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Online Age Quiz Is a Window for Drug Makers -
"The drug companies can even use [the 'what's your real age?' quiz] answers to find people who show symptoms of a disease - and begin sending them messages about it even before the people have received a diagnosis from their doctors."
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april 2009 by kevan
New York Daily News - Drug business prescribes a novel cure for its ills
A drug company denying having commissioned a pulp novel to scare people from buying imports. "Her story concerned a Croatian terrorist cell that uses Canadian Web sites to murder millions of unwitting Americans looking for cut-rate pharmaceuticals."
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november 2005 by kevan
Vintage Drug Ads - a photoset on Flickr
"When minutes count and only the most simple apparatus is available, then we find ether the anaesthetic of choice."
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june 2005 by kevan
The Japanese Gallery of Psychiatric Art
Images from Japanese psychiatric medication advertisements, 1956-2003.
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june 2004 by kevan

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