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Kotaku - DS Plugin to Help Diabetic Kids Keep Consistent Readings - Diabetes
"[A plugin with an LCD readout] goes into the DS/DS Lite's Slot-2 and rewards players giving consistent readings with points in a game that can be used to buy items or unlock levels."
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july 2009 by kevan
Lick Your Wounds Candy Scabs: 12CT Box
"Each pack includes candy scabs and 5 plastic bandages which are stickable just like a real bandage. A plastic compartment on the bandage opens to reveal a pressed dextrose candy scab."
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september 2006 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | Family | Jon Ronson: The chosen ones
A group who diagnose ADHD as symptoms of a Wyndhamesque psychic colonisation. "She said it sounded very much like Oliver was in fact a highly evolved Indigo child - a divine being with enormously heightened spiritual wisdom and psychic powers."
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august 2006 by kevan
Wired 9.12: The Geek Syndrome
"One provocative hypothesis that might account for the rise of [autistic] spectrum disorders in technically adept communities like Silicon Valley, some geneticists speculate, is an increase in assortative mating."
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july 2006 by kevan
BBC NEWS | Health | Surgery clowns ease child anxiety
"Overall, the children in the clown group appeared to be far less stressed and anxious than the other children. Similarly, their parents were also less anxious."
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october 2005 by kevan

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