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Tsunami Enabled Hundreds of Aquatic Species To Raft Across Pacific | Newsdesk
"Much of the debris the scientists found rafted ashore was made of fiberglass or other plastic materials that do not decompose and could easily survive six or more years at sea."
plastic  water  transport 
september 2017 by kevan
What’s the best way to cross the Thames in London? We’ve ranked all 63 options | CityMetric
"There are, depending on how you count, about 60 ways of crossing the Thames in London."
london  water  transport 
july 2017 by kevan
How many colours would you need to make London’s bus network more comprehensible? | CityMetric
"The first thing our colour system lets you do is dump bus numbers above 100 and use colours as a replacement for the first digit."
transport  colour  london  maths 
may 2017 by kevan
Sorry for the Inconvenience
"395,637 apologies this year. Last: 56 seconds ago by South West Trains."
transport  twitter  via:sarah 
december 2016 by kevan
Mercedes-Benz driverless cars will hit pedestrians rather than endanger occupants
"If you know you can save at least one person, at least save that one. Save the one in the car."
transport  death  robots  future 
october 2016 by kevan
Crash: how computers are setting us up for disaster | Tim Harford | Technology | The Guardian
"If you occasionally need human skill at short notice to navigate a hugely messy situation, it may make sense to artificially create smaller messes, just to keep people on their toes."
technology  psychology  transport 
october 2016 by kevan
Helsinki Bus Station Theory -
"You take those three years of work on the nude to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and the curator asks if you are familiar with the nudes of Irving Penn. His bus, 71, was on the same line. Or you take them to a gallery in Paris and are reminded to check out Bill Brandt, bus 58, and so on."
photography  art  work  transport  metaphors 
april 2016 by kevan
Paris car ban: Pollution forces authorities to halt even-numbered plates
"City mayor Anne Hidalgo had asked authorities to prevent one in every two cars from taking to the capital’s streets and make all public transport temporarily free in a bid to drive down pollution."
paris  pollution  transport  maths 
march 2015 by kevan
FBI offers rewards to stop laser attacks on airplanes - CBS News
"Aiming a laser at an aircraft is a federal crime. Since the FBI began tracking laser strikes in 2005, there has been a more than 1,100 percent increase in the deliberate targeting of aircraft by people with handheld lasers."
light  crime  transport  police 
october 2014 by kevan
Watch the unseen artistry of road sign painters | The Verge
"The video depicts a pair of workers painting the familiar 'bus stop' warning by hand, using only some rough chalk marks to judge the correct size of the letters."
art  london  signs  transport  via:sarah 
april 2014 by kevan
Metro Makeovers for the Abandoned Stations of Paris | Messy Nessy Chic Messy Nessy Chic
"The ambitious mayoral candidate Nathalie Koziuscot-Morizet has also put forward plans for reviving the Little Belt (Petite Ceinture), the inner city railway, abandoned since 1934."
paris  transport  architecture  history  via:adrian 
february 2014 by kevan
BBC News - Mail Rail: What is it like on the 'secret' Tube?
"Proposals submitted to Islington Council would see visitors board trains at Mount Pleasant and ride a section of the tunnels."
transport  secrets  london  via:sarah 
january 2014 by kevan
SkyCycle, proposals to create safe new cycle routes throughout London | News | Foster + Partners
"Following existing suburban railway corridors, a wide, secure deck would be constructed above the trains to create new cycle routes throughout London."
cycling  transport  london  future  via:jethro 
january 2014 by kevan
Siemens unveils proposal for future London Underground train - Railway Gazette
"The proposed system features onboard tanks containing a phase-changing polymer which would be cooled below its freezing point when the train was running on surface sections of the network. On underground sections heat transferred from the air-conditioning system would be used to melt the polymer again."
transport  london  physics  ice  future 
october 2013 by kevan
BBC News - London to Brighton non-stop: Tracking the changes to a seaside rail journey
"The BBC filmed that journey back in 1953 when passengers could travel the entire route without stopping. Thirty years later it repeated the exercise, observing the changes in the intervening time. Now I've retraced that trip, 60 years on."
videos  transport  time  via:sarah 
august 2013 by kevan
A Boris Bus visits a Ghostly Village
"Route 23A runs just once a year, from outside a mainline train station to nowhere in particular via a totally empty village where no one lives."
transport  history  secrets 
august 2013 by kevan
Egyptian Protestors Target Helicopters With Laser Pointers
"As military helicopters flew overhead, demonstrators used laser pointers to paint them in a multi-colored shower of light."
transport  light  emergence 
july 2013 by kevan
Alfred Anaya Put Secret Compartments in Cars. So the DEA Put Him in Prison | Threat Level |
"To continue the unlatching sequence, you must activate the rear defroster while simultaneously pushing two window switches on the driver’s door."
design  secrets  drugs  crime  transport 
april 2013 by kevan
Charles A. A. Dellschau Dreams of Flying: The Amazing Story of an Airship Club That Might Never Have Existed - Rebecca J. Rosen - The Atlantic
"The whole idea that during the Gold Rush, a group of men would have gathered weekly to drink while concocting designs for balloons, dirigibles, and other flight craft is 'totally plausible,' according to Baker-White. It's more the specifics than the notion of the Sonora Aero Club that are historically suspect."
transport  air  mysteries  history 
march 2013 by kevan
Marginal Revolution: Taxis and the shortest route home
"Everyone prides themselves on driving the shortest route but they rarely do. [...] If you’ve ever wondered why a seeming professional cab driver will ask you how to get to your [home or work] destination, this is why. Going your way means they’ll make more money and they won’t be accused of ripping you off."
transport  delusions 
january 2013 by kevan
Nordlandsbanen: minute by minute, season by season
"Following the success of the world’s longest live documentary, Hurtigruten minute by minute, the Telemak Canal and Bergensbanen minute by minute, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation set out to film the Nordland Railway as well. [The route was filmed] once every season, to show the different weather conditions and the great changes in nature’s expression from summer to autumn, and winter to spring."
transport  norway  video  trees 
january 2013 by kevan
‘Bike Thief’ -
"I locked my own bike up and then proceeded to steal it, using brazen means — like a giant crowbar — in audacious locations, including directly in front of a police station. I wanted to find out whether onlookers or the cops would intervene."
crime  transport 
august 2012 by kevan
A Week in the Life of London’s Public Transit System » Simulacra
"The poster shows every entry to each of London’s 330 Underground, Overground and Docklands Light Railway stations over the course of a week. Stations are coloured according to the lines that they serve."
tube  design  transport  london  via:blech 
may 2012 by kevan
Belgium makes kids text while driving to learn its dangers | DVICE
"Before the test, the examiner shows them an official looking letter, which says that a new government directive asks them to show that they can use a phone safely while driving."
transport  phones  lies  via:zarba 
may 2012 by kevan
[1203.2851] Are motorways rational from slime mould's point of view?
"For each geographical entity we represented major urban areas by oat flakes and inoculated the slime mould in a capital. [We] found that the slime mould approximates best of all the motorway graphs of Belgium, Canada and China."
transport  fungi 
april 2012 by kevan
Bus Top Gardening — The Pop-Up City
"If each of the 4,500 buses of New Yorks’s MTA will have a green micro park on their roof, 35 acres of new green space will be added to the city, says Castro Cosio."
transport  plants 
march 2012 by kevan
A farewell to pavements | Art and design |
"This is the idea behind [Exhibition Road's] cross-hatching, which suggests diagonal paths across the road. It obviously has a strong subliminal effect, because you really do see people crossing diagonally."
london  transport  walking  design 
november 2011 by kevan
A Grand Day Out – Taking the Boris Bikes to Paris
"Naturally, a check of the Boris Bike T&C’s showed that while there is a limit of 24 hours for hiring a bike, and oddly a limit on letting no more than three other people use the bike, there is no geographical or mileage restrictions."
transport  travel  paris  via:blech 
august 2011 by kevan
London Underground Tube Diary - Going Underground's Blog
"A press button route indicator was installed at Heathrow Central London Underground station 34 years ago. 'This nifty journey planner' incorporated TV screen displays and a diagrammatic route map. Only one was ever built."
tube  london  history  future  maps  transport 
august 2011 by kevan
Mind the map! The impact of transit maps on path choice in public transit - The Transportationist
"Moreover, the map effect is almost two times more influential than the actual travel time. In other words, underground passengers trust the tube map (two times) more than their own travel experience with the system."
transport  maps  london  psychology  via:blech 
may 2011 by kevan
513 - Then We Take Berlin: When East Ate West | Strange Maps | Big Think
"This resulted in numerous so-called Geisterbahnhöfe (ghost stations), abandoned as the Wall went up (and projected downward) on 13th August, 1961, particularly on two U-Bahn lines and one S-Bahn line connecting different areas of West Berlin."
transport  history  maps  illusions 
may 2011 by kevan wiki | Trains / SplitTickets
A good idea: a wiki for the ways in which you can split a UK train journey into two tickets with a cheaper total.
transport  money  hacking  wikis 
april 2011 by kevan
Green Goose Wows the Crowd & Raises $100K On Launch Conference Stage
"Water bottles, tooth brushes, bikes, pill bottles and other objects can be turned into sensors that track our interaction with them and then publish that data online. All thanks to a simple sticker or other attachable sensor."
technology  cutlery  medicine  transport 
february 2011 by kevan
Flowprint | URBAGRAM
"Each dot is a bus adhering to one of the 744 routes that make up [London's] transport network. [Victoria] glows the brightest, showing that the historical core remains the highest load-bearing area in the network, an intersection of 19 routes."
london  transport  simulation  maps 
january 2011 by kevan
That Gormandizer Man: How London buses are numbered - TfL come up trumps!
"When we introduce a new route - or make alterations to an existing route by splitting it - the last digit or digits of the historic 'parent' route are used wherever possible, so that passengers might associate the incoming route with its predecessor."
transport  london 
january 2011 by kevan
I’ll stop the world « Straylight
"In all my slow-motion work so far, I’ve used a static camera to capture a high-speed event. But, I wondered, what would happen if the camera was the fast-moving object?" Filming a train platform at high FPS, from a fast-moving train.
photography  transport  time  via:qwghlm 
november 2010 by kevan
Simon Parker's London Cycle Map
"The coloured lines depict a network of cycle routes connecting every significant location in the capital, providing a traceable route between any two points: a London Underground-style network and map for cycling."
transport  london  maps 
september 2010 by kevan
Moscow Metro forced to delay opening of ‘depressing’ Dostoevsky station - Times Online
"The [murals], drawn from the 19th-century novelist’s works, could prompt depressed commuters to kill themselves, critics say. "
depression  transport  death  russia  art  via:minkette 
may 2010 by kevan
Zeppelin Sub-Cloud or Spy Basket: The Ultimate Secret | Invisible Themepark
"A sub-cloud was an aerodynamic 'car' that was lowered on a cable below the zeppelin for purposes of spying or simply 'spying' the conditions below the clouds. [...] Often, the sub-cloud hung up to 500 feet below the zeppelin."
transport  air  surveillance 
november 2009 by kevan
a project to transform London's Bus journeys | Bus-Tops
"The project intends to install a number of LED displays on the roof’s of Bus Shelters across London and providing the tools for the public and established artists to create content to be seen on them. [Its] core aim is to democratise public art."
transport  art  london 
october 2009 by kevan
Mountain Biking with the Blind | Psychology Today
"Daniel, Brian, and Megan are making loud, sharp clicking sounds with their tongues so that they can hear what I can see. Using this form of human echolocation allows them to detect sounds reflected from parked cars, trash cans, and other silent obstacles along the street."
sound  transport  via:mindhacks 
august 2009 by kevan
Integrated Bus Route Maps from
"Bus route maps can quickly turn into spider diagrams and become hard to navigate, especially in large cities. We hope that our format is intuitive, helpful for identifying [London?] buses to catch if you find yourself in an unfamiliar location."
transport  london  maps  travel  via:secretlondon 
july 2009 by kevan
Accessible UK Train Timetables
"This is an accessible version of the National Rail Enquiries train timetable site, giving access to the information on that site no matter what browser you are using, with no requirement for cookies or JavaScript. It works by screenscraping the information on the official site, and takes the opportunity to remove the 'Please Wait' pages."
transport  travel 
july 2009 by kevan
iCream - Google Maps
"Using the music played by ice cream vans to learn stuff. Maybe. What do ice cream van territories look like? How big are they? Do they overlap?"
food  maps  ice  music  transport  sound 
june 2009 by kevan
The New York Times > New York Region > 'Excuse Me. May I Have Your Seat?'
1972 Milgram experiment on New York public transport. "In the first version, the experimenter said simply: 'Excuse me. May I have your seat?' Here, 41 riders were asked, and 68 percent of the time people gave up their seats or sidled over."
transport  psychology  via:wiseman 
january 2009 by kevan
Ford's Green Plan to Drive Sales - BusinessWeek
"[One] high-resolution LCD screen on the dash features an eye-catching rendering of curling vines blooming with green leaves. [...] If a driver wastes gas by aggressively accelerating or slamming on the brakes, for example, the vine withers and leaves disappear. More leaves appear if individuals drive more economically."
transport  design  technology  plants 
january 2009 by kevan
Atheist bus campaign draws 57 complaints - Advertising News - Brand Republic
"One of those to complain to the ASA is Stephen Green, of Christian Voice, who has challenged the ads on grounds of 'truthfulness' and 'substantiation', suggesting that there is not 'a shred of supporting evidence' that there is probably no god."
religion  advertising  transport 
january 2009 by kevan
Fiat revs up new free fuel tool | Green Tech - CNET News
"Drivers [plug] the prepped USB drive into their car's Blue&Me system and it will automatically start collecting data on the car. [...] Upon plugging the USB drive back into the computer, the software does an analysis of driving habits and makes specific suggestions for improvement. Users can also opt to join an online community of drivers called Fiat ecoVille."
transport  technology  surveillance  pollution  mmorpgs 
november 2008 by kevan
Winning the Uphill Battle (Global Moxie)
"Return your bike to one of 100 stations perched over 60 meters above the rest of the city, and 15 minutes of free riding is added to your account. [...] Riding uphill is now a power-up."
transport  games  paris 
october 2008 by kevan
Stolen Balloons
"With no less than 14 envelopes (in many cases complete rigs) stolen in the UK alone and not recovered in the past seven years, it is felt one must surface one day, possibly indicating what has happened to other examples."
air  transport  crime 
july 2008 by kevan
SkeptoBot: Time-lapse Vid of Dissolving an Oyster Card in acetone (aka nail varnish)
"So tomorrow morning I'll attempt to use this naked oyster card to journey to work. If I'm successful (and not arrested for terrorism) I'll have to decide what my new oyster card will be."
technology  transport  hacking  science  london  via:lmg 
may 2008 by kevan
Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360)
Strikingly good narrative - a lot of well-written dialogue, with different in-car conversations on the same theme when replaying a mission. Sympathetic and social characters, good physics, nice weather, fun multiplayer, and a lot of attention to detail.
gamelog  5stars  crime  transport  cities 
may 2008 by kevan
Burnout Paradise (Xbox 360)
A good sandbox, full of subtle background distractions to follow up on, without a single floating neon arrow in sight. Too easy to crash while glancing, lost, at the map in a freeform race, but the landscape lends itself to being learned.
gamelog  4stars  transport 
january 2008 by kevan
Empire State Building car zap mystery
"Some phantom transmission appears to cause the remote keyless entry systems of scores of car owners to go haywire and stop talking to their vehicles." [...] "We get about 10 to 15 cars stuck near there every day."
transport  mysteries  technology  radio  via:hoaxes 
january 2008 by kevan
dezeen » Blog Archive » Manned Cloud by Jean-Marie Massaud
"Manned Cloud is a hotel with a capacity of 40 passengers and staffed with 15 persons, that on a 3-day cruise in 170 km/h permits man to explore the world without a trace."
air  travel  transport  via:jones 
january 2008 by kevan
Crackdown (Xbox 360)
A fun, cartoonish sandbox game, with a nice parkour feel plus the mission freedom of Mercenaries ("kill this one person over here, by whatever means"), although the near-future environment is very thinly painted, and the characters entirely forgettable.
gamelog  4stars  police  crime  weapons  transport  cities 
september 2007 by kevan
The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974)
The hidden information of hostage negotiation, between four over-confident criminals and the entire, swearing infrastructure of New York.
filmlog  4stars  transport  crime  police  politics 
august 2007 by kevan
BBC NEWS | HGVs told to ignore sat-nav guide
"The area was reportedly peaceful until the popularity of satellite navigation devices - which list the lane as a link road - increased. The signs, put up last November, read: 'No wide vehicles. Do not follow sat nav. Very narrow lane.'"
transport  signs  gps  delusions 
august 2007 by kevan
Cardboard Children Used To Slow Neighborhood Speeders - Local News Story - WKMG Orlando
"Mike Wood and his wife said their homemade cutout children make them feel uneasy at times because they look so real but said they force motorists to slow down."
transport  psychology  illusions  children  paper 
august 2007 by kevan
Paleo-Future: Flying Machines (circa 1885)
"No. 23 is the design for a glider balloon as described in 'Reflections on the aerostatic sphere,' 1783 (September); no. 24 depicts Jean-Charles (l'avocat) Thilorier's plan for transporting troops across the English Channel to invade England, ca. 1800."
air  transport  history  design 
august 2007 by kevan
Tank driver 'had beef' with phone towers |
"A former Telstra worker allegedly stole a tank and used it to demolish six mobile phone towers as he led police on a wild two-hour rampage through western Sydney yesterday."
phones  transport  demolition  australia 
july 2007 by kevan
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PS2)
Enjoyable - some nice, incremental improvements in the basic game mechanics, a good neon-sunshine aesthetic, and an almost complete excision of double-entendre business names, which automatically makes the game world much more adult and realistic.
gamelog  5stars  crime  transport  drugs  nostalgia  america  cities 
june 2007 by kevan - An Interactive Lighting Installation on Tower Bridge
"Bluetooth devices detected towards each end of London Bridge will appear as coloured pixels on [the] upper walkway, and if they are subsequently detected at the other end, the pixel will move across at a speed proportional to the speed of movement."
london  technology  light  transport 
march 2007 by kevan
Freakonomics Blog » How to Cheat the Mumbai Train System
"You pay 500 rupees (about $11) to join an organization of fellow ticketless travelers. Then, if you do get caught traveling without a ticket, you pay the fine to the authorities and [the] ticketless-traveler organization [refunds] you 100% of the fine."
transport  hacking  money  india 
march 2007 by kevan
FlatOut 2 (PS2)
Stock-car driving game with a convincing amount of heft to its car collision physics, and wonderfully destructible scenery, virtually all of it collapsing into bouncing splints and chunks, instead of just stopping you dead.
gamelog  4stars  transport  dereliction  physics  simulation 
february 2007 by kevan
"We have placed 'CYCLIST STRUCK HERE' installations ('GhostCycles') at the 40 locations around Seattle where the most numerous/most severe accidents have taken place. Our goal is to raise driver awareness for non-vehicular use of our streets."
art  transport  ghosts  death 
december 2006 by kevan
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PS2)
Sadly flawed - a great mission tree, and nothing too taxing for casual play, but it's ruined by the half-arsed radio scripts, the constant reminder that you're in a weird alternate world run by sniggery 14-year-olds. Even Double Clef is unlistenable.
gamelog  4stars  crime  transport 
november 2006 by kevan
Car owners can fake it with add-on luxury emblems -
"Mercedes owners can buy the lettering indicating their cars are the high-end AMG version for about $65 at a dealer's parts department. Chrysler 300 owners who want their cars to mimic the Hemi-powered 300C can buy the insignia for about $12.50."
transport  hacking  illusions  lies 
november 2006 by kevan
Girl Shy (1924)
A brilliantly inventive and endless car-stealing, horse-stealing chase scene, towards the end of this. I want to play a silent-film Grand Theft Auto.
filmlog  4stars  depression  love  language  police  transport  via:raven 
october 2006 by kevan
mySociety - Travel-time Maps and their Uses
Isochronic maps. "Everywhere in England can be reached within about [seven hours], and everywhere in Wales within about ten hours, though many of the fastest journeys to rural areas of mid-Wales will involve a long taxi journey."
time  maps  transport  via:plasticbag 
september 2006 by kevan
Design-engine : The Human-Powered Submarine
An underwater rowing boat. "Furthermore, all glass areas can be replaced with translucent sharkskin panels for increased performance during Olympic competition races, for example."
design  water  transport  via:collision 
august 2006 by kevan
Google Maps + Google Video + Mashup - Claude Lelouch's Rendezvous
"On an August morning in 1978, French filmmaker Claude Lelouch mounted a gyro-stabilized camera to the bumper of a Ferrari 275 GTB [driven] at breakneck speed through the heart of Paris. No streets were closed, for Lelouch was unable to obtain a permit."
maps  videos  france  transport  cities  via:yoz 
august 2006 by kevan
Bikely - Discover and share your favorite bicycle routes
"It can be quite tricky traversing a car dominated city by bicycle, particularly when you need to travel [to] a new destination. But the chances are, someone has cycled that way before you. Bikely makes it easy for him or her to show you the best way."
maps  gps  transport 
august 2006 by kevan
Mute magazine - The Poor Man's Air Force
History of the car bomb. "On a warm September day in 1920, a few months after the arrest of his comrades Sacco and Vanzetti, a vengeful Italian anarchist named Mario Buda parked his horse-drawn wagon near the corner of Wall and Broad Streets."
terrorism  transport  war  history  weapons  via:anne 
july 2006 by kevan
Preston Today: Street Has Wobbly Yellow Lines
"Aqueduct Street became the talk of the area as residents wondered what had caused the road markings to break off in different directions."
signs  paint  transport  via:hoaxes 
june 2006 by kevan
Telegraph | News | Speed trap driver moved 40mph sign to 'prove' he wasn't breaking the limit
"A motorist is facing jail after trying to evade a speeding ticket by removing a 40mph road sign and attaching it to a lamppost 10 miles away."
transport  crime  cheating 
june 2006 by kevan
Modern Mechanix >> Proposes Orientable Roof-Top Airports For Cities
"Proposed as a solution to the problem of locating an airport in the heart of any big city, a design for a long orientable runway, which would be mounted on circular tracks atop tall buildings, as sketched above, has been conceived by a French engineer."
architecture  transport  lunacy 
may 2006 by kevan
tecznotes - Scar Tissue
Aerial shot of a city slowly growing back around a demolished railway line.
architecture  cities  metaphors  photos  transport  via:waxy 
may 2006 by kevan
The Transporter (2003)
Like watching someone else playing a fun but linear driving-and-shooting video game. And apparently skipping through a lot of cutscenes.
filmlog  1star  transport  crime  police  france 
may 2006 by kevan
Riding the Death Line
The London Necropolis and National Mausoleum (Rail) Company. "The dead were no less segregated than the living - coffin accommodation was divided into three classes too, with each hearse car split into three sections of four coffin cells each."
transport  death  london  history  religion  via:jones 
may 2006 by kevan
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