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Beaverton couple brings board game museum to public
"Featuring a collection of more than 1,600 games, ongoing exhibits related to gaming culture and history — and a play area where members can try an old favorite or previously unexplored game."
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may 2013 by kevan
Wikipedia:Wikipedia Loves Art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Turning public domain photography drudgery into a game. "Use the scavenger hunt list provided by Wikipedia (posted soon) to take shots and cross off as many subjects on the list as possible. Upload shots to this group with the correct Creative Commons license required by Wikipedia and we will tally the scores." Includes the V&A.
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january 2009 by kevan
V&A - Touch Me
"Visitors will be able to challenge each other to a game of 'chicken' on the Painstation, play table tennis with a difference on MIT Medialab's PingPongPlus or take part in a human-scale 'PacMan' game using Spacehoppers."
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june 2005 by kevan

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