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» Collision Course: Why This Type Of Road Junction Will Keep Killing Cyclists
"Naturally, as per the conditions of a collision course being signalled by a constant bearing, for any speed of the approaching car there is a speed at which a cyclist will remain obscured by the front pillar almost until the point of impact."
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january 2018 by kevan
SkyCycle, proposals to create safe new cycle routes throughout London | News | Foster + Partners
"Following existing suburban railway corridors, a wide, secure deck would be constructed above the trains to create new cycle routes throughout London."
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january 2014 by kevan
All those helmets posts in one place | At War With The Motorist
"[Some] detail about why existing research into the efficacy and safety of helmets for cycling does not come close to the standard of evidence that is normally required and which we would usually demand for a medical intervention (which is what they are)."
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august 2012 by kevan

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