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A Letter on Rape in Prisons - The New York Review of Books
Prisoner rape is arguably this country's most serious human rights problem.
news  rape  prisons  USA 
may 2007 by kerim
Dinosaurs may have been a fluffy lot - Sunday Times (UK)
THE popular image of Tyrannosaurus rex and other killer dinosaurs may have to be changed as a scientific consensus emerges that many were covered with feathers.
birds  evolution  science  news  animals  biology  Dinosaurs  sideblog 
september 2005 by kerim
Newseum - The Interactive Museum of News
Interactive map with front pages of newspapers from all over the world.
news  reference  flash  sideblog 
august 2005 by kerim
Bad keystroke leads to $251 million stock buy
A Taiwan stock trader mistakenly bought $251 million worth of shares with a misstroke of her computer keyboard, meaning her company is looking at a paper loss of more than $12 million and she is looking for a new job.
news  funny  sideblog  Taiwan  finance  台灣 
july 2005 by kerim
Mystery of German exploding toads
Toads in an area of northern Germany are being killed off by a mysterious disease - they are exploding.
science  news  sideblog 
may 2005 by kerim

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