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A Brilliant New Method of Price Discrimination: Flip to Fly
"GetGoing randomly chooses one of [two selected trips] and books your ticket, which you can’t change or cancel. [The] coin flip reassures the airlines that they are giving these discounts to leisure travelers, not business travelers who would pay a higher price because they have to fly."
business  travel  random 
march 2013 by kevan
London’s Longest Roads And Where They Lead To | Londonist
"A single road connects Lambeth North Tube station to Brighton Pier. The A23, as it’s now known, is another old Roman road, a fact that becomes readily apparent if you follow its largely straight course on a map."
travel  london  brighton  maps  history 
march 2012 by kevan
TripAdvisor censured over ‘trusted reviews’ -
"The ASA has banned TripAdvisor UK from claiming or implying that “all the reviews that appeared on the website were from real travellers, or were honest, real or trusted” on its UK site."
travel  lies  advertising  camrad 
february 2012 by kevan
Punchdrunk's Felix Barrett Drops You In His Theater With No Directions Home | Fast Company
"The idea behind [Punchdrunk Travel] is that audience members, or travelers [will] arrive at the airport, set to embark on a journey without knowing where they are going or what will happen when they get there."
theatre  travel 
september 2011 by kevan
A Grand Day Out – Taking the Boris Bikes to Paris
"Naturally, a check of the Boris Bike T&C’s showed that while there is a limit of 24 hours for hiring a bike, and oddly a limit on letting no more than three other people use the bike, there is no geographical or mileage restrictions."
transport  travel  paris  via:blech 
august 2011 by kevan
Dictaphone Parcel on Vimeo
"Dictaphone Parcel is an animation based on a sound recorded with a dictaphone travelling secretly inside a parcel."
travel  sound  art 
september 2010 by kevan
Spillway: Air Rage
"I [saw] the back of a cluster of flatscreens attached to a pillar. Thinking 'Aha, flight information', I walked around to see the screens - and they were all ads. They were all ads on the next pillar as well."
architecture  fonts  travel  design  camrad  via:blech 
june 2010 by kevan
British birdfeeders split blackcaps into two genetically distinct groups : Not Exactly Rocket Science
"Rolshausen thinks that the crucial factor was human altruism - by giving food to wintering birds, we also gave an advantage to any individuals with mutations that sent them in an unorthodox direction."
birds  food  genetics  mutation  travel 
december 2009 by kevan
How We Caught Missing Wired Magazine Writer Evan Ratliff - The NewsCloud Blog
"On August 15th, Ratliff disappeared. According to the contest rules, the first person who photographed Ratliff and said the word "Fluke" to him received a password to claim the $5,000 prize. The winner was Jeff Leach of Naked Pizza in New Orleans."
mysteries  puzzles  travel  via:waxy 
september 2009 by kevan
Integrated Bus Route Maps from
"Bus route maps can quickly turn into spider diagrams and become hard to navigate, especially in large cities. We hope that our format is intuitive, helpful for identifying [London?] buses to catch if you find yourself in an unfamiliar location."
transport  london  maps  travel  via:secretlondon 
july 2009 by kevan
Accessible UK Train Timetables
"This is an accessible version of the National Rail Enquiries train timetable site, giving access to the information on that site no matter what browser you are using, with no requirement for cookies or JavaScript. It works by screenscraping the information on the official site, and takes the opportunity to remove the 'Please Wait' pages."
transport  travel 
july 2009 by kevan
Impressively exhaustive text descriptions of real-world locations in Britain, for the blind to use in place of maps. Tube stations and high streets; shops and room contents. It reads completely like the source code of a text adventure.
cities  travel  if 
may 2009 by kevan
Carcade |
"Carcade is a concept for an in-car videogame for the passengers, which captures the landscape and uses it as a videogame environment." An over-teched version of the 'move your head to steer a blot on the window' game.
games  travel  glass  via:zarba 
october 2008 by kevan
314 - Watch the Road: World’s Earliest SatNav << Strange Maps
"The [Routefinder] consisted of a little map scroll inside a watch, to be ’scrolled’ (hence the word) as the driver moved along on the map. A multitude of scrolls could be fitted in the watch to suit the particular trip the driver fancied taking."
maps  travel  history  technology  paper  via:waxy 
october 2008 by kevan - walking directions and maps
Generates walking routes within a few UK cities, optimising for low noise and air pollution.
cities  walking  maps  london  travel  pollution  via:diamond 
april 2008 by kevan
Intelligent paint turns roads pink in icy conditions - New Scientist Tech
"A new temperature-sensitive varnish developed by researchers at French company Eurovia can be applied to road surfaces to warn drivers about dangerous conditions."
paint  ice  travel  technology  via:infosthetics 
april 2008 by kevan
Towards the End of the Morning - Michael Frayn
A great snapshot of the dying days of Fleet Street, the middle-class second-guessing of future suburban house prices, fledgling international air travel, and the lazy, unstoppable rise of television.
booklog  news  television  travel  society 
february 2008 by kevan
An Affair To Remember (1957)
Some oddly dated social rules, that all bets can be off in a relationship that hasn't gone as far as marriage. Fairly pedestrian stuff otherwise, the self-pitying-playboy versus unimpressed-schoolteacher not lasting very long.
filmlog  2stars  love  secrets  travel 
february 2008 by kevan
dezeen » Blog Archive » Manned Cloud by Jean-Marie Massaud
"Manned Cloud is a hotel with a capacity of 40 passengers and staffed with 15 persons, that on a 3-day cruise in 170 km/h permits man to explore the world without a trace."
air  travel  transport  via:jones 
january 2008 by kevan
Yes Man - Danny Wallace
The usual levels of suspicious narrative form for a comedy-drunken-bet-for-a-publishing-deal book.
booklog  psychology  coincidences  travel  language 
september 2007 by kevan
YouTube - First Video - Show Me the Way (to Go Home)
First video of a spoken-direction project I collaborated on for a Tokyo art exhibition. It's either at the Ginza Art Laboratory or the Koiwa Project Space, I'm not sure which.
creations  art  travel  language  videos  gps 
july 2007 by kevan
Tim Knowles - Postal Works - Spy Box
"A digital camera inside a parcel looks out through a small hole and captures images of its journey through the postal system. The Spy Box was sent from my studio to the gallery taking an image every 10 seconds recording a total of 6994 images."
art  secrets  surveillance  travel 
june 2007 by kevan
The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel
Disappointing: a minimally expanded list of the one-sentence tourism ideas from the Latourex website, padded out with flat and patronisingly overexplanatory summaries, and random-weblog-standard "laboratory results" from people who've taken the journeys.
booklog  tourism  travel  random  dice  secrets  mysteries 
june 2007 by kevan - Media - London Walking Distance Map
A monochrome map of approximate walking distances between central London Underground stations.
travel  walking  london  tube  via:rodcorp 
march 2007 by kevan
Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure (2004)
Odd mix of harrowing self-awareness and vague glossing, of scientific enthusiasm and knowingly theatrical non-logic, that doesn't quite ring true, and a good, surprising ending that turns predictably bad. A great sense of random online networks, though.
filmlog  3stars  web  coincidences  money  writing  secrets  random  travel 
january 2007 by kevan
Explorers of the New Century - Magnus Mills
Perfectly-pitched simmering mundanity - slightly less of an edge of malevolence than his previous books, at least so far, but there's a lot of good, bleak pointlessness in a formal, undated expedition to an Agreed Furthest Point from civilisation.
booklog  travel  mysteries  maps 
october 2006 by kevan
Fear of flying | Welcome aboard |
"In the event of a landing on water, an unprecedented miracle will have occurred, because in the history of aviation the number of wide-bodied aircraft that have made successful landings on water is zero."
travel  air  humour 
september 2006 by kevan
Telegraph | News | Passengers' chat will be recorded to foil hijackers
"If someone looks as if they are praying, the microphones would be able to tell if they were by picking up key words."
travel  terrorism  surveillance  religion 
september 2006 by kevan
cityofsound: The Shock of the New World, with respect to the flora and fauna of Australia
A rambling travelogue of an alien world, quoting and framing masses of good sources. "34 degrees and 93% humidity. To call this 'Autumn' is an inversion of the word indeed, like swans here are black not white, like the coriolis effect."
travel  australia  society  history  via:plasticbag 
july 2006 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited Travel | Brits can't leave home without tea and beans
"One-third of holidaymakers take teabags away with them and more than one-quarter take sweets and chocolate around on their travels. As many as 13% take Marmite, while nearly 2.8m tins of baked beans are taken abroad every year."
food  nostalgia  travel  via:arbroath 
june 2006 by kevan
The Chess Artist - J C Hallman
A slightly purple travelogue heading towards Kalmykia's Chess City, covering the history and evolution of the game.
booklog  chess  games  travel  history  via:holly 
january 2006 by kevan
News in Science - Airport security keeps eye on left luggage
"[New surveillance software] can identify when a strange stationary object, like a suitcase, appears in an otherwise familiar scene. [But it is] not very good at distinguishing between stationary objects that are really suspicious and those that aren't."
surveillance  technology  travel  terrorism  via:wmmna 
november 2005 by kevan
go anywhere disposable scrabble game.
Well, "go anywhere without a slight breeze" - a printable Scrabble board, but with cut-out paper tiles. Maybe I'll work on a tileless paper version.
games  scrabble  paper  travel  via:ole 
october 2005 by kevan
Lundi Matin (2002)
A blankly-frustrated welder walks away from a mundane life in rural France to wander around Venice. Feels like two completely unconnected films, and that we don't really see any genuine perspective from him. Good range of pick-your-own metaphors, though.
filmlog  3stars  italy  france  cigarettes  travel 
august 2005 by kevan
The Terminal (2004)
An oddly, patronisingly bleak opening, then some reasonable survival-in-margins, and then nonsense. Seems almost pointless for anyone other than J G Ballard to fictionalise the stranded-at-airport story.
filmlog  2stars  travel  transport  prison 
july 2005 by kevan
TIME Global Advisor: Have Horse Head, Will Travel
The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel: "My wife and I travel separately to the same foreign city by different modes of transport, and then try to find each other. We have done it and met six times. The moment we meet is always fantastic."
travel  tourism  random  books  todo 
may 2005 by kevan
The Time Traveler Convention - May 7, 2005
"We need you to help publicize the event so that future time travelers will know about the convention and attend. [...] Write the details down on a piece of acid-free paper, and slip them into obscure books in academic libraries!"
time  future  books  travel  events  via:mcios 
may 2005 by kevan
moleskinerie: The Wandering Moleskine Project
"Participants are entitled to use one page of each notebook and to send it on to the next recipient within one week of receiving it."
moleskines  paper  travel 
february 2005 by kevan
NASA - Clouds Caused By Aircraft Exhaust May Warm The U.S. Climate
"This study demonstrates that human activity has a visible and significant impact on cloud cover and, therefore, on climate. It indicates that contrails should be included in climate change scenarios."
air  pollution  transport  travel 
october 2004 by kevan
Grail Trail
Travelling the world in search of local-produce oddities, including Slovenian salamander brandy. "The X factor is the poisonous mucus the salamander gives off to frighten away its predators."
drinks  lizards  travel  world 
august 2004 by kevan
Guide to Zone 6
From Quin: "Take a tour through the outer rim of London, meet the residents and find out the exciting (or not) places that a zone 1-6 Travelcard can bring you."
london  transport  travel  tube 
august 2004 by kevan
Bumble Bee Scent Marking and Patrol Route Flight Behavior
"After repeated scent marking for 2-3 hr, an individual male-specific flight route has been established (Svensson 1980)."
bees  language  science  travel 
may 2004 by kevan
Screensaver - Holding Pattern
"Holding Pattern turns your idle computer screen into an airplane window, complete with a moving aerial view."
art  transport  travel 
may 2004 by kevan

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