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Off diary: Volunteers flock to help cut council costs | Society | The Guardian
"The council says the cost of grass cutting and baling has risen to around £25,000 a year, with one of the most significant increases being disposal of the cut material. In contrast, the urban shepherd scheme costs around £1,800 a year."
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october 2009 by kevan
YouTube - Saturday Morning Watchmen
Opening credits for an imagined 1980s kids-TV version of Watchmen. "But when trouble's about, you'd best watch out... for the Watchmen!"
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march 2009 by kevan
It’s Time To Start Thinking Of Twitter As A Search Engine
"More and more people are starting to use Twitter to talk about brands in real time as they interact with them."
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march 2009 by kevan
362 - Greek To Me: Mapping Mutual Incomprehension « Strange Maps
"When a Hellenophone has trouble understanding something, his or her preferred languages of reference, as far as incomprehension is concerned, are Arabic and Chinese. And while for Arabs the proverbial unintelligible language is Hindi, for Chinese it’s the language of Heaven."
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march 2009 by kevan - Wipe out a single memory
"The process of re-arousing the rats' memory of being shocked with the one tone while they were drugged had wiped out that memory completely, while leaving their memory of the second tone intact."
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march 2007 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited Technology | Computers just can't seem to get past Go
"Moore's Law holds that computing power doubles every 18 months, so that means we might have a computer that could play Go using these techniques sometime in the 22nd century."
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november 2006 by kevan
Imagine Earth without people - New Scientist
"It will only take a few tens of thousands of years [before] almost every trace of our present dominance has vanished completely. Alien visitors coming to Earth 100,000 years hence will find no obvious signs that an advanced civilisation ever lived here."
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october 2006 by kevan
Dellamorte Dellamore (1994)
Wonderful workaday zombie-hunting, with Rupert Everett as the louche caretaker of a beautiful Italian cemetery. He can't save the horrible dialogue, though, and it all starts to unravel annoyingly towards the end. Pity.
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november 2005 by kevan

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