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The Waterfall methodology was a historic accident and they knew it | Hacker News
"What’s not so obvious is that a surprisingly small portion of what people think of as a software project is actually about software development.

Interacting with 3rd parties, writing contracts, hiring developers, planning how your project interacts with other projects and the wider organization, responding to regulations and external enquiries, managing the demand for certainty from stakeholders, obtaining funding, maintaining financial control..."

HN discussion of waterfall blog post, user jl6 nails it
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5 weeks ago by keithpeter
Early paper on the software implementation process reveals an understanding of need for iteration
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5 weeks ago by keithpeter - My time with Rails is up
"It took me few days to add this stupid link. Why? The app was a big ball of complex domain logic scattered across multiple layers with view templates so complicated, it wasn’t even simple to find the right template where the link was supposed to be added. Since I needed some data in order to create that link, it wasn’t obvious how I should get it."

Round and round the mulberry bush...
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may 2016 by keithpeter
A Conversation With Erik Spiekermann
"There are physical limitations as to certain size. It’s nice to read 10 words a line, 50 to 60 characters. This is science. This is not me. This is something that we like, the way our eyes move in little segments. There are physical limitations to our eyes: the curvature of our eyeballs, the space we have in front of us, the distance from the eyes. That’s human, and no machine can ever change that."

This guy gets it
january 2016 by keithpeter
FX MathPack - FX Draw, FX Equation, FX Graph, FX Stat
Shape and Space coming soon. I'm about to see if this lot will work under wine...
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february 2011 by keithpeter
Academic reference management software for researchers | Mendeley
Available as a standalone desktop application as well as the cloud based account. Need to check this one out as it is brower agnostic unlike Zotero. Installs plug in for OpenOffice and a bookmarklet for whatever browser you use. Doesn't seem to import all the data from e.g. copac though
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july 2010 by keithpeter
IntelliCAD unlimited version from ProgeCAD
IntelliCAD was orphaned wheb Microsoft bought the company that made Visio graphics. The IntelliCAD source code was made available through a licensing body, and a number of campanies make improved products based on that code. Progesoft distribute a free unlimited version, which is greatly appreciated. Review soon.
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february 2010 by keithpeter

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