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IFDB: PataNoir
"The Baron's daughter is missing, and you are the man to find her. No problem. With your inexhaustible arsenal of hard-boiled similes, there is nothing you can't handle."
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july 2016 by kevan
Helsinki Bus Station Theory -
"You take those three years of work on the nude to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and the curator asks if you are familiar with the nudes of Irving Penn. His bus, 71, was on the same line. Or you take them to a gallery in Paris and are reminded to check out Bill Brandt, bus 58, and so on."
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april 2016 by kevan
Metaphor is the new weapon in the 'war' on terror | Technology | The Observer
"The Metaphor Programme will exploit the fact that metaphors are pervasive in everyday talk and reveal the underlying beliefs and worldviews of members of a culture."
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june 2011 by kevan
Chore Wars :: Earning Experience Points for Housework
"Recruit a party of adventurers from your household or office, and whenever one of you completes a chore, you can log it and claim XP." An old idea of mine, finally live. I claim 100XP.
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july 2007 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | How time flies
A culture where the past in metaphorically in front of the speaker, and the future behind. "In a language so reliant on the eyewitness, it is not surprising that the speaker metaphorically faces what has already been seen."
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may 2006 by kevan
Conceptual Metaphor Home Page
Index of Lakoff's common groups of metaphors, with examples. "Ideas are light sources." "Communication is feeding."
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may 2006 by kevan
The Snowflake Process for Writing a Novel
Fractal buildup. A more pedantic and crystallised version of my own vague thoughts.
writing  metaphors 
may 2006 by kevan
tecznotes - Scar Tissue
Aerial shot of a city slowly growing back around a demolished railway line.
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may 2006 by kevan
Metaphors We Live by - George Lakoff
Great deconstruction of the consistencies and patterns of common metaphors, and the boundaries of interpretation that this can trap us in. Sometimes a bit too dogmatic and one-sided, though.
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april 2006 by kevan
Telegraph | Connected | It's time to exorcise the idea that addicts are possessed by demons
"The life of an alcohol addict, for example, is not one of solitary alcohol infusion - rather, it entails intense interaction with other alcoholics and co-dependents."
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april 2006 by kevan

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