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iCream - Google Maps
"Using the music played by ice cream vans to learn stuff. Maybe. What do ice cream van territories look like? How big are they? Do they overlap?"
food  maps  ice  music  transport  sound 
june 2009 by kevan
Express & Star - Speeders to be handed chocolates
"It may seem unusual to hand out chocolate and balloons instead of fixed penalty tickets but this is more an educational and awareness exercise."
transport  police  food  crime  toys  via:arbroath 
october 2005 by kevan News - 'Farce' Claim over Driver with Apple Case
House of Lords discuss the helicopter pursuit of a woman eating an apple. "Lord Ferrers said: 'I invariably eat a sandwich in a car on my way to this House in order to keep myself awake and avoid an accident.'"
food  transport  police 
february 2005 by kevan
Independent : Cromwell's moonshot
One false step, from 1640. "In space we wouldn't need to eat because the reason why we need to eat on Earth is that the pull of gravity pulls food through our bodies and constantly empties our stomachs."
food  history  space  technology  transport 
october 2004 by kevan
MSNBC - You want fries with that, we predict
Rooftop surveillance camera software translates upcoming drive-thru traffic into likely demand. Currently based on volume of traffic; ultimately Bayesian predictions for makes of car.
food  future  surveillance  transport 
september 2004 by kevan

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