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Who owns the space under cities? The attempt to map the ground beneath us | Cities | The Guardian
"In Australia, although pre-1891 land titles went “to the centre of the Earth”, those issued after 1891 extend down just 15 metres (49 feet)."
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july 2018 by kevan
Mail Rail, British Postal Museum & Archive on Vimeo
"A total of 223 terrestrial laser scans were completed to document the existing condition of the Mail Rail site and to digitally preserve the location before major construction work commences."
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april 2015 by kevan
New Statesman | The bizarre secret of London’s buried diggers
"To construct a no-expense-spared new basement, the digger has to go so deep into the London earth that it is unable to drive out again. [...] The new method, now considered standard operating practice, is to cover the digger with “hardcore”, a mixture of sand and gravel. Then a layer of concrete is simply poured over the top."
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june 2014 by kevan
BBC News - What do those squiggles on the pavement actually mean?
"A growing hue in the pavement-marking business is green, the colour of cable communications, which includes town and city CCTV networks and cable television lines."
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february 2014 by kevan
BBC News - Liverpool's lost Williamson tunnels unearthed
"The tunnels were built and conceived in the early 19th century by eccentric businessman Joseph Williamson, who paid soldiers returning from the Napoleonic war to build them. No records were kept of how far they stretch, nor which direction they go in."
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march 2013 by kevan
BLDGBLOG: Caves of Nottingham
Laser-scanning the caves under the city. "There very well could be more than 1,000 artificial caves beneath the city, many of them fantastically elaborate, complete with fine carvings of lions and ornate stairwells, and it is actually somewhat disconcerting to think that people remain so globally unaware of Nottingham's underground heritage."
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september 2012 by kevan
Stephen Walter’s Map Of Subterranean London | Londonist
"Walter has painstakingly charted the buried rivers, Tube lines, bunkers, sewers, government tunnels and other hypogeal secrets of London."
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may 2012 by kevan
Underground ghost station explorers spook the security services | UK news | The Guardian
"The expedition last year was supposed to be the second last stop in a tour of the capital's 18 'ghost' tube stations. Instead it has sparked a legal battle over the human rights of a community of photographers dedicated to visually documenting restricted areas across the world – and pointing out security loopholes."
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february 2012 by kevan
An Effort by Deep-Sea Divers to Repair a New York Water Tunnel -
"The city has enlisted six deep-sea divers who are living for more than a month in a sealed 24-foot tubular pressurized tank complete with showers, a television and a Nerf basketball hoop, breathing air that is 97.5 percent helium and 2.5 percent oxygen."
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december 2008 by kevan
To The End Of The Line
"This is a hugely self-indulgent, yet also dangerously ambitious, undertaking. Namely, to document my visit to every single working station on the London Underground."
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may 2007 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | After 40 years' burrowing, Mole Man of Hackney is ordered to stop
"No one knows how far the the network of burrows underneath 75-year-old William Lyttle's house stretch. [He] has hollowed out a web of tunnels and caverns, some 8m (26ft) deep, spreading up to 20m in every direction from his house."
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august 2006 by kevan
LiveJournal Dungeon Adventure
"You find yourself in a gothic-arched temple. Across one wall is a faded fresco of pigeons." Autogenerating choose-your-own-adventure dungeons from LiveJournal profiles.
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june 2006 by kevan
Times Online - Chutes will take rubbish from under your feet
"An underground waste collection system which sucks rubbish bags away at 70mph is to be introduced as part of the redevelopment of Wembley."
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june 2006 by kevan
The Trouble With Harry (1955)
Cheerfully casual murder mystery with another Hitchcock corpse-as-unemotional-prop, being dug up and reburied. Snappy dialogue that spirals into outright borderline-insane non-sequiturs towards the end.
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june 2006 by kevan - Furnished home found in storm drain
"Having turned a storm drain into a two-bedroom apartment, they had erected a waist-high barrier of masonry and concrete to stop water from flowing through their makeshift home."
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february 2006 by kevan
Disney World - The Online Guide - Utilidors
"Since the tunnels are hidden, characters, castmembers and Disney security can move around the park out of sight of the guests. [Costumed characters needn't walk through other areas] and the integrity of the theme of each section is preserved."
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november 2005 by kevan
BLDGBLOG: London Topological
"Whether worm-eaten by caves, weakened by sink-holes, rattled by the Tube or even sculpted from the inside-out by secret government bunkers - yes, secret government bunkers - the English earth is porous."
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november 2005 by kevan
International Urban Glow - Europe Underground
Wonderful, strangely-lit photos from drains and sewers and tunnels across Europe.
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november 2005 by kevan
Portland Mercury - Buried Alive
Journalist buries himself alive, a bit facetiously. "Hour two was largely marked by a resignation that as it stood, being buried alive was less about confronting my fears and more about contending with the sheer boredom of near absolute solitude."
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november 2005 by kevan
Times Online: For Sale - Britain's Underground City
"The subterranean complex that was built in the 1950s to house the Conservative prime minister Harold Macmillan's cabinet and 4,000 civil servants in the event of a Soviet nuclear attack is being thrown open to commercial use."
underground  history  architecture  cities  war  dereliction  via:zarba 
november 2005 by kevan - Enthusiast uses Google to reveal Roman ruins
Armchair archaeology. "Luca Mori was studying maps of the region around his town of Sorbolo, near Parma, when he noticed a prominent, oval, shaded form more than 500 metres long."
history  italy  maps  web  underground  via:ole 
september 2005 by kevan
If I dig a very deep hole, where I go to stop?
Brilliant use of the Google Maps API: "Are you concerned about where you go to arrive if you dig a very deep straight infinitous hole on Earth? Your problems are solved!"
maps  world  underground  via:ole 
september 2005 by kevan
Deathtrap Dungeon - Ian Livingstone
Reading with Jack; this was the first one I read, a lifetime ago. Interesting to be much more aware of how it might have been constructed, of the logistical tricks you could use to make the same sections of the book overlap from different directions.
booklog  roleplaying  underground  nostalgia 
august 2005 by kevan
Web Japan | Underground Urban Farm
"This urban farm - in what used to be the vault of a major bank - is maintained using computer-controlled artificial light and temperature management."
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june 2005 by kevan

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