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Fluxus Workbook (PDF)
"The orchestra is divided into two teams, winds and strings, sitting in opposing rows. [...] Performers must hit a performer on the opposite team with a missile. A performer hit three times must leave the stage. Missiles are exchanged until all performers on one side are gone. Conductor acts as referee."
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march 2010 by kevan
Code of Practice on Noise from Ice Cream Van Chimes etc. 1982 [pdf]
"It is an Offence to sound your chimes so as to cause annoyance: [...] Except on approach to a selling point [...] When in sight of another ice-cream van which is trading [...] More often than once every 2 hours in the same street."
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june 2007 by kevan
Shades of Meaning: The Effect of Color and Flavor Names on Consumer Choice [PDF]
The psychological impact of ambiguous or quirky adjectives. "Incongruity can make items appear more interesting leading to positive valuations; in addition such items may receive a positive boost due to the person having 'solved' the incongruity."
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august 2005 by kevan
The Best Card Trick (PDF)
Brilliant information-theory card trick. "By permuting the three remaining cards my assistant can send me one of only 3! = 6 messages, and again we are one bit short."
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july 2005 by kevan
"Internet Delusions": A case series and theoretical integration [PDF]
"[Tausk] noted that technology is often present as an explanatory device in psychosis and takes the form of a diabolical machine, just outside the technical understanding of the subject, usually claimed to be operated by enemies or persecutors."
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may 2005 by kevan
Cluedo Zombies (PDF)
Bizarrely literal ludemetic hybrid of Cluedo and Zombies. "If you enter a room and there is a zombie in it you must kill the zombie before you can pick up any Health or Bullet Tokens, or make an Accusation."
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march 2005 by kevan
Can a Biologist Fix a Radio? - or, What I Learned while Studying Apoptosis (PDF)
"How would we begin? First, we would secure funds to obtain a large supply of identical functioning radios in order to dissect and compare them to the one that is broken."
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march 2005 by kevan
An Autonomous Self-Replicating Robotic System (PDF)
A rather disappointing Lego robot that can build a copy of itself out of four pre-built chunks. Laid out in marked positions. But still quite fun.
evolution  lego  robots  filetype:pdf  media:document 
august 2004 by kevan
The Hardness of the Lemmings Game (or Oh no, more NP-Completeness Proofs) [PDF]
"Here we will show that deciding whether a particular level is possible is an NP-Complete problem. However, under some restrictions then the question is decidable in polynomial time."
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august 2004 by kevan
How Cults Seduce
An amusingly appalling "how can we use proven religious-cult techniques in marketing?" essay. PDF.
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july 2004 by kevan
Paranoia XP Mission Blender
Wonderful random-mission-generator, to be bundled with the new edition.
dice  humour  random  roleplaying  filetype:pdf  media:document 
june 2004 by kevan
The Inefficiency of Splitting the Bill (PDF)
The economic lessons of restaurant bill payment - when diners split the bill evenly, they tend to order more expensive food.
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may 2004 by kevan

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