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NaNoGenMo entry 2018: "Out of Nowhere"
"...a 50,000-word stage play generated from the English example sentences given in late 19th and early 20th century European phrasebooks. Among a cast of seventeen, each character is assigned their own phrasebook and will only use verbatim sentences from it in their speech."
nanogenmo  language  creations 
7 weeks ago by kevan
Order of the Occult Hand - Wikipedia
"The Order of the Occult Hand is a whimsical secret society of American journalists who have been able to slip the meaningless and telltale phrase "It was as if an occult hand had…" in print as a sort of a game and inside joke."
news  secrets  language  hands 
september 2018 by kevan
The N+7 Machine
"The N+7 procedure, invented by Jean Lescure of Oulipo, involves replacing each noun in a text with the seventh one following it in a dictionary."
language  mutation 
september 2018 by kevan
Woman's ancient 'Clameur de Haro' rejected by Guernsey court | Channel - ITV News
"Rosie Henderson adopted the Norman ritual in an attempt to stop road works at Les Echelons. [...] It is described as a cry for justice and involves an aggrieved party, known as the ‘criant’, the alleged ‘wrongdoer’ and two witnesses."
law  history  language  nomic 
august 2018 by kevan
A mysterious 14-year cycle has been controlling our words for centuries - ScienceAlert
"The study suggests that words get a certain momentum, causing more and more people to use them, before reaching a saturation point, where writers start looking for alternatives."
language  science  history 
december 2016 by kevan
IFDB: PataNoir
"The Baron's daughter is missing, and you are the man to find her. No problem. With your inexhaustible arsenal of hard-boiled similes, there is nothing you can't handle."
metaphors  games  language  if 
july 2016 by kevan
The Song of La Palice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Alas! If he wasn't dead / He would be still alive."
death  language  mutation  humour 
april 2016 by kevan
A few key signs betray betrayal | Science News
"[Diplomacy players] who were excessively polite in general were more likely to betray, and people who were suddenly more polite were more likely to become victims of betrayal."
games  psychology  language  lies 
august 2015 by kevan
Is an Emoji Worth 1,000 Words? | The Marshall Project
"Prosecutors had been reading aloud from a series of chat logs — without mentioning smiley-faces and other emoticons — when Joshua L. Dratel, a lawyer for the defense, argued that emoticons were significant and should be entered into the evidentiary record."
law  internet  language 
february 2015 by kevan
Thomson & Craighead | The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order, 2010 on Vimeo
"'The Time Machine in alphabetical order' is a complete rendition of the 1960s film version of HG Wells novella re-edited by Thomson & Craighead into alphabetical order from beginning to end."
films  time  language 
june 2014 by kevan
Translating Lorem Ipsum « LRB blog
"Bits of it have surprising power: the desperate insistence on loving and pursuing sorrow, for instance, that is cheated out of its justification – an incomplete object that has been either fished for, or wished for."
language  mutation  via:matthew 
march 2014 by kevan
Gamasutra - 'Beating' games around the world
"'Beat' is probably an American conceit, rooted in our capitalistic, competitive culture. My English friends say they 'finished' a game, or 'completed' it."
games  language  via:minkette 
march 2014 by kevan
600 year old mystery manuscript decoded by University of Bedfordshire professor -
The Voynich. "But already my research shows conclusively that the manuscript is not a hoax, as some have claimed, and is probably a treatise on nature, perhaps in a Near Eastern or Asian language."
history  secrets  mysteries  language 
february 2014 by kevan
Atlas of True Names - British Isles
"The Atlas of True Names reveals the etymological roots, or original meanings, of the familiar terms on today's maps of the World, Europe, the British Isles and the United States."
maps  history  language 
june 2013 by kevan
Dictionary of Numbers, Putting numbers in human terms.
"Dictionary of Numbers searches through the page for numbers it can understand, and when it finds one, adds an inline explanation for that number in human terms."
maths  language  via:danielle 
may 2013 by kevan
Sweden axes new word after Google intervenes - The Local -
"Among the words that Swedes had begun using in 2012 was "ogooglebar" ('ungoogleable'). [...] Google wanted the council to specify that the word's definition only covered searches performed using Google, and not searches involving other search engines."
web  language 
march 2013 by kevan
Follow My Logic? A Connective Word Takes the Lead -
"“So” may be the new “well,” “um,” “oh” and “like.” No longer content to lurk in the middle of sentences, it has jumped to the beginning, where it can portend many things: transition, certitude, logic, attentiveness, a major insight."
january 2013 by kevan
Online comments hurt science understanding, study finds
"Readers' interpretations of potential risks associated with the technology described in the news article differed significantly depending only on the tone of the manipulated reader comments posted with the story."
science  language  society 
january 2013 by kevan
Flip All The Pronouns – blarg?
"[All] the dialog will now refer to Link as a young woman, rather than as a young man. I think I’ve gotten this right – this was all done directly on the original disk image with a hex editor, so all the changes needed to be the same byte-for-byte length, in-place."
games  language  hacking 
january 2013 by kevan
Ethiopian kids hack OLPCs in 5 months with zero instruction | DVICE
"We left the boxes in the village. Closed. Taped shut. No instruction, no human being. I thought, the kids will play with the boxes! Within four minutes, one kid not only opened the box, but found the on/off switch. He'd never seen an on/off switch. He powered it up. Within five days, they were using 47 apps per child per day. Within two weeks, they were singing ABC songs [in English] in the village. And within five months, they had hacked Android."
computers  africa  children  language  hacking  via:zarba 
november 2012 by kevan
The whale that talked : Nature News & Comment
"The beluga’s caretakers had heard what sounded like garbled phrases emanating from the enclosure before, and it suddenly dawned on them that the whale might be imitating the voices of his human handlers."
mammals  language  water 
october 2012 by kevan
Texting error leads to lockdowns at West Hall middle, high schools
"The text, saying "gunman be at west hall today," was received and reported to police around 11:30 a.m. But after police tracked the number, they learned the auto correct feature on the new cellphone changed "gunna" to "gunman.""
phones  language  mutation  illusions 
september 2012 by kevan
The Foreign Language of 'Mad Men' - Benjamin Schmidt - Entertainment - The Atlantic
"Using digitized books, movie subtitles, and tools like the Google Ngram viewer [...] it's possible to write a computer program that looks at every single phrase to see if it really appeared in print in the 1960s."
language  history  television  via:danielle 
march 2012 by kevan
Nagoya University and Fujitsu Develop World's First Technology to Detect Overtrust Situations Based on Voice Pitch and Level : Fujitsu Global
"By combining this technology for detecting situations of overtrust from voices over the phone with the detection of characteristic keywords, Nagoya University and Fujitsu have also developed basic technology for detecting remittance-soliciting phone phishing scams."
phones  surveillance  scams  sound  language 
march 2012 by kevan
How do I cite a tweet?
"Next provide the entire text of the tweet in quotation marks, without changing the capitalization. Conclude the entry with the date and time of the message and the medium of publication (Tweet)."
twitter  news  language 
march 2012 by kevan
Language Log » The unbearable loss of words
"Since aphasics often produce nonsense words without realizing that they aren't real words, one of the goals of therapy is to give the patient feedback on which words are real. But West would often produce bona fide words that were unknown to the therapist."
language  pestilence  via:newsmary 
january 2012 by kevan
Wordnik’s Online Dictionary - No Arbiters, Please -
"Language changes every day, and the lexicographer should get out of the way."
january 2012 by kevan
Lexiv, The Word City Builder
"Build a city using just your words in this innovative puzzle-strategy game where each part of speech has a different effect." It's an Xbox Live Indie Game.
games  language  cities 
january 2012 by kevan
More Mixed Language Scams Making the Rounds on Facebook - Softpedia
"The first window has the purpose of training the user to click on 'Jaa' which means 'share' in Finnish, but also 'yes' in informal English. The second window is a real Facebook share dialog intentionally displayed in Finnish to confuse users about its true purpose."
language  scams  illusions 
december 2011 by kevan
Talk-o-Meter shows, how much everybody is talking.
"The iPhone is placed between two people having a conversation and learns to separate the two voices. At intervals of 1, 2 or 5 minutes you see different lengths of red and blue bars that show what percentage of time each speaker was talking."
november 2011 by kevan
Siri Meets Eliza |
"Despite their 45-year age difference and two-million-fold disparity in RAM, I thought they understood each other remarkably well."
language  simulation 
october 2011 by kevan
Wackywriting and the cult of Innocent | ABC Copywriting blog
"In my view, wackywriting has its roots in the sort of language used by some middle-class parents to their young children: jolly, zany and childlike, but with a colder undercurrent of authority, judgement and passive aggression."
advertising  language  psychology  via:minkette 
october 2011 by kevan
BBC News - How can birds teach each other to talk?
"So the [escaped] pet bird begins to say things it's been taught by its owner and the rest of the flock learns and starts speaking too, to mimic the pet bird."
birds  language  australia 
september 2011 by kevan
Language at risk of dying out – the last two speakers aren't talking | World news | The Guardian
"It is not clear whether there is a long-buried argument behind their mutual avoidance, but people who know them say they have never really enjoyed each other's company."
language  death  society 
april 2011 by kevan
Word Cloud: How Toy Ad Vocabulary Reinforces Gender Stereotypes | The Achilles Effect
"If a word was repeated multiple times in one commercial, I included it multiple times to show how heavily these words are used."
language  advertising  children  toys  via:minkette 
april 2011 by kevan
PsycNET - Tuning in to psychological change
"Linguistic analyses of the most popular songs from 1980–2007 demonstrated changes in word use that mirror psychological change. Over time, use of words related to self-focus and antisocial behavior increased, whereas words related to other-focus, social interactions, and positive emotion decreased."
music  history  psychology  language  via:bengoldacre 
april 2011 by kevan
WORDOID - Creative Naming Service
Generating English-sounding words for domain names, "preferably with as little Google search results as possible".
web  language  random 
march 2011 by kevan
Count of Lovecraft’s Favorite Words – Cthulhu Chick
"The only big surprises were 'squamous,' which only appears once in an original story - The Dunwich Horror - and 'unutterable,' which only appeared 13 times."
language  books  monsters  via:zarba 
march 2011 by kevan
Previously, On The X-Files -- Mulder's Big Adventure
"A random image generator that uses Markov chains and ImageMagick to construct semi-coherent bits of random X-Files dialogue, based on community transcripts."
television  random  language  via:brendan 
january 2011 by kevan
'New York Times' Bans the Word 'Tweet' - The Awl
"One test is to ask yourself whether people outside of a target group regularly employ the terms in question."
twitter  language  news  via:blech 
june 2010 by kevan
Badgers in Pimlico
"Type in any word to see which [London Underground] stations do not contain its letters." Proof that the St-Johns-Wood-Mackerel Conjecture still holds true in 2010.
london  tube  language  via:qwghlm 
march 2010 by kevan
A Common Nomenclature for Lego Families by Giles Turnbull - The Morning News
"Six-year-old Raimi often builds spaceships, but has never referred to the pieces by name, until prompted by his father - at which point he revealed that he possessed names for all of them in his head."
lego  language 
november 2009 by kevan - Scannergram
Seeing that some good potential mechanics were being neglected in Bananagrams, Holly and I remembered that we were game designers, and came up with a different game on the same "grid of Scrabble tiles" basis. Here are the rules.
games  language  creations 
september 2009 by kevan
Online Dating Advice: Exactly What To Say In A First Message « OkTrends
"Our program looked at keywords and phrases, how they affected reply rates, and what trends were statistically significant." [...] "The worst 6 words you can use in a first message are all stupid slang."
language  love  via:waxy 
september 2009 by kevan
A Linguistic Big Bang
"Most of the [deaf] children arrived in Managua with only a limited repertory of mimicas. But once the students were placed together, they began to build on one another's signs. [...] A new language had begun to bloom."
language  children  hands 
may 2009 by kevan
Harvard Sentences
"From the appendix of: IEEE Subcommittee on Subjective Measurements IEEE Recommended Practices for Speech Quality Measurements. IEEE Transactions on Audio and Electroacoustics. vol 17, 227-46, 1969."
language  sound  via:zarba 
april 2009 by kevan
4chan Memes, circa 1889 / Justin Mason's Weblog
"When a disputant was desirous of throwing a doubt upon the veracity of his opponent, and getting summarily rid of an argument which he could not overturn, he uttered the word Quoz, with a contemptuous curl of his lip, and an impatient shrug of his shoulders."
language  history  via:waxy 
march 2009 by kevan
Tourists miss out on town of Eu as it does not appear on web searches - Times Online
"Type Eu into a French search engine and you are more likely to get the past participle of the verb avoir, to have, than the estimable château, hotels, restaurants and gardens of the ancient royal borough. For English surfers, Eu predictably retrieves a long list of European Union websites." [...] "Now Marie-Françoise Gaouyer, the Mayor of Eu, wants to add extra syllables to make the town more internet-visible."
tourism  web  language  france 
march 2009 by kevan
362 - Greek To Me: Mapping Mutual Incomprehension « Strange Maps
"When a Hellenophone has trouble understanding something, his or her preferred languages of reference, as far as incomprehension is concerned, are Arabic and Chinese. And while for Arabs the proverbial unintelligible language is Hindi, for Chinese it’s the language of Heaven."
language  via:joh 
march 2009 by kevan
Eventyr: Misheard and Misunderstood
Jabberwocky through speech recognition. "It was bullied and the slightly toes / If you are in demand in the wake: / Augmented by the broke Graves, / On the Monmouth upgrade."
poetry  language  mutation  sound 
february 2009 by kevan
Life Lexicon (Introduction)
Jargon for Conway's Game of Life. "Noah's ark [was] found by Charles Corderman in 1971. The name comes from the variety of objects it leaves behind: blocks, blinkers, beehives, loaves, gliders, ships, boats, long boats, beacons and block on tables."
simulation  emergence  language 
november 2008 by kevan
How you can help to save some cherished words from oblivion - Times Online
"Endangered words must appear at least six times in Collins’s corpus, a database that records word usage in printed, broadcast and online media. Compilers will discount any references to words if they appear in articles about the campaign to save them."
language  books  writing 
september 2008 by kevan
The Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den
"The essay is 93 words long. Since every word is pronounced alike (except the tone), the entire essay becomes utterly unreadable in Mandarin."
china  poetry  sound  language 
july 2008 by kevan
Lifemanship - Stephen Potter
The targets are all straw men, when Potter's handing out the ammunition of intricately unrespondable-to put-downs, but it's a good document of dated class constraints and 1950s social mores. Some good social metagaming strategies.
booklog  psychology  language  games  cheating 
april 2008 by kevan
The Rules of Beeping: Exchanging Messages Via Intentional "Missed Calls" on Mobile Phones
"With the exception of sequences, [all] beeps look alike. To senders and receivers, however, the distinctions among the beeps are surprisingly clear, based on what they know of the situation, the time, and the people involved in the exchange."
phones  language  hacking  society 
february 2008 by kevan
80 Million Tiny Images
"A visualization of all the nouns in the English language arranged by semantic meaning. Each of the tiles in the mosaic is an arithmetic average of images relating to one of 53,463 nouns. [The] proximity of two tiles is given by their semantic distance."
language  art 
january 2008 by kevan
Alex McLean » Blog Archive » ASCII Rave in Haskell
"I've been playing with using words to control the articulation of a physical modelling synthesiser based on the elegant Karplus-Strong algorithm. The idea is to be able to make instrumental sounds by typing onomatopoeic words."
language  music  mutation  via:waxy 
november 2007 by kevan
Letter Hunt
A genius NetHack variant, where killed monsters are put onto a sequential letter rack, and you earn power-ups and healing by completing words.
games  nethack  language  via:leonard 
november 2007 by kevan
Yes Man - Danny Wallace
The usual levels of suspicious narrative form for a comedy-drunken-bet-for-a-publishing-deal book.
booklog  psychology  coincidences  travel  language 
september 2007 by kevan
YouTube - First Video - Show Me the Way (to Go Home)
First video of a spoken-direction project I collaborated on for a Tokyo art exhibition. It's either at the Ginza Art Laboratory or the Koiwa Project Space, I'm not sure which.
creations  art  travel  language  videos  gps 
july 2007 by kevan
Human Brain Cloud: Play
A springy Flash map of word association. "The cloud started with just one word, 'volcano'. All other words were submitted by visitors to this site."
language  flash  via:waxy 
july 2007 by kevan
Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society » Incubus, the Esperanto Film
"For many years, the original print of Incubus was thought to have been lost and all copies destroyed, but the film turned up in Paris 1996 and was re-released on DVD in 2001. According to Salon Magazine, the movie may be cursed."
history  films  language  via:mcios 
july 2007 by kevan
Proppian Fairy Tale Generator v1.0
Using Javascript to automate narratology theory from the 1930s. "Propp argued that all fairy tales were constructed of certain plot elements, which he called functions, and that these elements consistently occurred in a uniform sequence."
language  writing  random  via:mcios 
june 2007 by kevan
French expressions you won't learn at school
"Je te vois venir avec tes gros sabots - Now we are finally getting to the point (literally: 'I see you coming with your big clogs')."
language  france  via:jodi 
june 2007 by kevan
The Book of Dave - Will Self
Alternating between the life of a London cab driver, and the feudal, bucolic, post-apocalyptic culture built around a notebook he left behind. A lot of good idea mappings, and as strong as Great Apes for a near-visibly overlaid alternate London.
booklog  london  future  apocalypse  language  society  children  religion 
may 2007 by kevan
The Believer - The Codex Seraphinianus
"Like a Borges story, this is as much about the quest for knowledge as it is about the knowledge itself. It involves books missing from libraries, lost translations, and people not answering letters."
books  mysteries  language  art  borges  via:warrenellis 
may 2007 by kevan
Brick (2006)
Overlaying film noir onto American high school at a well-judged moment, when everyone's growing up and becoming capable of anything. Nuances of dialogue were wasted on me, though, when my view of American schools is based entirely on films to begin with.
filmlog  3stars  education  drugs  death  love  mysteries  america  language  via:brendan 
march 2007 by kevan
EXCLUSIVE - Waffle House grill cook cheat sheet on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
"The photographs indicate the way in which a cook marks his orders. These secret plate markers allow a Waffle House cook to simultaneously prepare multiple customer orders at once."
food  language  secrets  via:infosthetics 
march 2007 by kevan
Very Small Objects
"I have begun to address these glaring exclusions and oversights by creating a new system of classification to describe and categorize all Very Small Objects, regardless of their origin or composition, within a single comprehensive system."
science  language  nano  via:found 
february 2007 by kevan
Endangered languages encode plant and animal knowledge - New Scientist Environment
"Two [fish], called steelhead trout and cutthroat trout in English, are labelled as being types of salmon in the language of the Halkomelem Musqueam tribe of British Columbia. Genetic analysis has shown that they are in fact of the salmon genus."
language  history  society  secrets 
february 2007 by kevan
Arabesque (1966)
Decent double-crossing hieroglyph-translating mystery nonsense, feeling a lot like randomly shuffled Hitchcock scenes, but with an endearing gimmick of shooting bits of scenes through mirrors and lenses. And an excellently bored villain.
filmlog  3stars  mysteries  language  lies 
february 2007 by kevan
Yingzi - If English was written like Chinese
"Worse yet, the -cuit of biscuit and circuit might be written with the same character (a derivative of kit), and a meaning sought for it - perhaps 'round', since biscuits are round and circuits involve going round. Again, etymologically this is nonsense."
china  language  symbols  writing  via:rodcorp 
february 2007 by kevan
Speak n Spell
"Stumbled across some a set of samples for the Speak & Spell, Speak & Maths and Speak & Read machines. Since I own both a Speak & Spell and a Speak & Maths, and had a bit of time to kill, I decided to make one in Flash."
children  education  flash  language  nostalgia  sound  technology  via:qwghlm 
february 2007 by kevan Beat the winter blues the Velten way
"The Velten Mood induction procedure consists of reading a series of statements which start neutral and get progressively more positive. [It's analogous] to watching a play - you know it is a fiction, [yet] are still emotionally involved in the story."
psychology  language  depression  delusions 
december 2006 by kevan
The Visual Dictionary - a visual exploration of words in the real world.
"The Visual Dictionary is a collection of words in the real world. Photographs of signage, graffiti, advertising, tattoos, you name it, we're trying to catalogue it."
language  photos  graffiti  signs 
november 2006 by kevan
US Presidential Speeches Tag Cloud - Chirag Mehta :
"[This] tag cloud shows the popularity, frequency, and trends in the usages of words within speeches, official documents, declarations, and letters written by the Presidents of the US between 1776 - 2006 AD."
politics  language  america  history  via:holly 
november 2006 by kevan
The Movie Quote Generator
"Listen to them. Children of the random word generator. What music they make." Doubles as a guess-the-film quiz.
creations  films  language  random 
november 2006 by kevan
Girl Shy (1924)
A brilliantly inventive and endless car-stealing, horse-stealing chase scene, towards the end of this. I want to play a silent-film Grand Theft Auto.
filmlog  4stars  depression  love  language  police  transport  via:raven 
october 2006 by kevan
News Sniffer - Revisionista recommended revisions
"Revisionista monitors news websites and detects when articles change. The versions are viewable and the changes are highlighted."
news  politics  language  meta  via:currybet 
october 2006 by kevan
Beam me up Scotty - and misquote me for better effect | Guardian Unlimited Books
"The nearest the fictional detective got to 'elementary' was a single use of the word in [The Crooked Man]. The full phrase was coined 21 years later by PG Wodehouse, in Psmith, Journalist, whose hero tacks on the remainder of the phrase."
language  memetics  history  books 
october 2006 by kevan
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