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'Zombie ant' brains left intact by fungal parasite | EurekAlert! Science News
"Almost like a puppeteer pulls the strings to make a marionette move, the fungus controls the ant's muscles to manipulate the host's legs and mandibles."
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november 2017 by kevan
Respect For the Fungus Overlords | The Loom | Discover Magazine
"The spores penetrate an insect’s exoskeleton and then work their way into its body, where fungus then starts to grow. Meanwhile, the insect wanders up a plant and clamps down, whereupon Cordyceps grows a long stalk that sprouts of the dead host’s body. It can then shower down spores on unfortunate insects below."
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august 2009 by kevan
How to cure your asthma or hayfever using hookworm - a practical guide ||
Anecdotal case of successful self-infection. "It involves a great deal of research, a trip to Cameroon and a lot of barefoot walking in open air latrines in west Africa."
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may 2006 by kevan

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