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I’ll stop the world « Straylight
"In all my slow-motion work so far, I’ve used a static camera to capture a high-speed event. But, I wondered, what would happen if the camera was the fast-moving object?" Filming a train platform at high FPS, from a fast-moving train.
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november 2010 by kevan
Badgers in Pimlico
"Type in any word to see which [London Underground] stations do not contain its letters." Proof that the St-Johns-Wood-Mackerel Conjecture still holds true in 2010.
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march 2010 by kevan
Verified by Visa is training people to get phished
"This dialog is essentially forcing people, in order to use their card, to enter their SSN on a questionable website over a questionably secure connection. All requested by a site that you’ve never heard of. Just because they used your bank’s logo."
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november 2009 by kevan
Destination: Argleton! Visiting an imaginary place « Walking Home to 50
Visiting a possible trap street town on Google Maps. "Various software packages use Google's geographical information, and Argleton seems to have primary claim on the surrounding postcodes - one can rent property there, or read inspection reports for its nurseries, at least according to the internet."
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september 2009 by kevan
The new rules of viral marketing - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic
ASA ruling on the 'Shifty' hoax email ad. "Guidance issued by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) stresses that the customer who passes a friend's details to the advertiser must confirm that they obtained the friend's consent."
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june 2009 by kevan
Experiments: Do Coat Hangers Sound As Good As Monster Cables?
"After 5 tests, none could determine which was the Monster 1000 cable or the coat hanger wire. Further, when music was played through the coat hanger wire, [all] agreed that what was heard sounded excellent."
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march 2008 by kevan
SUCK UK - MyCuppa Mugs
"Mugs to help you mix your favourite brew to just-how-you-like-it by matching the colour guide on the inside. Available in Tea or Coffee styles."
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august 2007 by kevan
Keep Calm and Carry On - T-Shirts & Clothing
"The plan for the posters was to relay a message from King George VI to his people that all capable measures to defend the country were being taken." Now available on T-shirts.
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july 2007 by kevan
The Island and Lake Combination
"Largest island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island: Vulcan point in Crater Lake on Vulcano Island in Lake Taal on Luzon (PHI)."
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june 2007 by kevan
LCD-style post-it note overlays. "The method is simple: print page one of the OVERnote file. This is a template that shows you where to stick your 3'' x 3'' super sticky post-its. Print the second page of the PDF file over your nicely arranged post-its."
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march 2007 by kevan
Speak n Spell
"Stumbled across some a set of samples for the Speak & Spell, Speak & Maths and Speak & Read machines. Since I own both a Speak & Spell and a Speak & Maths, and had a bit of time to kill, I decided to make one in Flash."
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february 2007 by kevan
The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London 1674 to 1834
"A fully searchable online edition of the largest body of texts detailing the lives of non-elite people ever published, containing accounts of over 100,000 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court."
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january 2007 by kevan
Little People - a tiny street art project
"Little hand-painted people, left in London to fend for themselves."
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september 2006 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | How a statistical formula won the war
"The statisticians believed that the Germans [had] logically numbered their tanks in the order in which they were produced. It was enough to enable them to make an estimate of the total number of tanks that had been produced up to any given moment."
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july 2006 by kevan
YouTube - Eaaaaaaastenders
A clip from Eastenders with David Cann as a doctor, woozily stretched and soundtracked to resemble a Jam sequence.
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july 2006 by kevan
The Observer | Focus | The last throw of the dice
"'They basically said people were angry with [Blair] because they love him so much, and are angry because they think he might go,' reports one aide, who goes on to describe the analysis as 'verging on the deranged'."
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may 2006 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited Books | News | Smithy's code: new twist in Da Vinci drama
"After remaining undetected for three weeks [...] it has emerged that Mr Justice Peter Smith could not resist slipping a code of his own into his judgment on the case."
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april 2006 by kevan
The National Health Service (NHS) after Nuclear War
"In 1986 the [BMA] made it's own plans public. [It] seems likely that the most responsible course of action it could take was to ensure the public was under no illusions about the level of medical care available in the aftermath of a nuclear war."
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february 2006 by kevan
WWI Camp Dodge - Living Statue of Liberty
18,000 American troops standing in formation to make huge, patriotic, false-perspective images, from 1918.
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january 2006 by kevan
Hidden Glasgow Forums :: Subway pre- and during modernisation - in colour!
Beautifully derelict photos of the final days of the early Glasgow underground system, and of its subsequent refitting, from the late 1970s.
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january 2006 by kevan
"Point the SkyScout at any bright star and it will instantly identify the object or choose an object from the celestial database of over 6,000 objects and the SkyScout will guide you to it."
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january 2006 by kevan
The Aargh Page
Googling for aargh variants. "However, there are high-frequency islands, even way out in the long-word planes. For example, 'a17r23gh' occurs in 171 pages, even though if you change the number of 'a's or 'r's by one, it drops at least 20-fold."
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january 2006 by kevan
Grand Idea Studio - Hard Drive Coffee Table
"The Hard Drive Coffee Table is built from an original 26'' diameter hard drive platter from an early storage device, the Control Data Corporation 6603 Disk File Controller manufactured by Bryant-Excello circa 1967."
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january 2006 by kevan
Web 2.0 Validator : Surfing the Consensual Reality Wave.
"Is it the use of AJAX? Hmm. Maybe, but people have been using that since 1998. Maybe it’s simply using the word AJAX that makes a site Web 2.0. Nah; seems too easy." Fun collaborative validation, interesting viral use of content.
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november 2005 by kevan - houses decorated with Christmas lights
" is a free showcase for those amazing people who decorate (well, overdecorate) the exteriors of their houses at Christmas with lights."
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november 2005 by kevan
Times Online: Time please, but see you all again in 40 minutes
Licencing laws changing at midnight Thursday. "The main beneficiary of the hour-long interregnum will be the fast-food industry, which is expected to do a roaring trade for those drinkers who are turfed out for 40 minutes on Wednesday evening."
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november 2005 by kevan
SF Gate: The Sad Tally
An elegantly anonymous map-graph of suicides-per-lamppost on the Golden Gate Bridge.
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november 2005 by kevan
Press Your Luck
Beating a non-random game-show prize sequence: "In November of 1983, he recorded every episode of Press Your Luck over the course of several weeks. [Larsen] froze the images to examine randomized tile sequences frame by frame."
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september 2005 by kevan
Reduce the Terror Threat with a See-Thru Bag from Freedom
"The message we give is that 'I'm prepared to let others know I'm not a threat, how about you!'" Brilliantly avoiding any direct mention of police marksmen.
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august 2005 by kevan
Planet Out: Swedish library 'lends' out gays, minorities
"Organized by Malmo Library, those taking part in the scheme will be able to take their lent representatives outside for a 45-minute conversation about their beliefs, culture and way of life."
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august 2005 by kevan
BBC SPORT | Olympics bill comes under attack
"The new bill will make it illegal to combine words like 'games', 'medals', 'gold', '2012', 'sponsor' or 'summer' in any form of advertising." [...] "You won't even be able to say 'come to London in 2012' because it will infringe the act."
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august 2005 by kevan
Telegraph | Law to ban war protester 'does not apply to him'
"[New laws] make it an offence to demonstrate in a designated area if, 'when the demonstration starts', the police have not give authorisation. Mr Haw argued that the law did not apply to him because it was not in force when his demonstration started."
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july 2005 by kevan - Sweet inspiration
Flimsy interview with a fortune-cookie writer, who mentions stealing some from email chain-letters. "Never mention God, avoid sexism, and shy away from predicting the future."
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june 2005 by kevan
PledgeBank - Tell the world "I'll do it, but only if you'll help"
"PledgeBank is based on a psychological bet. We believe that if a person posesses a slight desire to do something, and then we help connect them to a bunch of people who also want to do the same thing then that first person is much more likely to act."
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june 2005 by kevan - Flags as Infographics
National flags tweaked to represent statistical data. "Red: In favor of the war in Iraq / White: Against the war in Iraq / Blue: Don't know where Iraq is."
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may 2005 by kevan | More than 30% of our food is thrown away
"According to Biffa, one of the largest waste handlers in Britain, households now throw out more than supermarkets and the food processing industry combined. Food waste is roughly one third by weight of all the waste produced by households."
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april 2005 by kevan

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