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Western Flag (Spindletop, Texas) 2017 | Somerset House
"Commissioned by Channel 4 for Somerset House, renowned artist John Gerrard created a virtual simulation of a flag formed of endlessly emitting trails of thick black smoke."
flags  pollution  art 
june 2018 by kevan
Some birds are so stressed by noise pollution it looks like they have PTSD - The Washington Post
"In previous studies, he has reported that noise can restructure entire communities — prompting birds to alter the pitch of their songs, shifting demographics toward more noise-tolerant species, even changing the distribution of plants based on what birds remain."
birds  sound  evolution  pollution 
january 2018 by kevan
Fatberg blocking London sewer could become museum exhibit | Culture | The Guardian
"Alex Werner, lead curator for the new museum at the Museum of London, told the Guardian the fatberg “calls to attention the way we live our lives in a modern city”."
london  pollution  museums 
september 2017 by kevan
Trade in invasive plants is blossoming
"Of all the plants for sale [on eBay], 510 are known to be invasive in at least one region somewhere in the world. And out of that group, 35 are on the IUCN's list of the 100 worst invasive species."
plants  pollution  internet 
october 2015 by kevan
Paris car ban: Pollution forces authorities to halt even-numbered plates
"City mayor Anne Hidalgo had asked authorities to prevent one in every two cars from taking to the capital’s streets and make all public transport temporarily free in a bid to drive down pollution."
paris  pollution  transport  maths 
march 2015 by kevan
BBC News - The Cornish beaches where Lego keeps washing up
"[In 1997], 62 containers were lost overboard about 20 miles off Land's End - and one of them was filled with nearly 4.8m pieces of Lego, bound for New York."
lego  pollution  octopuses  via:sarah 
july 2014 by kevan
Terminal Mirage — David Maisel
"Terminal Mirage examines the periphery of Utah’s Great Salt Lake, including zones of mineral evaporation ponds and macabre industrial pollution covering some 40,000 acres along the shores of the lake."
water  pollution  photography 
june 2014 by kevan
Wildlife confused by polarised light pollution - environment - 08 January 2009 - New Scientist
"To animals tuned to distinguish polarised light and use it as an environmental cue, "these objects look more like water than water," he says. "Even when given the choice between water and human-made surfaces, some insects prefer to lay their eggs on – and settle near – the latter.""
light  pollution  insects  illusions 
may 2012 by kevan
Hacking Carbon Emissions into Minecraft
"Plant a tree, and AMEEconnect will work out how much carbon was taken up by the tree growing and reduce the tracker by that amount. After a long day of mining and smelting, you’ll have to go plant a few trees to keep the weather nice."
games  simulations  fire  pollution  via:waxy 
november 2011 by kevan
S.F. may crack down on 'flash mob' antics
"[Pillow fight] feathers also filled the Vaillancourt Fountain and threatened to jam and burn out its pumps. [...] DPW assigned three extra cleanup shifts - a total of 69 employees and an extra street sweeper truck - costing about $19,000."
society  law  litter  pollution  via:waxy 
march 2009 by kevan
Urban life is stressing out our songbirds | Environment | The Observer
"Songbirds in cities are damaging their health, exposing themselves to predators and weakening their gene pool by trying to be heard above the din of urban life. [...] Some birds, including robins, are choosing to sing at night instead of during the day." I always assumed that was purely a light pollution thing. Sad.
cities  birds  evolution  sound  pollution 
march 2009 by kevan
New Zealand town is in the dark — and proud of it - Yahoo! News
Lights out for darker skies. "The idea faces significant challenges - UNESCO's conventions do not mention the space above and around heritage sites, and there's still the question of how to define a piece of open sky for conservation purposes."
light  air  pollution  space 
february 2009 by kevan
English Russia » Abandoned Russian Polar Nuclear Lighthouses
"After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the unattended automatic lighthouses did [their] job for some time, but after some time they collapsed too." They were looted for scrap metal, including reactor shielding.
architecture  history  russia  pollution  dereliction  photos  via:warrenellis 
january 2009 by kevan
Fiat revs up new free fuel tool | Green Tech - CNET News
"Drivers [plug] the prepped USB drive into their car's Blue&Me system and it will automatically start collecting data on the car. [...] Upon plugging the USB drive back into the computer, the software does an analysis of driving habits and makes specific suggestions for improvement. Users can also opt to join an online community of drivers called Fiat ecoVille."
transport  technology  surveillance  pollution  mmorpgs 
november 2008 by kevan
"PigeonBlog enlists homing pigeons to participate in a grassroots scientific data gathering initiative designed to collect and distribute information about air quality conditions to the general public."
pigeons  air  pollution  technology  gps 
august 2008 by kevan - walking directions and maps
Generates walking routes within a few UK cities, optimising for low noise and air pollution.
cities  walking  maps  london  travel  pollution  via:diamond 
april 2008 by kevan
Switched On London
"A number of sites will be lit from February 7th - 14th in an energy efficient way to show the power of light in the city. [We] we will be highlighting the unnecessary lighting of office space at night in the area."
events  light  cities  london  pollution 
january 2008 by kevan
Clive Thompson on How the Next Victim of Climate Change Will Be Our Minds
"They're suffering symptoms eerily similar to those of indigenous populations that are forcibly removed from their traditional homelands. It's [that] the familiar markers of their area, the physical and sensory signals that define home, are vanishing."
memory  nostalgia  psychology  depression  australia  society  plants  pollution 
january 2008 by kevan
The Host (2006)
A sleekly-animated fish-monster pursues a badly-quarantined family through rain and disinfectant clouds, while heavy-handed Americans clunk around in the background. Always good to be slightly wrong-footed by the unfamiliar film tropes of another country.
filmlog  3stars  monsters  fish  mutation  pollution 
november 2007 by kevan
My 46000 challenge
"I have resolved to 'save' one square mile of ocean by collecting 46,000 pieces of litter whilst walking on the beaches near my home." Fran Crowe's project is now complete, and archived with photos, catalogued and colour-coordinated.
plastic  litter  pollution  art 
november 2007 by kevan
Crowds gather goods washed from stricken ship | Guardian Unlimited Environment
"Police have been handing out forms to salvagers on which they must declare the items taken. The forms will then be sent to the official Receiver of Wreck, who will resolve the question of ownership."
pollution  litter  law 
january 2007 by kevan
Met Office: The Great Smog of 1952
"In many parts of London, it was impossible at night for pedestrians to find their way, even in familiar districts. In the Isle of Dogs, the visibility was at times nil. The fog there was so thick that people could not see their own feet!"
weather  london  history  pollution 
december 2006 by kevan
Imagine Earth without people - New Scientist
"It will only take a few tens of thousands of years [before] almost every trace of our present dominance has vanished completely. Alien visitors coming to Earth 100,000 years hence will find no obvious signs that an advanced civilisation ever lived here."
apocalypse  evolution  future  pollution  science  world  via:joh 
october 2006 by kevan
Magnum Photos - Spaceship Junkyard
"Altai, Russia - Villagers collect scrap from a crashed spacecraft, surrounded by thousands of white butterflies, 2000. Environmentalists fear for the region's future due to toxic rocket fuel."
russia  space  litter  metal  pollution  via:haddock 
april 2006 by kevan
New Scientist Technology - Pigeons to set up a smog blog
"Later this year 20 of the birds will take to the skies [each] carrying a GPS receiver, air pollution sensors and a basic cellphone. They will measure levels of pollutants they encounter, and beam back their findings [to] a blog in real time."
pigeons  pollution  weblogs 
february 2006 by kevan
Popular Science: The 11-Year Quest to Create Disappearing Colored Bubbles
On the market next year. "Once he tried nitric acid, a toxic chemical that gives off red fumes at room temperature. 'I got it making a really cool bubble, but it could've killed somebody,' he recalls. 'It ate through clothes.'"
air  water  science  pollution 
november 2005 by kevan
Space Daily: Space Launch Scraps Providing Sustenance For Russian Villagers
"Scrap metal collectors generally will not comment on how much they collect in a year but fragmented data for 2003 alone indicated that about 20 tons of 'space metals' was collected."
space  litter  metal  pollution  russia  via:holly 
may 2005 by kevan
UncommonGoods: Global Warming Mug
"Just pour in a hot cup of coffee, and the ocean starts to spread across the continent as ice caps melt and water levels rise."
drinks  ice  world  water  pollution 
may 2005 by kevan
RSA - Our Work - The WEEE Man
"The huge 3 tonne figure stands 7 metres high and is totally composed of WEEE – from washing machines to mobile phones and electronic toys. This represents the amount of waste that a single person in the UK is likely to produce in a lifetime."
art  litter  metal  pollution  london  todo 
april 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | Tales of the underworld
Blake Morrison exploring the sewers of London. "But the real enemies are the fast-food outlets. [...] Where a slug of fat is several cubic metres in volume, pressure-jetting isn't enough to clear it - they have to use pick-axes instead."
london  society  litter  pollution  secrets  architecture  food  water 
march 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | It's green, it's clean and it's, er, too quiet
"British engineers who yesterday unveiled the prototype of the world's first hydrogen-powered motorbike confessed they were considering adding an artificial 'vroom' to the machine as they were worried its silence might be dangerous."
transport  pollution  sound  technology 
march 2005 by kevan
NASA - Clouds Caused By Aircraft Exhaust May Warm The U.S. Climate
"This study demonstrates that human activity has a visible and significant impact on cloud cover and, therefore, on climate. It indicates that contrails should be included in climate change scenarios."
air  pollution  transport  travel 
october 2004 by kevan
Gallery of the graffiti-through-cleaning advertising thing, including some nice flyposter mutilation. It's still graffiti, though.
advertising  cities  graffiti  paper  photos  pollution 
september 2004 by kevan
Reuters | Australian Town Joins Global War on Plastic Bags
"Thousands of turtles, birds and other marine animals are killed each year after mistaking the millions of bags in the world's oceans for squid and jellyfish."
birds  chelonians  illusions  litter  plastic  pollution  squid 
august 2004 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Study finds oceans of old plastic
Microscopic polymer waste is everywhere. I still enjoy Ronald Wright's vision of 20th-century humanity laying down a polycarbon layer as a mineable fuel for distant-future earth species.
litter  plastic  pollution 
may 2004 by kevan

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