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Blood & Treasure: Steve Bell interview
"I'm not the sort of cartoonist who does an off the cuff caricature and leaves it at that. [...] It's part appearance, part character, part ideas - so you just sit there in the attic updating the picture of Dorian Gray."
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may 2009 by kevan
Michael Coveney meets comedian Ken Campbell | Stage | The Guardian
An old interview with Ken Campbell, who died at the weekend. "Parrots live for ever and she's nowhere near 10 yet, so she'll live way after me. At least I know my voice will carry on for a bit after I'm gone: 'I'm up 'ere, you're down there!'"
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september 2008 by kevan
Al Jaffee - Mad magazine - Comics - Art - New York Times
"I have this idea, I think it’s a funny idea, but I know you’re not going to buy it. But I’m going to show it to you anyway. And you’re not going to buy it because it mutilates the magazine."
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march 2008 by kevan
This much I know: Ken Campbell, actor-comedian, 65 | Magazine | The Observer
"I asked a medium channelling Laurence Olivier at a seance, 'Sir, you said that the greatest actor of your time was Charlie Chaplin. Who do you think is the greatest living actor now?' He replied, 'Jackie Chan.'"
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november 2007 by kevan
MTV Multiplayer » The Story Behind That "Portal" Song
"We had a choice between [Jonathan Coulton] and Ben Folds and we feel we made the right choice." [...] "[Coulton] can see a future when songs are more important in games. He can even see a day when there are video game musicals."
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october 2007 by kevan
"I'd close World of Warcraft!" MUD creator Richard Bartle on the state of virtual worlds from Guardian Unlimited: Gamesblog
"Players are so used to [walkthroughs] that, faced with some other player offering them a quest, they'd be nonplussed. They'd be more likely to think it was some kind of trick than an enhancement to play (and they'd probably be right!)."
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july 2007 by kevan
Off the Grid interviews Cheapass Games' James Ernest - Joystiq
"My opinion is that story (or the lack of it) is the first thing a new player learns about a game; it's the reason he decides to learn more. I've always thought that with a good hook [you] get a player's attention for long enough to teach him the rules."
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july 2007 by kevan
Current TV UK // Current Event // Flesh Mob
Brief video documentary about April's Flesh Mob zombie walk, interviewing the organisers and following the horde.
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june 2007 by kevan
Paris match | The Observer
"If I went and stood in the indie section of the Virgin megastore, [...] maybe someone would come along and say, 'Ooh, look, it's Jarvis!' If I was really desperate one day and needed to reassure myself that people still knew who I was, I could do that."
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june 2007 by kevan
The New Yorker: Will Wright profile
"I went around my house looking at all my objects, asking myself, 'What's the least number of motives or needs that would justify all this crap in my house?' There should be some reason for everything in my house. What's the reason?"
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november 2006 by kevan
Ballardian: The World of JG Ballard » An Evening with JG Ballard
Transcript. "I see myself as a weatherman. I look at the sky, read the weather - that's all I think I'm doing actually. I can see a storm coming. I think we live in frightening times."
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september 2006 by kevan
The Escapist - "I'm Evil" - Confessions of an Online Guerilla Marketer
A slightly made-up-sounding interview. "I always have several accounts. [...] If several people are talking about a certain 'something special' and how awesome it is, it seems more popular than it really might be."
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september 2006 by kevan
Functional Autonomy » Will Wright Talk @ BAFTA
"Making games is like the scientific method in reverse. A small number of algorithms are meant to generate many possiblities. Games have topology, and that topology has to be as interesting as possible."
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september 2006 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited Arts | Masters of comedy - Mitchell and Webb
"I think we both laugh at people falling on their arses as much as [affects pretentious accent] amusing librettos about Proust! Actually, I've never laughed at an amusing libretto about Proust and I don't think they exist. I take that back."
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august 2006 by kevan
What Do Comedy Writers Know About Games?
Charlie Brooker, Graham Linehan, Simon Pegg and Peter Serafinowicz. "[The] topsoil, as I say, the first thing that the casual observer notices about games, is so adolescent, so male, so boring, so hackneyed, that it's no wonder they're misunderstood."
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june 2006 by kevan
YouTube - Chinese Gold Farmers Preview
"The documentary investigates gaming workshops in China that hire people to play online games like World of Warcraft and lineage. The gaming workers play at least 12 hours a day to produce in-game [commodities] which are sold to American players."
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march 2006 by kevan
The Establishment - The Spiggott - Chris Morris Interview
Working with Peter Cook on the Why Bother recordings. "Yeah, that was the staggering thing - hearing fully-formed jokes just coming out. And that gave the lie to the impression that by the end he was a sack of useless old potatoes. He was not."
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february 2006 by kevan
Clive Gateway to the Video Section
Clive James interviewing people on a minicam in his library; including Jonathan Miller, Terry Gilliam, Julian Barnes. "[The guests] didn't seem to mind that there was no basket of fruit in the dressing room, or even that there was no dressing room."
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january 2006 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | The elf of Epping Forest
Ken Campbell. "Parrots live for ever and she's nowhere near 10 yet, so she'll live way after me. At least I know my voice will carry on for a bit after I'm gone: 'I'm up 'ere, you're down there!'"
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november 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited Sport | Wanna piece of this?
Interview with a chessboxer. "After a boxing round your heart will be beating, your adrenaline goes up and it's very difficult to concentrate on a chessboard. The first chess-boxing test that we ever did, I just gave away my queen immediately."
chess  games  sport  interviews 
november 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | The ideas interview - Edward Castronova
"I think the smart thing for the US state department to do today is build [an MMORPG] about Islam but make it a democracy. And set it up so that every 16-year-old from Morocco to Pakistan can go into that world when they get a computer."
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september 2005 by kevan
Time Out Film: Simon Pegg interviews George A Romero
"SP: There's a great guy in 'Day' who's got a pinny on and gloves, like he was bitten when he was washing up. In that one detail there's a great little tragic story." "GR: In the remake of 'Dawn' everybody's in Nikes and jeans."
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september 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | Devil in a blue dress - Julia Davis Interview
"She doesn't talk about her work in a way that tries to sell it to you, even in a subtle, I'm-not-blowing-my-own-trumpet-but-this-might-raise-a-smirk, Ricky Gervais-style. She talks about it as if you [...] happened to ask how her day had been."
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august 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited Gamesblog: Games are the new pub
EIEF panel discussion on sociability in MMOGs. "Some of the development companies focus on Human-Computer interaction. I think that's so 20th century. We need to focus on the human-to-human interaction."
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august 2005 by kevan The CNBC Effect
The psychology of the metaphors of stock-market commentary. "If it starts moving up, it's a toad. If it moves down, it's probably a rock. Evolution built into our brains that things that move up are alive. Things moving down don't provide that cue."
psychology  language  money  business  brains  interviews 
august 2005 by kevan - Sweet inspiration
Flimsy interview with a fortune-cookie writer, who mentions stealing some from email chain-letters. "Never mention God, avoid sexism, and shy away from predicting the future."
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june 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | Oliver Burkeman: is Melvyn Bragg dumbing down?
"In Our Time began in 1998, when the newly minted peer was fired from Start The Week. [...] He migrated to Thursday mornings, which were, he recalls, 'the death slot ... you couldn't get anybody to listen. I thought, sod it: what have I got to lose?'"
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june 2005 by kevan
GameSpy: Breakfast with Will Wright
"I'm uncollecting. I buy collections on eBay, and I disperse them out to people again. I have to be like an entropic force to collectors, otherwise all of this stuff will get sorted. It's like the opposing force, uncollectors."
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may 2005 by kevan
Divided Kingdom by Rupert Thomson
Microsite for the book; the first chapter, an interview, some background, a faintly ridiculous quarter-assignation quiz (I'm phlegmatic). He mentioned at his book reading that they'd be putting some excised extracts up, at some point.
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april 2005 by kevan
Activism for the Mind: Reclaiming Our Cerebral Commons
"I think that it's fair to say that most people in Australia and in Canada and in the well developed countries of the world, we are literally growing up in this electronic environment and we haven't quite learned how to negotiate that environment."
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march 2005 by kevan
Times Online: Relative Values - Edward and Caspar de Bono
"Though [my father's] surroundings look chaotic, his life is very structured. His flat is filled with piles of stuff, but on top of each is a white tile with a number, rating it in importance."
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march 2005 by kevan
rodcorp: How we work: J.G. Ballard
"I try to write about 1,000 words a day in longhand and then edit it very carefully later before I type if out. I have been known to stop in the middle of a sentence sometimes when I've reached my limit."
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february 2005 by kevan Interviews - Malcolm Gladwell
"When we cannot explain our unconscious desires, we simply make up a story, and the story has no necessary connection to the truth. It simply is the most plausible explanation we can come up with at the time."
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february 2005 by kevan
AlterNet: The Food Detective
Michael Pollan interview; the tentacles of GM corn in America. "If you look at a fast-food meal, a McDonald's meal, virtually all the carbon in it - and what we eat is mostly carbon - comes from corn."
food  genetics  birds  politics  interviews  plants 
february 2005 by kevan
Interview with Tom Fruin
Mention of an eight-year attempt to build a deck of found cards. "The 7 of spades was folded and in the center of a sidewalk on a deserted street... I knew it was the final card before I touched it."
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february 2005 by kevan
The Onion A.V. Club | Will Wright Interview
"It surprised me that no one had ever done a game about ants, and I kept waiting and waiting, and they never did. So it felt like something that I had to do, because I wanted to play it."
games  interviews  ants  society  cities 
february 2005 by kevan
The Register: Interview with a link spammer
Perhaps it's more script kiddies, than generic spambots and manual life-pod slaves. "It could be argued that a website owner is actually inviting content to their site when they allow comments."
spam  interviews  cheating  money  programming 
february 2005 by kevan
Cabinet Magazine Online - By The Numbers: An Interview with William L. Bird, Jr.
"But the decline of paint by numbers also has to do with changing cultural values; eventually, our notion of "authenticity" totally rejected this kind of allegedly assembly line, cookie-cutter activity."
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november 2004 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | Interview with Eddie Izzard
"'There are transvestite parts, but they're all small cameo, weirdo, probably dies 20 minutes in. It used to be gay and lesbian people would kill themselves. Now they can survive, but transgender people are still hanging themselves 20 minutes in."
films  interviews  izzard 
october 2004 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | Interview with Jon Snow
"What we need is to be told by one other human being with a pair of eyes what it's like to be at this place where things are happening. [...] We are deluging people with information, but no insight, no human connection. This is anti-communication."
eyes  interviews  news 
october 2004 by kevan
The Age : On Ya Trolley
"All trolley collectors have this dream that they're chasing them down the street." Interview with a lost-supermarket-trolley hunter. (Why are all Australian hunters called Steve?)
australia  interviews  shops 
july 2004 by kevan
generation5 - Interview with Al Biles
"I think that GAs are a terrific approach to searching large, ill-defined spaces, in this case the space of 'nice' melodic ideas."
emergence  evolution  interviews  music 
july 2004 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited Books | The spice of life
Interview with the still-alive J P Donleavy. "I knew I had to write a book that was the best in the world. It was as simple as that."
books  interviews  writing 
june 2004 by kevan
My Meeting With A Nanniebot Writer
Full transcripts of the recent NewScientist chat, with ALICE responses for comparison.
hoaxes  interviews  lies 
june 2004 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited Books | Age of unreason
Ballard interview. "The chief role of the universities is to prolong adolescence into middle age, at which point early retirement ensures that we lack the means or the will to enforce significant change."
ballard  books  interviews  society  terrorism 
june 2004 by kevan
Morrissey interview - Les Inrockuptibles, May 19, 2004 translation
On MP3s:- "How can you love a record that arrives so easily? [...] Even if music was my only love, it was a permanent fight to get it into my arms."
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june 2004 by kevan
The New Yorker: The Squid Hunter
A journalist joins Steve O'Shea as he builds and deploys a Coke-bottle giant squid trap (to catch paralarvae; baby architeuthis). Excellent interview and history.
interviews  squid 
may 2004 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Attention to detail
Gallery of Stephen Gill photos; people lost in London. Jon Ronson interviews. "He is standing outside the British Museum, just off Russell Square, but the look in his eyes takes me back to the Kalahari."
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may 2004 by kevan
BBC Listen Again : Routemasters (1/5) - link only good for one week
History of transport-related design; this week, roadsigns. The importance of a good font, the argument over upper/lower case, and an interview with Margaret Calvert, who designed many of the still-in-use symbols.
design  fonts  interviews  radio  symbols  traffic  transport 
may 2004 by kevan
"Somebody has to be me" - Morrissey interview
"Everybody has come from somewhere else and belongs somewhere else, and quite rightly so."
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april 2004 by kevan

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