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Statistics and Scrabble, Together At Last - A.C. Thomas, Scientist
"One goal of this was to figure out how much of the variance in score comes from the tile order and how much comes from the board, given that a tile order would be expected. It turns out to be about half-bag, half-board. [...] The blank is worth about 30 points to a good player. [...] The Q is a burden to whichever player receives it, effectively serving as a 5 point penalty."
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january 2012 by kevan Bic Crystal ballpoint pen, medium point, black
"On the first day when I excitedly unwrapped my pen (thanks for the high quality packaging Amazon!) I just couldn't contain my excitement and went around finding things to write on." [...] "See all 48 customer reviews..."
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december 2007 by kevan
Zombie cockroaches revived by brain shot - life - 30 November 2007 - New Scientist
"[Libersat] injected [wasp-paralysed] cockroaches with candidate chemicals that resembled various neurotransmitters in the brain. [...] One of the drugs, a mimic of the neurotransmitter octopamine, succeeded in bringing the roaches back to life."
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november 2007 by kevan
The Search for the Giant Squid - Richard Ellis
The past eight years have done a lot to dent the mythical status of the living giant squid, but this still stands up as a solid history of all sightings and contexts. It trawls in some tenuous sea monsters as potential suspects, but they're all good.
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september 2007 by kevan

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