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Scientists have created a microscopic, real life-or-death version of Pac-Man | Polygon
"The goal of the study was to discover how euglena respond to being in a life-or-death situation when being chased by rotifers in an physical area that's less than 1mm in diameter."
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july 2016 by kevan Vinyl Data
"[Shakin' Stevens] also had a Spectrum game included on a vinyl release. [...] The goal of 'The Shaky Game' is to drive Shakin' Stevens' car to the center of a maze while avoiding bats, who bite you."
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june 2007 by kevan
Retro Rip-Offs: The Classic Gaming Clone Wars from
"These days it's World War II-themed squad-based combat and urban warfare sandbox mass-murder simulators. In 1993 it was first-person shooters. In 1986 it was side-scrolling mascot platformers. In 1980 it was maze games."
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february 2006 by kevan
Adrian Fisher Mazes Ltd - Multi-Sensory Mobility Maze for the Blind
"Training opportunities include a section of brick wall with 4 gaps in it; blind people can be trained to detect the gaps without touching, mainly by different sound echoes, and partly by changes in air pressure on the face."
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july 2005 by kevan
Maze Navigation by Honeybees: Learning Path Regularity
"Performance was best in the constant-turn mazes [...] and poorest in the variable irregular mazes. These results demonstrate that bees do not navigate such mazes simply by memorizing the entire sequence of appropriate turns."
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march 2005 by kevan
Bilderberg Archiv der Fotografen GmbH - Features
Gallery of maze photos. Oddly interconnected-looking, when shown next to one another.
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june 2004 by kevan

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