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Confessions of a Disk Cracker: the secrets of 4am. - Paleotronic Magazine
"Preservation is driven by pirates, who are driven by ego but constrained by the technical limitations of their era. In the 1980s, this meant storage space and network speed."
software  piracy  history  hacking  via:lmg 
july 2018 by kevan
YouTube, the Great Radicalizer - The New York Times
"It seems as if you are never “hard core” enough for YouTube’s recommendation algorithm. It promotes, recommends and disseminates videos in a manner that appears to constantly up the stakes."
video  society  software  psychology 
march 2018 by kevan
To Identify Whale Sharks, Scientists Looked to the Stars - Atlas Obscura
"Researchers and citizen scientists can upload a photo of a whale shark they’ve seen—ideally, the patch of spotted skin just behind its left gill slits."
fish  software  space 
december 2017 by kevan
Journalists to use 'immune system' software against fake news | Technology | The Guardian
"The software, which was demonstrated to the Guardian, scans statements as they are made by politicians and instantly provides a verdict on their veracity."
software  politics  news  lies 
august 2017 by kevan
How Tinder Could Take Back the White House - The New York Times
"If the user planned to vote for another progressive party, the bot asked if he or she would consider a tactical vote to beat the Tories, voting for the progressive party most likely to beat the Conservatives in their area."
politics  software  illusions  camrad 
june 2017 by kevan
Trading Bot BOTUS Will Buy And Sell Stock Based On Trump's Tweets : NPR
"When he says something positive about a company, we buy that company's stock. When he says something negative about a company, we will sell that company's stock short."
software  money  twitter  words 
may 2017 by kevan
Gallery: 'Brain scans' map what happens during inside machine learning | WIRED UK
"The image shown here is the forward (inference) pass of the ResNet 50 layer network used to classify images after being trained using the Graphcore neural network graph library."
software  maps  brains 
february 2017 by kevan
A bot crawled thousands of studies looking for simple math errors. The results are concerning. - Vox
"...they’re 'typos,' errors in transferring data from one program to another, she says. But because academic journals are more likely to publish significant results, these erroneous findings may be more likely to find themselves in the published literature."
maths  mutation  science  software 
november 2016 by kevan
This App Trains You to See Farther - Popular Mechanics
"In a study published this week in the journal Current Biology, Seitz worked with 19 players on the University of California, Riverside, baseball team, and showed that his app UltimEyes lengthened the distance at which the players could see clearly by an average of 31 percent."
eyes  software  hacking 
february 2014 by kevan
Less Wrong: Akrasia Tactics Review
"I recently had occasion to review some of the akrasia tricks I've found on Less Wrong, and it occurred to me that there's probably quite a lot of others who've tried them as well. Perhaps it's a good idea to organize the experiences of a couple dozen procrastinating rationalists?"
time  psychology  software  delusions  hacking  via:adrianhon 
february 2010 by kevan
Program Creates Computer-Generated Sports Stories : NPR
"StatsMonkey takes the statistics from a baseball game and produces a computer-generated news story about that game." [...] "We're really aiming this at a genuinely local audience. We're trying to write the stories no one else is writing."
news  sport  software  via:mugla 
january 2010 by kevan
DSVideo, wavelet video on the Nintendo DS
"DSVideo is a video player for the Nintendo DS console. An entire movie can be compressed into around 400MB."
ds  videos  software 
february 2008 by kevan
Microsoft confirms Vista Speech Recognition remote execution flaw | George Ou |
Exploiting speech recognition by having a PC play MP3 instructions at itself. "I have verified that I can create a sound file that can wake Vista speech recognition, open Windows Explorer, delete the documents folder, and then empty the trash."
hacking  software  sound  via:found 
february 2007 by kevan
The 18 Mistakes That Kill Startups
"Really this is a list of 18 things that cause startups not to make something users want. Nearly all failure funnels through that."
software  business  web  via:waxy 
october 2006 by kevan
Souptoys - New News
Nice, aimless gravity-physics toybox that sits on your desktop. Blocks and balls and cogs and balloons.
games  simulation  physics  toys  software  download 
july 2006 by kevan
Wohlfahrt EDV - GPS-Navigator Manual
"GPS based navigation- and positioning-software for the Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910 and Motorola A925/A1000 mobile phones." I'm dabbling with GPS at the moment. Good use of the scrollwheel, able to take any map as an image, it all seems quite elegant.
gps  phones  software 
july 2006 by kevan
You have been challenged to a game of Laser Squad Nemesis
Click the link if you at least vaguely know me and want to give the game a try.
games  software  download  aliens  war 
april 2006 by kevan
Laser Squad Nemesis
Got around to giving this a go, and enjoyed it a lot - a nicely pared-down version of the X-Com games, dropping all the fiddly micromanagement to make something a lot more fast-paced and elegant. Good to see a hotseat game in the 21st century, too.
games  software  download  aliens  war 
april 2006 by kevan
Colorize Black and White Photos - Recolored
"To add color to a photo, all you have to do is add markings to the different regions of the image, indicating how it should be colorized. Then click the Colorize button and let the software do the rest."
photos  software  download 
january 2006 by kevan
Gamasutra - Feature - "How to Prototype a Game in Under 7 Days"
From the Experimental Gameplay Project people. "It seems like a natural and comforting thing to say, 'Hey we made a great game in one week. Therefore, if we spend TWO weeks, it will be TWICE as good!' Of course this isn't the case."
games  design  programming  software 
january 2006 by kevan
Gargoyle and Interactive Fiction
Multi-language IF runner, with a heavy focus on the aesthetic. "Would you read a book the size of a newspaper that was printed with glow-in-the-dark ink on bright blue plastic, set in Times 10 in one column with lines that stretch from edge to edge?"
if  software  download  todo  via:levez 
december 2005 by kevan
VASSAL Engine Web Site
"VASSAL is a game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board games and card games." In real-time, or by email. Can apparently play Dvorak, with blank cards.
games  cards  board  download  software  todo 
november 2005 by kevan - wireless java downloads
" allows you to download mobile Java games, utilities and other software directly to your device over-the-air, or via your PC."
download  games  pda  software 
november 2005 by kevan
Dungeondweller -
A Roguelike for Java phones - seems to do quite well with a very cut-down interface.
games  nethack  pda  software  roguelike 
november 2005 by kevan
The Portable Freeware Collection
Archive of freeware utilities that can be run independently from any directory, and hence from a USB drive.
computers  download  software 
november 2005 by kevan
Predixis MusicMagic Mixer
"Pick one song - or many songs - and the Mixer will create a playlist of related songs ready for spontaneous listening."
music  software  download 
november 2005 by kevan - full - the only site you need for MAME torrents
"The purpose of this 'Full MAME ROMs Torrent' is to have a torrent that users with a partial ROMset can join and only download what they need to complete the full set."
games  emulation  nostalgia  software  via:mcios 
october 2005 by kevan
Scarabee Software: Siren
Good no-nonsense file renamer, pulling track and album details out of MP3 files to let you apply your own scheme to the filenames.
software  download  mp3s 
october 2005 by kevan
"EULAlyzer can analyze license agreements in seconds, and provide a detailed listing of potentially interesting words and phrases. Discover if the software you're about to install displays pop-up ads, transmits personally identifiable information..."
software  spam  law  download  via:brendan 
october 2005 by kevan
BrettspielWelt - Brettspiele Online Portal
Excellent - a free-to-use game engine that lets you play a wide range of German board games (including Carcassonne and Settlers) across the Internet. With an added metagame of stumbling through the all-German interface.
games  germany  download  software  catan  board  cards 
october 2005 by kevan
The Telecrapper 2000 Telemarketer Interception System
"The Telecrapper 2000 (TC2K) is a computerized system designed to intercept incoming Telemarketing calls on the first ring, and then carry on a virtual conversation with the telemarketer."
phones  humour  software  illusions  spam  advertising  technology  via:leonard 
september 2005 by kevan
Providing old, public versions of software, for those whose machines can't handle the newer ones, and as a route around later-stage spyware parasites. A bit vague on version details, though.
software  download  history 
september 2005 by kevan
USC Interactive Media Division - Here Be Dragons
"[Both cities and creatures] can be placed in hierarchical systems (limbs->fingers, freeways->streets), both rely on an internal consistency where the whole needs its parts to function, but each part might not have a vision of the whole entity."
emergence  art  software  cities  monsters  via:wmmna 
august 2005 by kevan : Valuable Resources Aim To Curb Online Game Addiction
"Kou has asked several Chinese software companies to develop a system that will stop players' scores from accumulating after a certain point. [...] Those games who do not have the anti-addiction system will not be approved for distribution in China."
games  software  china  psychology  law  pointless  via:foe 
july 2005 by kevan
New Scientist - Ivory encore for dead piano greats
"The company is confident enough to have organised the concert, at which a Disklavier Pro piano, one of a handful of concert grands that can record and play back high-definition Midi files, will replay Gould and Cortot's work."
music  technology  simulation  software 
april 2005 by kevan
Welcome to Play
An utterly ruthless bunch of card-counting, Scrabble-board-scanning client-side robots to help you win unfairly at Yahoo games. Includes a Quantum-Leap-style pool-aiming laser overlay, ludicrously.
games  cheating  cards  scrabble  software 
april 2005 by kevan
BBC NEWS | Essays marked by computer program
Using some sort of pattern-recognition to give rough feedback. "Now they can revise their work as many times as they like before submitting their final effort." Preposterous claim that it can "tell whether students' arguments are sound", though.
education  software  language  writing 
april 2005 by kevan
The Pocket Wisherman
Excellent tool from Leonard to reformat sprawling Amazon wishlists into something printably small enough to carry around into bookshops.
books  paper  software  shops 
march 2005 by kevan
NetHack Photography Patch
"You examine the photograph: You see a close-up shot of a gnome lord. He looks rather stunned. He is wielding a thonged club. He is by a fountain. Part of the gnome lord's head is cut off."
download  games  hacking  nethack  photos  software 
november 2004 by kevan
S3D Connector
Download a needlessly whooshy 3D-board-view version of Settlers of Catan, to play across the Internet.
board  catan  download  games  software 
october 2004 by kevan
Wired News: New Tack Wins Prisoner's Dilemma
Brilliant: "Tit for Tat" beaten by teams of cooperative agents that use opening moves to communicate, and sacrifice themselves if they meet their team's master agents.
cheating  games  prison  simulation  society  software 
october 2004 by kevan
Wooden boxes with wooden arms, that repeat tapped patterns after a delay, and can be piled up to tap one another. A death-watch beetle orchestra.
emergence  memetics  music  software  sound  technology 
september 2004 by kevan
B-EYE: The world through the eyes of a bee
A bee-vision neuroscientist trains bees to discriminate between different patterns, and writes some image-mapping software to give a rough idea of how bees are perceiving them.
bees  eyes  software 
september 2004 by kevan
IFM - Interactive Fiction Mapper
IF mapping software, including a program that generates maps *from game transcripts*.
download  if  maps  software  todo 
september 2004 by kevan
New Scientist: Polite computers win users' hearts and minds
"Tzeng wrote two versions of a computer-based guessing game - one apologetic and the other brusque - and asked 269 high-school students to play one or the other."
design  psychology  software 
july 2004 by kevan
BioMed Central | Gene name errors introduced inadvertently when using Excel in bioinformatics
Mutation at the information level. "A default date conversion feature in Excel was altering gene names that it considered to look like dates."
genetics  language  software 
july 2004 by kevan
Bastard Tetris: "...designed to be 'as bastard as possible': it tries to compute how useful blocks are and gives you the worst, the most bastard it can find."
games  software 
july 2004 by kevan
The Shape of Song
"The custom software in this work draws musical patterns in the form of translucent arches, allowing viewers to see--literally--the shape of any composition available on the Web."
art  music  software 
july 2004 by kevan
A Boustrophedon Text Reader
Program for displaying a document so that every other line is mirror-text. Also supports rongo-rongo.
fonts  mirrors  software 
june 2004 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | The book maker
"These are not suggestions, these are actual sections of the story that NewNovelist wants me to write, in the order I'm supposed to write it. This does not look anything like my novel."
software  writing 
june 2004 by kevan – PStore
"A score-keeping program for Palm OS hand-held devices, for use when you are playing non-Palm games, such as board games and card games."
board  cards  download  games  software 
june 2004 by kevan
BrainWave Generator Software
"BrainWave Generator generates binaural beats that change your brain frequency towards the desired state, be it relaxation or enhanced attention."
biofeedback  brains  download  software 
june 2004 by kevan

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