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How SAS Became The World's Best Place To Work | Fast Company
Excellent insight on trust and what really matters to drive high performance.
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january 2013 by kerry_dc
Seth Godin: Toward resilience in communication (the end of cc)
"A simple trade-off has to be made: You can’t simultaneously have a wide, open system for communication and also have tight connections and resilience. Open and wide might work great for promoting your restaurant on Twitter, but it’s no way to ensure tight collaboration among the three or four investors who need to coordinate your new menu. "
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january 2013 by kerry_dc
HBR: Conversation Starter: How Intimate Are You?
The root cause of organizational dysfunction is often distance — the
distance between leaders who communicate in a top-down fashion and
employees who develop a sense of estrangement from those leaders.
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june 2012 by kerry_dc
GovLoop: What's the Future of Government Communications? Let's Prognosticate
"How will comms. help senior leaders generate high levels of motivation and
commitment? Will we see less ghost writing/communicating on behalf of execs
for internal comm.? Will we see less memos and other junk in favor of
consolidated and prioritized info based on roles and interests? And how
long before the divide between internal and public web content and social
tool expectations become almost non-existent?"
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june 2012 by kerry_dc

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