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The London Underground's Iconic Typeface Gets A Redesign | Co.Design | business + design
"Today, the type foundry is announcing a new remastering of Johnston called Johnston100. [It] tries to bring a little bit of Johnston's original spirit back, with wider characters, looser spacing, and a slightly more eccentric feel."
fonts  design  history  london  tube 
june 2016 by kevan
The tube at a standstill: why TfL stopped people walking up the escalators | UK news | The Guardian
"In theory, he found, getting people to stand on both sides would mean that 31 more passengers would get on to the escalator each minute – an increase of 28%."
crowds  london  tube  walking 
january 2016 by kevan
Mini Metro
"Your small city starts with only three unconnected stations. Your task is to draw routes between the stations to connect them with subway lines."
games  tube  via:sarah 
march 2014 by kevan
What do London Underground stops taste like? - Telegraph
Synaesthesia. "I've often gone out of my way to travel through places such as Plaistow and Mill Hill East just to see what they taste like in situ and of course to add another to my collection."
tube  maps  smell  synaesthesia 
february 2014 by kevan - Chancery Lane
"The aim of the game is to be the first to reach Mornington Crescent. If a player's pawn is located here at the end of their turn, that player wins the game."
games  board  tube  mornington  nomic  creations 
january 2014 by kevan
Why sugar helped remove Victoria Line concrete flood - Telegraph
"At concentrations of more than one per cent in a cement mix, sucrose can delay complete hardening almost indefinitely. By stirring this into the hardening cement that had spilt into the room containing the signalling equipment for the Victoria Line, workers were able to delay it from hardening."
construction  food  tube  london 
january 2014 by kevan
A Series Of Twin Tubes - Aeracode
"'A Series Of Twin Tubes' is a map of the London Underground, Overground and DLR, in a similar style to the iconic Tube map, but with the individual tracks, platforms and points all marked."
tube  maps  london  via:nick 
january 2013 by kevan
A Week in the Life of London’s Public Transit System » Simulacra
"The poster shows every entry to each of London’s 330 Underground, Overground and Docklands Light Railway stations over the course of a week. Stations are coloured according to the lines that they serve."
tube  design  transport  london  via:blech 
may 2012 by kevan
London Underground Tube Diary - Going Underground's Blog
"A press button route indicator was installed at Heathrow Central London Underground station 34 years ago. 'This nifty journey planner' incorporated TV screen displays and a diagrammatic route map. Only one was ever built."
tube  london  history  future  maps  transport 
august 2011 by kevan
'Shocking' London Dungeon ad banned | Media |
"Merlin Entertainments, which runs the London Dungeon, said that in order to 'avoid causing fear and distress' it had followed London Underground's guidelines in 'avoiding flames and excessive, dripping or running blood'."
advertising  zombies  tube  blood 
july 2010 by kevan
IanVisits » London Underground’s “secret” tube station
"[West Ashfield] is a fully fitted out fake tube station built by London Underground on the 3rd floor of an office block in West Kensington and is used to teach new employees what goes where and when."
tube  illusions  simulation  via:james 
july 2010 by kevan
Badgers in Pimlico
"Type in any word to see which [London Underground] stations do not contain its letters." Proof that the St-Johns-Wood-Mackerel Conjecture still holds true in 2010.
london  tube  language  via:qwghlm 
march 2010 by kevan
Dan Zambonini - London Tube Map, Points of Interest
"I thought it would be interesting to create a version of the London Tube Map [which] replaces the station names with the main point(s) of interest at each location." [...] "Deer. Tennis. MI6. Struggling Indie Bands."
maps  tube  london  via:quin 
july 2009 by kevan
Minor Delays
A new, ongoing writing project of Holly's: "A short story for every station on the London Underground and DLR, in alphabetical order by station name. Updated Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays."
writing  tube  london 
january 2009 by kevan
ZEROPERZERO - 2008 City Railway System
Curved tube maps for Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka. "Han River is the symbol of Seoul. Representation of Han River in this map mimics the curvature in the middle of the Tae-Geuk mark of the national flag of Korea. The overall circular shape of the map was also inspired by the Tae-Geuk mark."
maps  china  korea  tube  design  via:zarba 
november 2008 by kevan
To The End Of The Line
"This is a hugely self-indulgent, yet also dangerously ambitious, undertaking. Namely, to document my visit to every single working station on the London Underground."
london  underground  tube  weblogs  via:lmg 
may 2007 by kevan - Media - London Walking Distance Map
A monochrome map of approximate walking distances between central London Underground stations.
travel  walking  london  tube  via:rodcorp 
march 2007 by kevan
Anagrammed Tube Map
A London Underground map photoshopped with anagrams of all the stations, with an excellent sense of humour. Concerning Torments.
tube  maps  mutation  via:holly 
february 2006 by kevan
Wake Me Up At
"Each pack contains two sheets of stickers featuring the most frequently used tube stops."
london  tube  sleep 
february 2006 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited: Culture Vulture - Going Underground
Designing a Tube map of music, now available at the LT Museum. "Each branch line represents a sub-genre: rock sprouts off into grunge and psychedelia when it reaches South-West London; hip-hop diverges, north of Camden, into old school and New York rap."
music  tube  maps 
february 2006 by kevan
London Underground - Zone 1 & 2 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Project to gather unthemed photos of central London tube stations, from whoever wants to take them; they've got about forty so far.
photos  london  tube 
october 2005 by kevan
Geofftech - Tube - Silly Tube Maps
Including a map with actually-underground stations covered by shadow, the walking ones, reworded ones, timed ones, and a lot of nonsense.
tube  maps  london  art 
september 2005 by kevan
Reduce the Terror Threat with a See-Thru Bag from Freedom
"The message we give is that 'I'm prepared to let others know I'm not a threat, how about you!'" Brilliantly avoiding any direct mention of police marksmen.
terrorism  tube  police  via:qwghlm 
august 2005 by kevan
BBC NEWS | The world on a train
"253" author Geoff Ryman on the London bombings. "One of the things evil cannot face contemplating is variety. It prefers monolithic simplicity. Reality outstrips simplicity through a constant flowering of unexpected lives."
books  london  terrorism  tube  society  via:lmg 
august 2005 by kevan
rodcorp: What colours are the different lines on the London Underground?
Pantone/CMYK/RGB/etc. "Rather neat that the signature colours are used elsewhere: sign text is often in Piccadilly blue or Jubilee grey, danger signs in Circle yellow, First Aid in District green, and the logo itself in Piccadilly blue and Central red."
design  tube  paint  via:yoz 
july 2005 by kevan
London tube map traffic on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Visualising estimated traffic density by thickening the lines, into coiling black tentacles.
london  tube  maps  transport  via:plasticbag 
june 2005 by kevan
rodcorp: Underground train drawing 2
Holding a pen against a piece of paper, and letting a Tube train move it around.
art  tube  random  paper 
march 2005 by kevan
notetoself: Making the tube more fun
Photos of the line-distorting Tube-map stickers from a couple of years ago; possibly Dedomenici's.
tube  lies  london  art 
january 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | Richard Dedomenici
Amusing conceptual artist, apparently responsible for the Tube-map mutation stickers: "You know those enormous adverts on the back of buses? I'd love to arrange for one of those to feature a massive photograph of the front of a bus."
art  transport  tube 
january 2005 by kevan
Prospect Magazine - Blood on the Tracks
Suicide on the Tube. "[Drivers] are at least entitled to money from a compensation fund and a couple of months off [...] they used to get three days standing spare while they waited to find out if they would be charged with manslaughter."
death  london  transport  tube 
november 2004 by kevan
This isn't London: What The Numbers On Your Tube Ticket Mean
"G: Number of people in carriage who think they are on a Circle Line train (does not apply when using Circle Line)."
lies  london  paper  tube 
october 2004 by kevan
Encyclopaedia Morningtonia: Goldfinger - The Missing Chapter
""Mill Hill East," said Bond, and placed another $5000 on the Bank / Monument changeover. There was a collective gasp from the crowd."
books  games  mornington  tube 
september 2004 by kevan
Inverted Tube Map
A mirrored and recaptioned Tube map, from a parallel universe where south London won.
maps  tube 
september 2004 by kevan
Black and White Photography: London Tube Map
Overlaying the actual-bendy-lines Tube map onto aerial photos of London.
london  maps  photos  tube 
august 2004 by kevan
Guide to Zone 6
From Quin: "Take a tour through the outer rim of London, meet the residents and find out the exciting (or not) places that a zone 1-6 Travelcard can bring you."
london  transport  travel  tube 
august 2004 by kevan
Hunt The Buddha!
Charity text-message Buddha-statue hunt on the streets of London, starting next month. "Discover weird statues, strange inscriptions and abandoned underground stations..."
events  london  mysteries  phones  religion  tube  walking 
june 2004 by kevan
Lars Arrhenius's A-Z
"The narratives traverse and intersect across the map horizontally, vertically and diagonally in a web-like formation reminiscent of the underground network." - on display at Gloucester Road tube station next month.
art  maps  tube 
june 2004 by kevan
Metro Map of Napoleon's March on Moscow
A facetious but still fairly insightful Beck-style diagram.
history  maps  tube  war  filetype:jpg  media:image 
june 2004 by kevan
London Underground Tube Station Maps
Sketches and isometrics and cross-sections.
design  tube 
may 2004 by kevan
dot-font: Underground Typography
A slapdash look at the fonts and styles of the London, Paris and New York metros.
design  fonts  symbols  tube 
april 2004 by kevan
The Way Out Underground Map
Which carriages to board, which gaps to mind.
london  maps  tube 
april 2004 by kevan
Tube Map with Walklines
Showing stations within arbitrary walking distance of one another.
london  maps  tube  walking 
april 2004 by kevan
Desktop LU arrivals boards, for the Bakerloo station of your choice.
london  tube 
april 2004 by kevan

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