Is There Such A Thing As Ballet That Doesn’t Hurt Women?
The fallout from a year of #MeToo forces us to ask how ballet can become less damaging to women and their bodies, and who needs to be included to make that change.
3 hours ago
What Did Ada Lovelace's Program Actually Do?
Lovelace’s program is often called the world’s first computer program. Not everyone agrees that it should be called that. Lovelace’s legacy, it turns out, is one of computing history’s most hotly debated subjects. Walter Isaacson has written that the dispute about the extent and merit of her contributions constitutes a “minor academic specialty.”1 Inevitably, the fact that Lovelace was a woman has made this dispute a charged one. Historians have cited all kinds of primary evidence to argue that the credit given to Lovelace is either appropriate or undeserved. But they seem to spend less time explaining the technical details of her published writing, which is unfortunate, because the technical details are the most fascinating part of the story. Who wouldn’t want to know exactly how a program written in 1843 was supposed to work?

In fairness, Lovelace’s program is not easy to explain to the layperson without some hand-waving. It’s the intricacies of her program, though, that make it so remarkable. Whether or not she ought to be known as “the first programmer,” her program was specified with a degree of rigor that far surpassed anything that came before. She thought carefully about how operations could be organized into groups that could be repeated, thereby inventing the loop. She realized how important it was to track the state of variables as they changed, introducing a notation to illustrate those changes. As a programmer myself, I’m startled to see how much of what Lovelace was doing resembles the experience of writing software today.

So let’s take a closer look at Lovelace’s program. She designed it to calculate the Bernoulli numbers. To understand what those are, we have to go back a couple millennia to the genesis of one of mathematics’ oldest problems.
history  programming  newswire 
2 days ago
Katamari Damacy's Creator Had To Move Mountains To Get His Game Made
Today, Katamari Damacy is one of Bandai Namco’s most beloved series, but when its creator Keita Takahashi was trying to bring his quirky idea to life in the early 2000s, he encountered numerous pitfalls along the way, mostly in the form of bureaucratic red tape. But he persevered and won, as author L. E. Hall describes in this excerpt from her new book Katamari Damacy from Boss Fight Books, available this week.
newswire  video_games 
4 days ago
Stylist Stephanie Thomas makes getting dressed with a disability easier - Vox
Adaptive clothing is hard to find, and the Disability Fashion Styling System wants the industry to make it easier.
newswire  disability 
5 days ago
I’m an Amazon Employee. My Company Shouldn’t Sell Facial Recognition Tech to Police.
The authenticity of the following anonymous op-ed has been verified by Medium’s editorial staff. Our columnist, Trevor Timm, has also interviewed the op-ed’s writer. You can read that here. When a…
newswire  privacy  do_the_right_thing 
5 days ago
A Genocide Incited on Facebook, With Posts From Myanmar’s Military - The New York Times
With fake pages and sham accounts, the military targeted the mostly Muslim Rohingya minority group, said former military officials, researchers and civilian officials.
newswire  social_media 
5 days ago
No, LaCroix Isn’t Poisoning You Like You’re A Giant Cockroach | FiveThirtyEight
Two weeks ago, a hullabaloo broke out over a lawsuit alleging that canned seltzer from LaCroix contains an ingredient found in “cockroach insecticide.” Suddenly…
newswire  science 
5 days ago
Dust Effect on the Performance of Wind Turbine Airfoils - 2010-Psychology-FunFunFun.pdf
Fun type
1 can be described as
, with
large loadings on joking, laughing, talking, and
entertainment, with high scorers describing the
situation as “socializing
with friends”, “hanging
out with friends”, “enjoy, relaxed, excited”, “Be-
ing with friends”, “out with friends”, “socialising
with friends”, “when I’m with the girls”, “board
game with friends “, “drunken sports night with
friends”, and “out with friends”.

Fun type
2 can be labelled as
, with
its loadings on peaceful, warm, relaxed, loving,
caring, and contentment. High scoring situations
were “gardening”, “just being at home”, “went to
Southampton beach”, “being with people I like”,
“swimming”, “with friend, in fave cafe, study”,
“chatting with mates”, “smiley laughing content”,
“swimming in the sea” and “listening to music”.

Fun type
3 can be labelled as
, with
high loadings on focussed, challenged, accom-
plished, absorbed and e
ngrossed, and contains
some sense of a flow state. High scoring situations
included, “acting in a play “, “playing football
with friends”, “working on my GPS tracer pro-
ject”, “winning in a game”, “horse riding”,
“computer games with friends”, “jamming with
friends”, “when I was creating something “,
“when learning something interesting”, “achiev-
ing a goal”, and “racing, mountain, skis, speed”.

Fun type
4 is labelled Sensual, but might also be
labelled romantic or sexual with its loadings on
sensual. lustful, intimate and romantic. Relatively
few participants scored highly on this factor but
amongst those who did the descriptions were
“having sex” (reported by three participants),
“food and good company”, and “spending time
with my boyfriend”.

fun type
5 is readily described as
with loadings on ecstatic, crazy, excited and en-
ergetic. Typical situations were “amusement
parks”, “Exhilarating, ex
citing, unpredictable,
amusing”, “partying, drinking, watching films”,
“going clubbing”, “clubbing with friends”, “ela-
tion euphoria enjoy”, “clubbing”, “pub/clubbing”,
“visiting night clubs”, and “at a rave”.
paper  fun 
7 days ago
An Open Letter to Mayor Durkan’s Innovation Advisory Council
Hi! I know many of you, and you know me. We’ve had lunches and coffees and business meetings. We’ve been to the same events. I’ve been in your homes. We’ve worked together, as volunteers and as…
newswire  seattle 
9 days ago
Silicon Valley’s Equity Gap: Women Own Just 9% – #Angels News – Medium
This past February, we at #ANGELS challenged the tech industry to talk about, measure and fix #TheGapTable. The cap table — the document that records who has ownership in a startup — holds the…
newswire  startup  sexism  capitalism 
9 days ago
Culture shift: What’s behind a decline in drinking worldwide - CSMonitor.com
In many places around the world, drinking alcohol has long been associated with growing up or simply having a good time. But there's growing evidence that is changing.
newswire  alcohol 
12 days ago
The Total Reinvention of Gwen Jorgensen | Outside Online
She won Olympic gold in a sport that chose her. Can she do the same in the one she truly loves?
newswire  sports 
12 days ago
The Positive Death Movement Comes to Life - The New York Times
Death cafes, death doulas, “Ask a Mortician,” DeathLab — once the province of goth subculture, death is having a moment in the sun.
13 days ago
a comparison of functional data structures on the JVM
There are a number of implementations of functional data structures (also called "persistent" or "immutable" data structures), but to date there has been no serious attempt to compare them. Since I am obviously biased with respect to facets like API design, this document will limit itself to more objective properties: implementation details and performance.
jvm  java  functional 
13 days ago
Datasheet pinout extractor from PDF and library Stylizer for Kicad. https://robotips.fr/fr/projet/uConfig
kicad  pcb 
14 days ago
Orthodoxxed! | Online Only | n+1
Even where they exist as departments, fields like gender studies are less institutionalized, more poorly-resourced, and more disadvantaged in hiring, promotion, and funding compared to mainline counterparts like psychology—doubly disadvantaged in the case of even newer fields like fat studies, also targeted in the hoax. They also tend to employ more women, people of color, and LGBTQ people, whose individual marginalization is compounded by the structure of academic institutions. The low impact factor of most of the journals that published the hoaxers’ papers testifies not just to the barrel-scraping to which they were reduced when more prestigious journals rejected them, but also to the struggle their fields face in the broader academic community. This is to be lamented, not celebrated, for these fields do in fact produce valuable and effective scholarship.
science  sokal_squared 
16 days ago
John Carlos, Tommie Smith: 1968 Olympics black power salute | SI.com
Fifty years after their protest in Mexico City, John Carlos and Tommie Smith have endured as symbols of dissent, even as their paths diverged
newswire  social_justice 
17 days ago
Beyond Growth
Imagining an economy based in environmental reality
newswire  economics 
19 days ago
Patagonia Wants You to Vote | Outside Online
Almost 150 companies have agreed to participate, including the nation’s largest private employer—WalMart.
newswire  voting 
22 days ago
The Real Cost of Working in the House of Mouse
How the world’s most famous theme park became a distinctly unmagical place to make a living.
newswire  capitalism 
22 days ago
Facebook Is Giving Advertisers Access to Your Shadow Contact Information
Last week, I ran an ad on Facebook that was targeted at a computer science professor named Alan Mislove. Mislove studies how privacy works on social networks and had a theory that Facebook is letting advertisers reach users with contact information collected in surprising ways. I was helping him test the theory by targeting him in a way Facebook had previously told me wouldn’t work. I directed the ad to display to a Facebook account connected to the landline number for Alan Mislove’s office, a number Mislove has never provided to Facebook. He saw the ad within hours.
newswire  privacy 
22 days ago
Opinion | Brett Kavanaugh and America’s ‘Himpathy’ Reckoning - The New York Times
Rarely has society’s tendency to sympathize with powerful men been so thoroughly on display.
newswire  social_justice  sexism 
22 days ago
The Surprising History (and Future) of Fingerprints
It occurred to me that I knew approximately zilch about how an identity could be apportioned in ten parts, each the size of a petal.
22 days ago
A history of the oxo good grips peeler
Smart Design’s Davin Stowell shares the origin story of the OXO Swivel, one of the great icons of 20th-century industrial design.
newswire  ux 
26 days ago
Scientists Gave MDMA to Octopuses—and What Happened Was Profound
When humans take the drug MDMA, versions of which are known as molly or ecstasy, they commonly feel very happy, extraverted, and particularly interested in physical touch. A group of scientists recently wondered whether this drug might have a similar effect on other species—specifically, octopuses, which are seemingly as different from humans as an animal can be. The results of their experiment, in which seven octopuses took MDMA, were “unbelievable.”
newswire  science  cephalopod 
27 days ago
RANKED: 10 Paintings of Judith Beheading Holofernes | Current Affairs
Today in Current Affairs, we examine an urgent and timely topic: Judith’s beheading of Holofernes! This story comes to us from the Book of Judith, a biblical text about the attempted conquest of Israel by the Assyrians. Judith is a Jewish widow who ingratiates herself with the invading general Holofernes, waits for him to fall asleep, and then hacks his head off and takes it home with her (thus thwarting the entire invasion, because the Assyrians evidently had no Plan B if Holofernes was killed. Solid military strategy, Assyrians.) The Protestants threw the Book of Judith out of their bible on the grounds that it wasn’t recognized as authoritative in the Jewish tradition, but the Catholic and Orthodox churches have retained it on the grounds that it’s metal as hell.

For centuries, “Judith Beheading Holofernes” was a popular subject among European painters who wanted to depict a righteous woman cutting off the head of a brutal man. Before you get too agitated, male readers, please note that #notallmen are getting their heads cut off in the following paintings, just Holofernes. If you identify more with Holofernes than with Judith, that’s definitely something for you to unpack in the privacy of your own head! and not in DMs to us, which we will not read anyway.

So which of these glorious paintings best captures the bloody satisfaction of a local heroine tricking and murdering an invading colonizer? Your Senior Editor, Brianna Rennix, and Amusements Editor, Lyta Gold, have put together the following list for your exclusive enjoyment. These rankings are canonical, and cannot be disputed.*
newswire  art 
27 days ago
ColorBox by Lyft Design
Colorbox is a color tool to produce color sets.
28 days ago
How Complex Systems Fail
(Being a Short Treatise on the Nature of Failure; How Failure is Evaluated; How Failure is Attributed to Proximate Cause; and the Resulting New Understanding of Patient Safety)
systems  newswire 
4 weeks ago
[Essay] Labor's Last Stand | Janus Decision | Harper's Magazine
Having already determined in Citizens United that corporations are people, the Supreme Court decided in May that people, at least working people of vulnerable
newswire  labor 
4 weeks ago
iOS Security
Apple designed the iOS platform with security at its core. When we set out to create the best possible mobile platform, we drew from decades of experience to build an entirely new architecture. We thought about the security hazards of the desktop environment, and established a new approach to security in the design of iOS. We developed and incorporated innovative features that tighten mobile security and protect the entire system by default. As a result, iOS is a major leap forward in security for mobile devices.
Every iOS device combines software, hardware, and services designed to work together for maximum security and a transparent user experience. iOS protects not only the device and its data at rest, but the entire ecosystem, including everything users do locally, on networks, and with key internet services.
iOS and iOS devices provide advanced security features, and yet they’re also easy to use. Many of these features are enabled by default, so IT departments don’t need to perform extensive configurations. And key security features like device encryption aren’t configurable, so users are unable to disable them by mistake. Other features, such as Face ID, enhance the user experience by making it simpler and more intuitive to secure the device.
This document provides details about how security technology and features are implemented within the iOS platform. It will also help organizations combine iOS platform security technology and features with their own policies and procedures to meet their specific security needs.
This document is organized into the following topic areas:
• System security: The integrated and secure software and hardware that are the platform for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
• Encryption and data protection: The architecture and design that protects user data if the device is lost or stolen, or if an unauthorized person attempts to use or modify it.
• App security: The systems that enable apps to run securely and without compromising platform integrity.
• Network security: Industry-standard networking protocols that provide secure authentication and encryption of data in transmission.
• Apple Pay: Apple’s implementation of secure payments.
• Internet services: Apple’s network-based infrastructure for messaging,
syncing, and backup.
• User password management: Password restrictions and access to passwords from other authorized sources.
• Device controls: Methods that allow management of iOS devices, prevent unauthorized use, and enable remote wipe if a device is lost or stolen.
• Privacy controls: Capabilities of iOS that can be used to control access to Location Services and user data.
• Security Certifications and programs: Information on ISO certifications, Cryptographic validation, Common Criteria Certification, and commercial solutions for classified (CSfC).
apple  ios  security 
4 weeks ago
Luck shapes every human life. That has radical moral implications. - Vox
Acknowledging the role of luck is the secular equivalent of religious awakening.
newswire  social_justice 
4 weeks ago
How to Think When You Run - Long Distance Running Tips
Enjoy your runs more and go faster with these tips from an expert on runners’ cognitive strategies
newswire  sports 
4 weeks ago
The real Goldfinger: the London banker who broke the world | News | The Guardian
The true story of how the City of London invented offshore banking – and set the rich free
newswire  economics 
4 weeks ago
An Oral History of Apple's Infinite Loop | WIRED
Apple’s old HQ holds stories of pizza ovens, iPhone secrets, baseball bats, and what happened to Steve Jobs’ office.
apple  history  newswire 
4 weeks ago
Amazon delivery drivers reveal claims of disturbing work conditions - Business Insider
Business Insider spoke with 31 current or recently employed drivers about what it's like to deliver packages for Amazon. Many drivers described a physically demanding work environment in which they felt pressured to drive at dangerously high speeds, blow stop signs, and skip bathroom breaks.
newswire  amazon  labor 
5 weeks ago
Functional Data Structures
This flânerie is a stroll through intermediate data structures and their associated algorithms, from the point of view of functional programming. In brief: we wish to manipulate data in various ways, to extract information or to store information for later retrieval. We want these operations to be efficient in their use of resources (chiefly time and space). The data may be naturally structured, or we may impose structure on it for the sake of efficiency.

This treatment is not intended to be comprehensive; it originated as a set of lecture summaries for a particular course in a particular undergraduate program (as described below), and the selection of topics was influenced by the predecessor and successor courses. It is also not intended as a reference into which one can dip at random; it was designed as a continuous development in which later sections often depend on earlier ones. Sustained engagement, including doing many or most of the exercises, is important for gaining full benefit.
books  functional  programming 
5 weeks ago
Zamiell/hanabi-conventions: A list of Hanabi strategies
Hanabi is a fantastic cooperative card game of logic and reasoning. Our group, started by Hyphen-ated, gets online games going regularly (at the Hanabi Live website). Everything doesn't always go perfectly, but we strive to constantly improve. Naturally, we have also built up a set of conventions that we all agree upon at the beginning of the game so that it is easier to understand what everyone else is doing. As the list of conventions got longer, we wanted to make sure that everything was completely documented in an official capacity.

The purpose of this document is:

To explain the First Principles to brand-new players playing with our group.

Briefing a beginner on every possible strategy would quickly become overwhelming. It is much easier to just describe some guiding principles that everyone agrees upon. Once these are known, a beginner should be able to use logic and reason to derive (most of) the resulting strategy that their teammate is intending.

To serve as a reference for intermediate and expert players of our group.

Based on the guiding principles, we have come up with many different strategies. It is helpful to give specific names to each strategy to aid in both discussion and comprehension. If you know the general way we play but don't know about a specific kind of move, then you can look it up in this document.

If you have found your way here from the Internet and are not a part of our group already, then welcome! You can use this document to cherry-pick strategies for your own group, or even adopt the whole convention framework if you want. We enjoy talking to other Hanabi players, so make sure to say hi in the Hanabi Discord server as well. (Discord is a voice and text chat application that you can run in a browser.)

Note that while Hanabi is a 2 to 5 player game, our group generally only plays games with 3 to 5 players, since 2-player games can be quite boring. Thus, this document doesn't really apply to 2-player games; separate conventions are probably necessary for optimized play in that game type.
5 weeks ago
House Passes Bill to Reclassify Dozens of Offenses as 'Crimes of Violence' - Hit & Run : Reason.com
Opponents say the bill, rushed to the floor without a hearing, would dangerously expand what's considered an "aggravated offense."
newswire  politics 
5 weeks ago
Not Just Kid Stuff: Becoming Gendered - Council on Contemporary Families
The Society Pages (TSP) is an open-access social science project headquartered in the Department of Sociology at the University of Minnesota
newswire  sexism 
5 weeks ago
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