direction to reach their goal."
robots  walking  society  emergence  via:holly 
april 2009 by kevan
Near Future Laboratory >> Drift Deck (Analog Edition)
"The Drift Deck (Analog Edition) is an algorithmic puzzle game used to navigate city streets. A deck of cards is used as instructions that guide you as you drift about the city. Each card contains an object or situation, followed by a simple action."
walking  games  random  via:jones 
october 2008 by kevan
Joyce Walks because somewhere sometimes it's always bloomsday
"Joyce Walks is a psychogeographical tool which generates walking maps based on routes from James Joyce's Ulysses in any city in the world using Google Maps."
maps  walking  books 
october 2008 by kevan
Walk Score
"Walk Score calculates the walkability of an address by locating nearby stores, restaurants, schools, parks, etc. Walk Score measures how easy it is to live a car-lite lifestyle - not how pretty the area is for walking." Includes the UK.
maps  cities  walking 
july 2008 by kevan - walking directions and maps
Generates walking routes within a few UK cities, optimising for low noise and air pollution.
cities  walking  maps  london  travel  pollution  via:diamond 
april 2008 by kevan
Andy Beckett walks along the 11-mile blue fence that cordons of the 2012 Olympics site in London | Society | The Guardian
"There was a street of intact and handsome old industrial buildings, a billboard advertising the new Lexus, and roads and pavements eerily populated only by traffic cones, like a scene from a post-apocalyptic film."
london  walking  paint  cities  sport  future  via:diamond 
march 2008 by kevan
Walk London
"Funded by Transport for London Walk London has worked with the local authorities to develop an impressive network of quality walking routes."
london  walking  via:foe 
february 2008 by kevan
Pruned: Modeling Urban Panic
"The goal of this project is to develop a reusable and behaviorally founded computer model of pedestrian movement and crowd behavior amid dense urban environments, to serve as a test-bed for experimentation."
simulation  crowds  architecture  emergence  walking  design  cities  zombies  via:zarba 
january 2008 by kevan : metro_wardive_nds
"[The homebrew DS game] reads the names of the hotspots in your immediate area and turns them into enemies which try to take over your wardive-cristal. Try to fend them off with your touch pen, put your shields up. And don't just stay in one spot."
games  ds  walking  secrets  via:penguin 
december 2007 by kevan
Legible London
"The Legible London project proposes to change the existing fragmented approach to walking information into a single reliable, consistent and authoritative system." [...] "Encourage 'mental mapping' by connecting areas, regions and transport systems."
london  walking  maps  design 
november 2007 by kevan
Current TV UK // Current Event // Flesh Mob
Brief video documentary about April's Flesh Mob zombie walk, interviewing the organisers and following the horde.
zombies  walking  interviews 
june 2007 by kevan
fleshmob . co . uk
"Fleshmob is a zombie themed flash mob due to take place on the streets of London on the 7th April 2007. Participants will be alerted of the start time and locations through email."
zombies  london  walking 
march 2007 by kevan - Media - London Walking Distance Map
A monochrome map of approximate walking distances between central London Underground stations.
travel  walking  london  tube  via:rodcorp 
march 2007 by kevan
Space Syntax - London Pedestrian Routemap
"The first aim of the London Pedestrian Routemap is to encourage walking in London. It does this by providing a simple, memorable picture of key walking routes in the Capital. At present there is no such map."
london  walking  maps  design  via:diamond 
february 2007 by kevan
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Ants 'use an internal pedometer'
"[Scientists] set some ants off on a foraging trip along a tunnel, but once they had reached the food their legs were manipulated to either make them longer by adding stilts, or shorter by partially amputating them."
ants  walking  limbs  via:holly 
june 2006 by kevan
Self-Defence with a Walking-Stick: The Different Methods of Defending Oneself with a Walking-Stick or Umbrella when Attacked under Unequal Conditions
"Of course, it is understood that if the tall man has only got a weak stick or umbrella in his hand [...] he would use his fist to strike his opponent in the face or over the heart in order to disable him."
walking  weapons  history  via:mcios 
march 2006 by kevan
SFGate: Walking the World
Random people who've walked every street of their city. "Twenty-nine-year-old Phyllis Pearsall covered London's 23,000 streets on foot in a year in 1935. She walked 3,000 miles, charting her progress while mapping every street."
walking  cities  london 
december 2005 by kevan - Your source for all Zombie Walk and Zombie Flash Mob planning!
I wonder when these are going to start becoming live-action zombie-hunter games.
events  zombies  walking 
october 2005 by kevan
New Scientist - Cell phone could identify its owner by their walk
"Wearing high heels, suffering an injury foot and, especially, having a few drinks, are activities likely to set the device off by accident."
phones  technology  walking  surveillance 
october 2005 by kevan
Zombie Walk - Seattle
Social lurching, and the apotheosis of Internet meet-ups. "Relax all the muscles of your face and de-focus your eyes. Anyone who comes into eye contact with you should see no recognition or expression in your face."
zombies  walking 
october 2005 by kevan
Tate Britain | Your Collection
Facetious new tour leaflets at Tate Britain, which looked like they were planted by a stalker - design your own, and get it added to the collection, with a VIP pass thrown in.
museums  random  paper  walking 
october 2005 by kevan
Salon Books | "Wanderlust: A History of Walking" by Rebecca Solnit
"The connection between the body and the world that walking exemplifies has begun to fade as we spend more and more time isolated in technologized cells [...] trapped in a culture that sees unstructured time alone in the world as inherently unproductive."
books  walking  via:anne 
august 2005 by kevan Remote-Controlled Humans
Hacking the body's vestibular system with two electric-current earpieces, to give video games some genuine centrifugal nausea, rather than the mere illusion of it. Also to make people fall over or walk into traffic.
technology  ears  hacking  games  walking  via:plasticbag 
august 2005 by kevan
Google Maps Pedometer
A nice crow-flies distance-calculator, for walking and bike rides, using the Google Maps API. "Click here if you don't live in Hoboken."
walking  maps  via:leonard 
july 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | Two legs good for tiptoeing octopus
"The octopus used the outer halves of its two back legs in a similar way to tank treads, alternately laying down a sucker edge and rolling it along the ground - making it look like a drifting coconut."
octopuses  walking  illusions 
march 2005 by kevan
GPS Light Cycles, forcing the other person to crash into your trail or their own. Sounds quite amusingly fractal to play.
walking  games  phones  maps 
february 2005 by kevan
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Deer
Lucid and perilous sleep activities. ''Last week I woke up with the worst taste in my mouth - I had made a sandwich out of beef-bouillon cubes in my sleep."
sleep  walking  dreams  food  psychology  brains 
february 2005 by kevan
Hacking the Language of Crowds
"One way to grow a Crowd Crystal would be to dissolve non-participant atoms in the crowd with the instruction to stand still when the density of the crowd drops below a certain level."
crowds  emergence  walking 
december 2004 by kevan
Interconnecting motor-feedback bright-plastic lumps. "[A] dog can be constructed and then taught to gesture and walk by twisting its body and legs. The dog will then repeat those movements and walk repeatedly."
limbs  plastic  robots  toys  walking 
october 2004 by kevan
Designing Ideal Paths
"Why did the cows amble where they did?" Various factors in the evolution (and thus design) of successful paths. Slopes and sunshine and maintaining walker interest.
design  walking 
october 2004 by kevan
Following 'The Man of the Crowd'
Two psychogeographers take turns to follow a succession of random strangers around New York.
random  walking 
september 2004 by kevan
The Straight Dope: Which will keep you drier, running through the rain or walking?
"If we ignore aerodynamic effects, we can show mathematically (but won't) that while you'll collect many fewer head drops running rather than walking, you'll get exactly the same number of chest drops, regardless of the speed at which you travel."
maths  walking  weather 
september 2004 by kevan
MXR Lab: Human Power Harvesting Using Piezoelectric Material
Our power-hungry robot overlords need only fit piezo-electric pads into our shoes. Also, brilliantly: using skin-conductivity to transmit electronic business cards through handshakes.
clothes  electricity  skin  technology  walking 
august 2004 by kevan
Scotland Yard Live v0.9
A giant, urban version of the Scotland Yard boardgame, with players running around Toronto's public transport system in coloured T-shirts.
board  cities  games  phones  police  transport  walking 
august 2004 by kevan
Why We're Reaching Our Limits as a One-Hour City
"The city is always one hour wide." - citing Marchetti's Constant; that humans have tended to spend one hour per day travelling, since Neolithic times.
cities  time  transport  walking 
august 2004 by kevan
Yahoo! News - Monkey Apes Humans by Walking on Two Legs
A monkey starts walking on its hind legs, possibly as a result of near-death brain damage. Great photo.
brains  evolution  limbs  monkeys  walking 
july 2004 by kevan
Hearing Steps
"If the person falls, or limps or shuffles - warning signs of diseases such as osteoarthritis or Parkinson’s - the monitor alerts a computer to send a message to a caregiver." - would also be good for live-action Thief.
medicine  pestilence  sound  technology  walking 
july 2004 by kevan
Hunt The Buddha!
Charity text-message Buddha-statue hunt on the streets of London, starting next month. "Discover weird statues, strange inscriptions and abandoned underground stations..."
events  london  mysteries  phones  religion  tube  walking 
june 2004 by kevan
The Reality of Running Away from Stuff
"A chart showing maximum speeds for some of the more common Hollywood hazards measured against the fastest speeds that an Olympic level human can deliver."
apocalypse  bees  films  walking  zombies 
june 2004 by kevan
Bilderberg Archiv der Fotografen GmbH - Features
Gallery of maze photos. Oddly interconnected-looking, when shown next to one another.
architecture  photos  walking  mazes 
june 2004 by kevan
Example Woonerf Blueprint
Looking like a vertically-scrolling video game map. Bench around low lighting column! -50 points!
design  maps  traffic  walking  filetype:jpg  media:image 
may 2004 by kevan
Walking Design and Engineering - Woonerfs
"They are typically narrow streets without curbs and sidewalks, and vehicles are slowed by placing trees, planters, parking areas, and other obstacles in the street."
society  traffic  walking 
may 2004 by kevan Technology | Why don't we do it in the road?
Signless, ruleless inner-city traffic control - forcing drivers and pedestrians to interact at around 20mph, the maximum speed at which eye contact still works; our ancestral top-running-speed.
emergence  law  society  traffic  walking 
may 2004 by kevan
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Tiny robot walker made from DNA
"A New York University team created the robot using DNA legs that move along a footpath, which is also based on DNA."
genetics  limbs  nano  robots  science  walking 
may 2004 by kevan
Tube Map with Walklines
Showing stations within arbitrary walking distance of one another.
london  maps  tube  walking 
april 2004 by kevan

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