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President-elect to apologize to aboriginal people Aug. 1
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january 2016 by kerim
Our Stories - Indigenous Literacy Foundation
Read about great projects that runs in remote Australia to translate books into Indigenous languages
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october 2012 by kerim
Bradshaw Paintings of the North West Kimberley, Australia
The Bradshaw Paintings are incredibly sophisticated, as you will see from the 32 pictures in the Paintings Section, yet they are not recent creations but originate from an unknown past period which some suggest could have been 50,000 years ago. This art f
anthropology  archaeology  australia  aborigines  art  bradshaws 
august 2006 by kerim
Evidence of pre-aboriginal Australians? - TLS Highlights - Times Online
The key to this strange story is the dating of some extraordinarily beautiful prehistoric rock art which was first discovered and described in 1891 by an early settler, Joseph Bradshaw, when he became lost searching for the million-acre lease he had been
anthropology  archaeology  australia  aborigines  art  bradshaws 
august 2006 by kerim
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