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Dirty dealing in the $175 billion Amazon Marketplace - The Verge
"After hoverboards started exploding in 2016 and Amazon became more vigilant about safety claims, sellers started buying each other’s products, setting them on fire, and posting photos in the reviews."
internet  shopping  lies  scams 
9 weeks ago by kevan
Journalists to use 'immune system' software against fake news | Technology | The Guardian
"The software, which was demonstrated to the Guardian, scans statements as they are made by politicians and instantly provides a verdict on their veracity."
software  politics  news  lies 
august 2017 by kevan
Inspector gadget: how smart devices are outsmarting criminals | Technology | The Guardian
"He said he grabbed some possessions and jumped out a window. Investigators pulled data from his pacemaker which, according to a cardiologist, undermined Compton’s account."
technology  surveillance  crime  lies 
june 2017 by kevan
Astra Nauseam (@astranauseam) on Twitter
Autogenerating a fictional constellation every hour.
space  lies  twitter  creations 
july 2016 by kevan
Unbuilt London (@unbuiltlondon) on Twitter
"The Meat Grinder is a 250 ft tall designer research facility in Barnet."
london  architecture  lies  creations 
april 2016 by kevan
A few key signs betray betrayal | Science News
"[Diplomacy players] who were excessively polite in general were more likely to betray, and people who were suddenly more polite were more likely to become victims of betrayal."
games  psychology  language  lies 
august 2015 by kevan
Brain games exploit anxieties about memory loss for profit – scientists | Science | The Guardian
"Our biggest concern here is that older people are making choices – both about how they spend their money and on how they spend their time – based on this kind of information that we feel is not well-grounded."
brains  games  advertising  lies 
october 2014 by kevan
Plagiarius | Innovation contra Imitation
A yearly product plagiarism award, with a museum of 300 item pairs in Germany. "The trophy of the black gnome with the golden nose is a symbol for the exorbitant earnings product pirates collect at the cost of innovative companies."
illusions  lies  mutation  museums 
april 2014 by kevan
Can you fact-check a twerking video? | Felix Salmon
"The internet is getting increasingly good at generating such [fake viral] content — so good, indeed, that the bar is getting raised, and the chances of successfully-viral content simply emerging naturally from the world are getting ever slimmer."
memetics  news  lies 
december 2013 by kevan
Belgium makes kids text while driving to learn its dangers | DVICE
"Before the test, the examiner shows them an official looking letter, which says that a new government directive asks them to show that they can use a phone safely while driving."
transport  phones  lies  via:zarba 
may 2012 by kevan
ClueDB: Write shorter email
"People don't like to receive one-word email replies, but will forgive you when you are on a Blackberry or iPhone or whatever. So add 'sent from my iPhone' to your desktop email program, and people will forgive you."
email  illusions  lies 
february 2012 by kevan
TripAdvisor censured over ‘trusted reviews’ -
"The ASA has banned TripAdvisor UK from claiming or implying that “all the reviews that appeared on the website were from real travellers, or were honest, real or trusted” on its UK site."
travel  lies  advertising  camrad 
february 2012 by kevan
Beware of Malicious QR Codes | PCWorld
"Cyber criminals have taken advantage of the proliferation of quick response (QR) codes on posters and marketing material by putting their own malicious stickers over the top of legitimate ones." I did wonder how long this would take.
barcodes  crime  lies  via:zarba 
january 2012 by kevan
College Misery: Henchminion Sends In the Tale of "The Magna Carta Essay!"
"Discovering the proliferation of websites where student plagiarists could copy essays, I wrote a Trojan horse paper about the Magna Carta and seeded it on a few plagiarism sites. [...] Every once in awhile, I google a few phrases from the paper to see how it's getting along in the wild."
education  lies  via:waxy 
january 2012 by kevan
Blue Monday is bullshit churnalism. Beware any journalist who promotes it. - bengoldacre - secondary blog
"Every year Blue Monday will reappear, perhaps the best thing you can do is treat it like a radiolabel to help you identify cut and paste journalists whose output you cannot trust more broadly."
depression  lies  news  advertising 
january 2011 by kevan
Look-out drongos 'twank' to advertise presence (Wired UK)
"We think that drongos have evolved to alert babblers to their presence because helping the group forage more effectively leads to more frequent opportunities for theft."
birds  sound  evolution  lies 
november 2010 by kevan
Iraq Swears by Bomb Detector U.S. Sees as Useless -
"The device works 'on the same principle as a Ouija board' - the power of suggestion - said a retired United States Air Force officer." [...] "Still, the Iraqi government has purchased more than 1,500 of the devices, known as the ADE 651, at costs from $16,500 to $60,000 each."
delusions  magic  war  weapons  lies 
november 2009 by kevan
Join in the murder game at Battersea Arts Centre | Stage | The Guardian
"Here, the show is both drama and game. Audience members – there are about 30 per performance – play characters in an imaginary French town. There is no script; every audience member plays a part in developing the story, and thus becomes responsible for its outcome."
games  theatre  secrets  lies 
october 2009 by kevan
Starsuckers celebrity hoax dupes tabloids | Media |
"Atkins and his producers decided [to] pose as members of the public and offer completely fictitious stories to the tabloid press about well-known figures." [...] "If it's funny, if it's not too nasty, if you have a name and a telephone number, they will print your story."
news  lies  hoaxes  via:glinner 
october 2009 by kevan
Destination: Argleton! Visiting an imaginary place « Walking Home to 50
Visiting a possible trap street town on Google Maps. "Various software packages use Google's geographical information, and Argleton seems to have primary claim on the surrounding postcodes - one can rent property there, or read inspection reports for its nurseries, at least according to the internet."
maps  illusions  lies  via:qwghlm 
september 2009 by kevan
Infomercial Hell from Everything Is Terrible! - Video
"Are you tired of the ever present toxins that come from the backbreaking struggle of modern life?" A continuous edit of all the life-without-our-product build-up from bad infomercials.
advertising  television  lies  shopping  via:waxy 
september 2009 by kevan
The new rules of viral marketing - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic
ASA ruling on the 'Shifty' hoax email ad. "Guidance issued by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) stresses that the customer who passes a friend's details to the advertiser must confirm that they obtained the friend's consent."
advertising  lies  camrad  spam  via:qwghlm 
june 2009 by kevan
'Drugs' email banned by ad watchdog | Media |
"An email marketing campaign for the British film Shifty that encouraged people to 'stitch up a mate' by making them think they were being investigated by police for drugs offences has been banned by the advertising regulator."
advertising  lies  camrad  drugs  films  email 
may 2009 by kevan
The strange case of the surveillance cameras | David Aaronovitch - Times Online
How a single, extreme-case thought experiment from 1999 became the cliché of "the average Briton is caught on CCTV camera 300 times a day".
surveillance  lies  memetics  via:currybet 
march 2009 by kevan
The Brainy Gamer: A bit thick
Badly-judged ARG interaction. "When she mentioned she was just starting to talk up her blog, I read through some of her posts and wrote to offer her some positive feedback. [...] I'm disappointed that PixelVixen707 never bothered to consider just how much that wasted time meant to me, and I'm not exactly thrilled about being tricked into promoting somebody's product either."
args  lies  weblogs 
december 2008 by kevan
Euromyths - Keyword index
The European Commission's weary catalogue of tabloid nonsense. "Euromyths are scare stories based on hearsay, rumours and half-truths, many of which have been repeated so often that they have become accepted truths within the public and media consciousness."
news  lies  law  via:catriona 
july 2008 by kevan
Patrick Barkham on Labour's decline in Stoke-on-Trent | Politics | The Guardian
"[The BNP] campaign in a way that none of us recognise. People arrive in pubs, lean at the bar, buy a few drinks, say they are doing some contract work in town, become very matey and then tell people these rumours."
politics  society  lies  camrad 
may 2008 by kevan
Whispers of War - The British World War II rumour campaign by Lee Richards
"The rumour he submitted to the UPC was sent for clearance to the Inter-Services Security Board (ISSB) who were responsible for clearing rumours and had power of veto over any of a military nature which might inadvertently be a real security risk."
war  history  lies  illusions  psychology  memetics 
april 2008 by kevan
A Day at the Races (1937)
A few good routines, but there are even more unnecessary musical numbers than Night at the Opera, and most of the longer comedy routines are incoherently chaotic. Some quality fist-shaking and spluttering outrage.
filmlog  2stars  comedy  horses  medicine  sport  lies  money 
december 2007 by kevan
BBC admits Lotto button is a fake - Telegraph
"Despite his hesitation, the balls dropped into the spinning barrel, raising questions about whether the button was real."
television  lies 
december 2007 by kevan
Roman Holiday (1953)
The slumming royalty of a non-specified English-speaking country, being led around Rome by a cynical journalist and his shin-kicked photographer who's lucky to get a quarter of the pre-paparazzi story fees.
filmlog  3stars  society  secrets  lies  news  photos  italy 
november 2007 by kevan
The Awful Truth (1937)
An utterly flippant divorce and the inevitable and casual sabotage of its rebound relationships, with some nicely untidy dialogue along the way.
filmlog  3stars  love  lies 
november 2007 by kevan
School For Scoundrels (1960)
Psychological warfare, and how far you can take it before becoming a cad. The protagonist goes up against some very thin straw men, but it touches on the greatness of the books, and it's good to see some of the ploys being acted out.
filmlog  4stars  education  psychology  lies  cheating  illusions 
august 2007 by kevan
Merde d'artiste: not exactly what it says on the tin | Guardian Unlimited Arts
"One of Manzoni's collaborators, Agostino Bonalumi, has now revealed that the tins are not full of faeces, but plaster."
art  metal  lies 
june 2007 by kevan
Cake Rental
Fake plastic wedding cakes with a single, real slice. "After the couple's 'feeding each other' act, the display cake is taken back into the kitchen and the guests are served regular sheet cakes from the local bakery or wholesale store."
food  plastic  love  illusions  lies  via:hoaxes 
june 2007 by kevan
The Lives of Others (2006)
The counteraction of human weak points in the omniscient surveillance system of the GDR. Slow, strong character development; occasionally heavy-handed, but most of it perfectly underplayed.
filmlog  4stars  surveillance  germany  secrets  lies  writing 
may 2007 by kevan
The Philadelphia Story (1940)
Screwball divorce comedy with undercover 1930s tabloid journalists infiltrating a socialite wedding, before that plot thread gets dropped in favour of absent-minded alcoholic chaos. Good leads.
filmlog  3stars  love  news  lies  drinks 
may 2007 by kevan
Ananova - Fake snake signs
"Austrian officials fed up with motorists stopping to urinate by the roadside have put up fake snake warnings to scare them into using toilets."
signs  reptiles  lies 
april 2007 by kevan
The Importance Of Being Earnest (2002)
A decent enough production; they're a bit too winkingly proud of their extra props and unspoken references, but there's a nice amount of Arcadian outdoorsness.
filmlog  3stars  names  lies  love  coincidences  children 
april 2007 by kevan
Memories Of Murder (2003)
South Korean police procedural - an idealistic by-the-book city cop being stationed among cynical provincial detectives, their beaten confessions involving a lot of flying kicks. A slow film with some weird dead-end tangents, but nice aesthetics.
filmlog  3stars  police  death  mysteries  lies  cheating  crime 
april 2007 by kevan
The Stars My Destination - Alfred Bester
The Count of Monte Cristo in Space, with a straightforwardly amoral protagonist; driven and ruthless, with no attempts to be arrogant or likeable. The good, undated writing style makes it easy to forget how groundbreaking the random sci-fi tropes were.
booklog  space  mysteries  secrets  technology  science  prison  future  lies  business  skin  via:alex 
march 2007 by kevan
A con as big as the Ritz | Weekend | Guardian Unlimited
Stories of a credit-card fraudster. "I knew you needed a range of security information to back up any significant purchase on a card, not just the data on the card itself. Yet that was all I was being given when customers were buying phones through me."
crime  phones  lies  hacking  money 
march 2007 by kevan
Some Like It Hot (1959)
How to use ridiculous, unmaintainable lies to avoid gangsters and attract women.
filmlog  2stars  secrets  lies  love  money  music  crime 
march 2007 by kevan
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Nintendo DS)
A simple, plodding show-item-to-person detective adventure game, brightened up by the ridiculous manga styling - presenting evidence during witness testimony in court, with a triumphant text-flash "objection!" explosion. Linear but time-killing.
gamelog  2stars  law  crime  puzzles  lies  death  mysteries 
february 2007 by kevan
Guys And Dolls (1955)
How man's perceived free will is really just subservience to women, to small-time gangsters who talk without using contractions, and to die rolls.
filmlog  3stars  music  crime  dice  love  money  police  lies  religion 
february 2007 by kevan
Arabesque (1966)
Decent double-crossing hieroglyph-translating mystery nonsense, feeling a lot like randomly shuffled Hitchcock scenes, but with an endearing gimmick of shooting bits of scenes through mirrors and lenses. And an excellently bored villain.
filmlog  3stars  mysteries  language  lies 
february 2007 by kevan
Nintendo Wii Fake Error Message Prank
"The Wii Remote has been immersed in liquid. Remove it to continue." From an idle thought about the tricks you could play with the Wii browser. Not very convincing, but it doesn't really need to be.
creations  illusions  lies  wii  technology 
january 2007 by kevan
The Lion In Winter (1968)
Back-and-forth lineage politics at an anachronistic 12th century Christmas, with everyone complimenting their enemies on how good they are at it. Some great lines of dialogue, and a lot of wonderfully bad.
filmlog  3stars  history  politics  france  lies  children 
january 2007 by kevan
The Long Goodbye (1973)
Pillar-to-post detective work, the sliders for both "decade" and "mood" set at proportional values between Bogart and The Big Lebowski, although Gould has some nice touches of timelessness.
filmlog  2stars  mysteries  crime  money  lies  death  police 
january 2007 by kevan
The West Pier - Patrick Hamilton
The idle, experimental corruption of innocence by a blankly emotionless Hamilton protagonist, back and forth along the seafront at Brighton. Oddly over-explanatory and first-draft feeling, falling towards an inevitably disheartening end, but it works.
booklog  brighton  money  love  lies  illusions  piers  via:holly 
january 2007 by kevan
Nothing Sacred (1937)
Weak screwball comedy that never really gets going, with an uncomfortable attempt at comedy domestic violence, and a generally weird and morbid attitude throughout, with a radium-poisoned girl being the toast of New York for being so "doomed".
filmlog  2stars  news  pestilence  secrets  lies  love  death 
december 2006 by kevan
Car owners can fake it with add-on luxury emblems -
"Mercedes owners can buy the lettering indicating their cars are the high-end AMG version for about $65 at a dealer's parts department. Chrysler 300 owners who want their cars to mimic the Hemi-powered 300C can buy the insignia for about $12.50."
transport  hacking  illusions  lies 
november 2006 by kevan
Sullivan's Travels (1941)
A film director trying to experience enough poverty to feel justified in making films about it. Endlessly and easily drawn back to the comfort of Hollywood, the looping plot keeps coming back on stranger and darker levels.
filmlog  3stars  films  money  meta  depression  society  illusions  lies 
november 2006 by kevan
Croupier (1999)
Convincingly authentic-feeling glimpse of the mechanics of the casino, chips pitilessly raked off of tables. Spoiledby a leaden and entirely superfluous voiceover, though, and a random ending is still annoying, even if you do draw smug gambling parallels.
filmlog  3stars  money  writing  secrets  lies  coincidences 
october 2006 by kevan
Small Crimes in an Age of Abundance - Matthew Kneale
Short stories pivoting around tiny, bad decisions. Unsurprising twists and something of an air of stapled-together leftovers that Kneale had knocking around, but the writing's good, the viewpoint omnisciently unjudgemental.
booklog  crime  secrets  lies  coincidences  drugs  medicine  police  writing  pestilence  terrorism 
october 2006 by kevan
Thank You for Smoking (2005)
Neatly hitting a series of tobacco-lobby set-pieces. A bit disconnected, but somehow blandly and inevitably seamless at the same time. The vague idea of the Departments of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms acting as supervillain team is great, though.
filmlog  3stars  cigarettes  advertising  lies  politics 
september 2006 by kevan
The Escapist - "I'm Evil" - Confessions of an Online Guerilla Marketer
A slightly made-up-sounding interview. "I always have several accounts. [...] If several people are talking about a certain 'something special' and how awesome it is, it seems more popular than it really might be."
camrad  advertising  interviews  web  lies  illusions 
september 2006 by kevan
A fake, sealed Prada boutique left to decay in the middle of nowhere. "The work will be located on the outskirts of Valentine, Texas near Marfa on desolate ranching land with no other visible trace of civilisation."
art  shops  dereliction  lies  via:wmmna 
august 2006 by kevan
Gruntled Center: How to Raise Critical Thinkers
"Lights outs, beloved; research has shown that sleep-deprived children develop tails." I've always been irked by people who lie spuriously to their children as a joke, but this gives a good argument in favour of it.
children  education  lies  via:brendan 
july 2006 by kevan
badscience » Ka-Boom! Science! COOL!!?!
The fake science of Brainiac. "The sheer volume of water then totally drowned out the thermal shock-wave I was expecting to shatter the bath. This was an expensive filming day. [...] They could not go home empty handed."
science  television  lies  cheating 
july 2006 by kevan | How parents lie to get their children into church schools
"To get her husband to come to church with her, Tara worked out how much money they would save on private school fees, divided by the number of times they had to go to church, and showed him the sum saved with each church visit."
education  religion  money  lies 
july 2006 by kevan
Forging Ahead in Moscow - Los Angeles Times
"International experts say that 12% of the pharmaceutical drugs in Russia are counterfeits. In one recent study, a large proportion of the headache remedies surveyed contained no active ingredients at all."
business  lies  cheating  art  medicine  via:hoaxes 
july 2006 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited Film | The counterfeit Kubrick
Observer article on Alan Conway from 1999. "If Kubrick did not want to exist in public, then somebody had to invent him."
films  lies  delusions  money 
june 2006 by kevan
Colour Me Kubrick (2005)
Extravagant biopic of Alan Conway, exploring how far and loudly you can take the faking of an eccentric recluse, although the all-pervading campness gets a bit wearying. Flabbergasting appearance by Jim Davidson as an effete light entertainment star.
filmlog  4stars  films  lies  money  delusions 
june 2006 by kevan
The Life and Opinions of Andrew Rilstone: Notes from a parallel universe - Ten things I learned by reading the Daily Express
"But the three terms are three more ideological code-words. 'Bobby' is nostalgic and affectionate: it doesn't mean 'policeman', but 'good, old-fashioned police-man on a bike who knows the names of local people'."
news  lies  delusions  psychology  politics  via:lmg 
june 2006 by kevan
Independent > Bush 'planted fake news stories on American TV'
"The public obviously expects their news reports are going to be based on real reporting and real information. If they are watching an advertisement for a company or a government policy, they need to be told."
news  advertising  politics  lies  camrad 
may 2006 by kevan
Bringing Up Baby (1938)
An alternately breakneck and slowly-circling comedy of mistaken leopard identity. As seems to be traditional, a humourless manipulator loses to a creatively-lying one.
filmlog  3stars  love  cats  lies  bones 
may 2006 by kevan
His Girl Friday (1940)
Cary Grant trying to stop Rosalind Russell from leaving his newspaper, by being charmingly ruthless and lying appallingly at every single opportunity. Strong and snappy characters, and some fun subjectivity-of-the-press scenes.
filmlog  4stars  news  lies  crime  writing 
may 2006 by kevan
Lawsuit: Vet clinic faked dog's death, gave animal away
"A couple who thought they were watching their epileptic dog being euthanized actually witnessed a simple sedation procedure concocted so the veterinary clinic could later give the canine to another owner, they claim in a lawsuit."
dogs  death  lies  medicine  via:hoaxes 
may 2006 by kevan
Advertising Standards Authority - Most complained about ads of 2005
"The other, in tenth place, is a mailing for Channel Five's programme CSI:NY, which was also deemed distressing in its guise as the dossier of a real-life serial murderer with a penchant for victims bearing the same name as the mailing's recipient."
advertising  television  death  camrad  lies 
april 2006 by kevan
Donald Crowhurst - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"He encountered difficulty [and] secretly abandoned the race while reporting false positions, in an attempt to win without actually circling the world. Evidence found after his disappearance indicates that this attempt ended in insanity and suicide."
cheating  lies  sport  death  delusions  water 
march 2006 by kevan
Rashomon (1950)
An intense cast, sharp and modern-feeling shots, a fantastically derelict gate, and a bit too much mad laughter. Less about biased perspective than I was expecting, and more about intentional deception, but the self-deluding reasons are the same.
filmlog  4stars  crime  death  delusions  lies  memory 
march 2006 by kevan
BBC NEWS | UK | Liars 'too self aware to twitch'
"The image of a twitchy nervous liar touching his nose and stroking his hair may itself be a lie, a study says."
lies  psychology  meta 
march 2006 by kevan
Ireland's "Crack" Habit - Explaining the faux Irish pub revolution
"They reinvented the holiday at home to kick-start the tourist season. Now thousands of partiers head to Ireland for the 'St. Patrick's Day Season' as Guinness has called this time of year. (It used to be called 'March' or, for Irish Catholics, 'Lent.')"
ireland  drinks  illusions  construction  lies 
march 2006 by kevan
Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)
Excellent adaptation, of my memory of the book if not the actual book, which seems fitting enough. Maybe a bit light on paranoia and O'Brien, but a strong cast and fantastically austere and bombed-out scenery.
filmlog  4stars  politics  surveillance  history  lies  dereliction  love  war 
march 2006 by kevan
The Torn-Up Credit Card Application
"Could a determined and dexterous criminal gather all the bits, tape them together and apply for a card in my name? Would a credit card company balk when confronted with an obviously resurrected application?" Apparently not.
money  crime  lies  via:waxy 
march 2006 by kevan
Cry_Wolf : The Game
Online, real-time version of Mafia played through some weird AIM interface. Nicely designed, although it does seem to crash a lot.
games  secrets  lies 
february 2006 by kevan
Capote (2005)
Increasingly chilling selfishness as Capote becomes an active part of the story he's researching, with only a few shreds of emotional self-delusion. Brilliant portrayal, and the voice stays at the precise tipping point of over-annoying whininess.
filmlog  4stars  writing  death  love  crime  lies  delusions  history 
february 2006 by kevan
Treehugger: Trends in Japan: Sweets in Disguise
"Many [Japanese men] feel too embarrassed to eat elaborate cakes and the like in public. For men like this, especially middle-aged businessmen, the great thing about the sweets at Mamido's Burger is that they come disguised as fast food."
food  japan  lies 
february 2006 by kevan
badscience » Mobile Phone Stalkers - Ignorance is the opposite of bliss
"They promised that they would tighten up security, and think about getting better consent for tracking people's location than one response to a text message. [That] this technology could be misused in this way had not, apparently, occurred to them."
phones  surveillance  technology  lies 
january 2006 by kevan
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