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Cern's electrocuted weasel to go on display | Science | The Guardian
"The partly-cooked corpse was duly secured for inclusion in [Rotterdam Natural History Museum]'s Dead Animal Tales exhibition."
death  mammals  science  museums 
january 2017 by kevan
The whale that talked : Nature News & Comment
"The beluga’s caretakers had heard what sounded like garbled phrases emanating from the enclosure before, and it suddenly dawned on them that the whale might be imitating the voices of his human handlers."
mammals  language  water 
october 2012 by kevan - Militarizing Your Backyard with Python: Computer Vision and the Squirrel Hordes
Firing computer-controlled water at squirrels. "By the end, they don't care. [...] They'll just sit there eating, getting spritzed. I thought for sure this would be the solution."
mammals  water  surveillance  police 
march 2012 by kevan
FAQ | rhino rescue project
Poisoning rhino horns. "The horn is treated with special compound of depot ectoparasiticides (specifically, acaricides) and an indelible dye. [...] Ectoparasiticides are not intended for consumption by humans, and are registered as such."
mammals  crime  drugs  secrets 
february 2012 by kevan
Wolves May Not Need to be Smart to Hunt in Packs | 80beats | Discover Magazine
"[As] long as each wolf obeys a couple simple rules, the seemingly complex behavior emerges naturally, without any need for higher intelligence."
mammals  emergence  evolution  via:zarba 
october 2011 by kevan
The Associated Press: Wildlife officials use robo-deer to catch poachers
"Once a plan is in place, authorities put the mechanical deer near a road where it can be seen by passing cars. Then they hide nearby and keep watch, waiting for someone to take the bait, occasionally using the remote control to move the decoy's head and tail."
robots  mammals  weapons  illusions  crime  via:blech 
october 2011 by kevan
Groundbreaking system to prevent collisions between whales and sea-craft
"In attempting to unravel the chaotic rhythms of the sperm whale clicks, he was struck by the similarity between his underwater recordings and African tribal music. A Senegalese griot (drummer) confirmed the likeness and – amazingly – was able to pick individual whales from André’s recordings through their distinctive rhythmic structures."
mammals  water  sound  music  via:collision 
september 2008 by kevan
Iceland police shoot second Greenland polar bear | The Daily Telegraph
"It is believed the bear travelled several hundred kilometres from Greenland atop an ice floe, probably landing near the town of Saudarkrokur, on the Skaga fjord, where it was seen and killed."
mammals  iceland  police  death  ice 
june 2008 by kevan
Wild Minds - Marc Hauser
A good strong look at the internal experiences of animals, with comparisons to early human development, and a lot of polite, precise demolition of other writers' flabby anthropomorphism and insufficiently rigorous science.
booklog  science  brains  mammals  bees  apes  monkeys  birds 
december 2006 by kevan
At the Water's Edge - Carl Zimmer
How life made it from the water onto land, and how a few species decided to go back; great evolutionary weirdness. A history of both the creatures and the people who've studied them in the past 150 years.
booklog  evolution  water  fish  mammals  history  bones  air 
november 2006 by kevan
Lemming (2006)
Suicide as romanticised and misunderstood exhaustion. One good simile, horribly over-diluted at two hours.
filmlog  2stars  death  depression  mammals  france  ghosts 
september 2006 by kevan
Tale of Tales ||T|h|e||E|n|d|l|e|s|s||F|o|r|e|s|t||
Finally got around to having a go at this, possibly a bit late, or at the wrong time - not enough others around for any interesting emergence. Nice to just explore and experiment without reading any instructions, though.
mmorpgs  games  art  mammals  trees 
june 2006 by kevan
Armadillo Run
Elegant hybrid of Pontifex and The Incredible Machine. A good measure of a physics engine's realism is how *funny* it is, and this one's good.
games  download  science  construction  mammals  via:jay 
may 2006 by kevan
New Scientist - Evolution gets busy in the urban lab
"Evolution is operating with a vengeance in the urban environment as animals struggle to adapt to novel conditions and cope with 'evolutionary illusions'."
evolution  mammals  birds  cities  illusions  via:collision 
may 2006 by kevan
State Wildlife Bounty Laws by State
"...and present an affidavit to such officer stating that said ears or head are of the animal the person killed, and that the person has not spared the life of any such animal within the person's power to kill."
mammals  birds  death  law  money 
may 2006 by kevan
Wooster Collective: How to Make a Plastic Bag Eating Giraffe
"Plastic bags that fly around in the wind are a lot of fun to watch but once they become lodged in tree branches, they don't do much. With this in mind, I made some tape giraffes to eat this debris."
plastic  litter  art  mammals  construction 
march 2006 by kevan
Independent - Scientists hail discovery of hundreds of new species in remote New Guinea
"An astonishing mist-shrouded 'lost world' of previously unknown and rare animals and plants high in the mountain rainforests of New Guinea has been uncovered by an international team of scientists."
birds  mammals  plants  secrets  science  via:holly 
february 2006 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | By 2025, hedgehogs will have died out
"[The hedgehog's generalism and] inability to cope with very large, chemically denuded arable fields - in other words its fondness for the private, the scruffy and the marginal - all make it a measure of the state of the landscape's health as a whole."
mammals  apocalypse  evolution  cities  transport 
january 2006 by kevan
This Whale's (After) Life
"For more than a decade, Smith has been pursuing the idea that whale corpses (called whale falls when they fall to the bottom of the ocean) serve as biological stepping stones for a host of exotic deep-sea animals."
water  death  fish  mammals  bones  evolution  via:erik 
january 2006 by kevan
Grizzly Man (2005)
Story of Timothy Treadwell, an environmentalist eaten by bears a couple of years ago. Herzog pieces together an unnerving portrait of reckless, self-assured naivete, cut together from hundreds of hours of camcorder footage.
filmlog  4stars  mammals  death  delusions 
december 2005 by kevan
Sounds of the World's Animals
"Animals make much the same sounds around the world, but each language expresses them differently. English and French cows sound the same, but not in English and French!" And Japanese bees go "bunbun".
language  sound  world  bees  cows  pigeons  pigs  monkeys  mammals  cats  birds 
october 2005 by kevan
Times Online: Is £28,000 too high for a giraffe on the internet?
"A quick browse of the web yesterday revealed one site in the US, where rules on owning wild animals are less strict than in the UK, advertising chimpanzees for £36,000, a giraffe for £28,000 and Nile crocodiles for £166, or less if bought in bulk."
mammals  reptiles  monkeys  apes  money  crime  web 
august 2005 by kevan
Telegraph | First it was magpies, now shooters are offered £500 to wipe out grey squirrels
"A campaign to wipe out two and a half million grey squirrels has pledged a £500 reward to the person who kills the most."
mammals  death  war  birds  money 
april 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | Why I'm a wolf man
Reintroduce large predators into the UK, says Monbiot. "People who live in unstimulating places are more likely to become depressed, and [...] kill themselves. Dramatic but mildly dangerous lifeforms [...] might even save lives."
death  evolution  mammals  monsters  society  depression 
december 2004 by kevan
Yahoo! News - Beavers Make Dam Out of Stolen Money
"A bag of bills stolen from a casino was snapped up by beavers who wove thousands of dollars in soggy currency into the sticks and brush of their dam on a creek in eastern Louisiana."
construction  mammals  money  police  water 
november 2004 by kevan
Epping Forest Hedgehog Rescue - Hedgehog Housing Plans
Hedgehog-house construction plans. "Various plastic dolls houses can be adapted."
architecture  construction  mammals  todo 
november 2004 by kevan
Telegraph: Life-sized drawing shows sloth that was as big as a van
On show at the National History Museum. "The drawing was always known to be in the museum's collection, but until recently curators did not realise how large it was."
art  history  london  mammals  monsters  todo 
october 2004 by kevan

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