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A good idea: a wiki for the ways in which you can split a UK train journey into two tickets with a cheaper total.
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april 2011 by kevan
Freakonomics Blog » How to Cheat the Mumbai Train System
"You pay 500 rupees (about $11) to join an organization of fellow ticketless travelers. Then, if you do get caught traveling without a ticket, you pay the fine to the authorities and [the] ticketless-traveler organization [refunds] you 100% of the fine."
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march 2007 by kevan - The Numbers Guy - How to Split a Shared Cab Ride?
Conflicting mathematical approaches to splitting a shared cab ride with different drop-off points. "With the numbers I've chosen, this method yields the highly unlikely scenario that B pays $3, C pays $7 and A makes a profit of $1 for his troubles."
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december 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | Norwich Union tries back seat driving
"Norwich Union is road-testing "revolutionary" technology that could mean insurance premiums are calculated according to how often, where and when people drive their cars."
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august 2004 by kevan

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