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Marc Steinmetz Photography | Escape Tools
Scratch-built tools and weapons. "Shotgun made from iron bedposts; charge made of pieces of lead from curtain tape and match-heads, to be ignited by AA batteries and a broken light bulb."
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june 2009 by kevan
The Stars My Destination - Alfred Bester
The Count of Monte Cristo in Space, with a straightforwardly amoral protagonist; driven and ruthless, with no attempts to be arrogant or likeable. The good, undated writing style makes it easy to forget how groundbreaking the random sci-fi tropes were.
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march 2007 by kevan
chris glass: How to catch a mouse without a mousetrap
A cardboard tube with a bit of food at one end, hanging over the edge of a worktop, above an empty bin.
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december 2006 by kevan
Temporary Services - Prisoners' Inventions
Improvised tools, appliances and game pieces. "When I set my mind to the task, though, I recognized the surprising range of inventions and innovations that I had witnessed. I had just become so used to it all that the uniqueness no longer registered."
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may 2006 by kevan
Bright Coop, Inc.
Conveyor-belt chicken-catcher. "Extendible conveyor enables rotating fingers to harvest chickens against the house walls and in corners." Dystopian foreshadowing.
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march 2005 by kevan | Straitjackets for mental patients?
American 'mechanical restraint' company in talks with the NHS. "[Spokesman] says people need to 'open their eyes' to the advantages." And listen to some Beethoven.
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february 2005 by kevan

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