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365 photos of a forest combined into one, one column of pixels per day. "You can clearly see that we have a pretty long winter and a decent summer here in Oslo, Norway."
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january 2011 by kevan
Observations on film art and FILM ART : This is your brain on movies, maybe
"He posits that in general, when we reread a novel or rewatch a film, our cognitive system doesn’t apply its prior knowledge of what will happen." [...] "Our moment-by-moment processes evolved in response to the brute fact of nonrepetition."
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february 2008 by kevan
The Moral Instinct - Steven Pinker - New York Times
"In fact there seems to be a Law of Conservation of Moralization, so that as old behaviors are taken out of the moralized column, new ones are added to it."
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january 2008 by kevan
ThinkGeek :: SnūzNLūz - Wifi Donation Alarm Clock
"Every time you hit the snooze button, the SnūzNLūz will donate a specified amount of your real money to a non-profit [organisation] you hate."
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january 2008 by kevan
James Clark's Random Thoughts: Thai personal names
"If you become a Thai citizen, you have to choose a new, unused family name. Just as with domain names, all the good, short names have gone."
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january 2008 by kevan
the fundamental interconnectedness of all things [Dirk]
Matt Webb's interconnection toy is back and rebooted. "Dirk is one of those six-degrees games, exploring the fundamental interconnectedness of all things."
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august 2006 by kevan
Apple iPod: One Giant Leap for Advertising -
"The ad, which depicts Apple's flagship iPod product has been constructed on the site of an abandoned mineral mine in remote western Australia." To be unveiled on April Fool's day. Actually just a salt farm.
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march 2006 by kevan
So-net blog:the bitter*girls
More blurred-perspective scale-mangling photos. Does actually seem perfectly easy to generate these with Photoshop blur, for a sufficiently high-angled picture - will have to give it a go.
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february 2006 by kevan
Typophile | An amusing exercise
"If, in some bizarre alternate history, chatspeak abbreviations like 'LOL' had become popular long before there were computers and character sets, they might have, over time, become new symbols, like 'et' became '&' and 'at' became '@'."
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november 2005 by kevan
Portland Mercury - Buried Alive
Journalist buries himself alive, a bit facetiously. "Hour two was largely marked by a resignation that as it stood, being buried alive was less about confronting my fears and more about contending with the sheer boredom of near absolute solitude."
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november 2005 by kevan
Rock On, Rock ON : The Rock Balancing Art of Bill Dan
The art of casually and improbably balancing differently-shaped rocks on top of one another, Road-Runner-scenery-style.
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october 2005 by kevan
The Observer | Magazine | Just Say 'No' - The New Puritans not "binge drink, smoke, buy big brands, take cheap flights, eat junk food, have multiple sexual partners, [buy] designer clothes, grow beyond their optimum weight, subscribe to celebrity magazines, drive a flash car, or live to watch television."
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october 2005 by kevan
SOTCAA: Panorama: The Mescaline Experiment
Transcript of the unbroadcast 1955 programme. "This will be a... a... a bore to people in your space and time because [...] what have appeared to me as long excursions in space and time are instantaneous things which in fact... didn't happen at all."
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april 2005 by kevan

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