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Apple Plans Smartwatch and Larger iPhones -
Apple has teamed up with American Express, MasterCard and Visa to support the payment system, said several people involved in the partnerships. With the deal, these people said, iPhone owners will be able to use their devices as a sort of digital wallet, improving their ability to pay for items at select partner merchants without handing over cash or a credit card. Along with these partnerships, the abundance of new NFC-enabled iPhones could jump-start mobile payment, which has so far failed to gain traction among American consumers. Google, for instance, released a digital wallet in 2011 that has achieved little success. And Isis — a mobile wallet backed by three major American phone carriers, which was renamed Softcard this week — never caught on either. Some analysts think Apple’s entrance into the world of mobile payment will make all the difference.
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september 2014 by keithbaumwald
Mobile Payments to Rise 40% This Year, Juniper Research Finds - Press Release - Digital Journal
A new report from Juniper Research has found that the value of global payments via mobile devices will reach around $507 billion this year, a rise of nearly 40% year-on-year. The report -- Mobile Payment Strategies: Remote, Contactless & Money Transfer 2014-2018 -- found that growth would continue to be driven by purchases of physical goods via mobile devices. Average transaction sizes over tablets are already exceeding those via desktop PCs in many markets. It also observed that while spend via smartphones was increasing sharply, their primary function in retail was as search and discovery devices with the final purchase being made on the tablet.
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Intuit Launches Mobile Payments Pilot in the U.K. -
ntuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU) has launched a pilot programme in the U.K., giving small businesses an easy, secure and inexpensive way to accept card payments anywhere. Intuit Pay, from the makers of QuickBooks, is being tested by hundreds of small businesses in the U.K., and includes a free mobile app with a low-cost chip and PIN card reader.

Intuit Pay gets small businesses paid on the spot so they never miss a sale. (Photo: Business Wire)

Intuit Pay is ideal for both brick-and-mortar businesses and those on the go – from tradesmen to taxis, and from markets to manufacturers. It allows small businesses to get paid on the spot so they never miss a sale. Businesses in the pilot can use Intuit Pay to accept credit or debit card payments in two easy ways:
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Vodafone and Visa announce mobile payments app for Android-toting Aussies
Sometime next year, Vodafone subscribers in Australia can expect to taste the sweet fruit of mobile payments, which comes thanks to the carrier's partnership with Visa. Computerworld Australia reports that Vodafone SmartPass is currently being tested on Android phones in the land down under, which relies on an NFC-enabled SIM card. It's also said that the carrier plans to introduce a Windows Phone app, although it has no intention of developing a solution for iOS, which is due to the iPhone's lack of NFC.
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november 2012 by keithbaumwald
Isis Mobile Payments Set For Oct. 22 Launch in Salt Lake City, Austin | Gadget Lab |
Back in May, the plan was for Isis — a joint venture between Verizon, AT&T;, T-Mobile — to launch during the summer. But in September, things were officially put on hold. As has always been the plan, though, Isis’ initial rollout will be limited to a few hundred retailers in Salt Lake City and Austin.

Major retail chains such as 7-Eleven, Foot Locker, McDonald’s, Macy’s, The Home Depot, Jamba Juice and Coca-Cola (for use in its vending machines) have all said they will accept Isis payments, but its unclear whether or not they’ll be part of the launch. American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa have all announced that they’ll accept payments made through Isis.
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october 2012 by keithbaumwald
My Walletless Month: Happier, Healthier and Ready to Ditch Cash Forever | Gadget Lab |
How long before we could get by using just our smartphones as our wallets? How long before we could ditch that fat piece of folded leather stuffed to the breaking point with credit cards, IDs, transit passes, cash, and printed coupons? How long before we could rely on just apps and NFC? Has the day already arrived? For the past month, I’ve been trying to find out.?log=out
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october 2012 by keithbaumwald
Square: Jack Dorsey’s payments firm is Silicon Valley’s next great company. - Slate Magazine
f you study Square’s products and its pricing, and if you talk to Dorsey about his plans, you’ll find that the company’s real mission is to alter the psychology of consumption. Dorsey is bent on creating frictionless commerce. His long-term goal is to make accepting payments a breeze for businesses, and he wants to make paying for stuff invisible—for everyone, across the entire economy, for all types of goods and services. If Square succeeds in that mission, it will become a persistent, ever-present part of our daily lives. You’ll use it every time you engage with businesses—which might mean you’ll interact with Square more often than Google, Facebook, Amazon, or even Apple.
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MasterCard Ties Up With T-Mobile For NFC Mobile Payments In Europe | TechCrunch
The tie-up between MasterCard and T-Mobile is one of the bigger partnerships, but it’s not the first to see a carrier looking to do more in mobile payments. Vodafone has tied up with Visa; T-Mobile USA has a deal with Square; AT&T; and Verizon both work with Intuit, and in Sweden Telia and iZettle are tied up, with “many more to come,” predicts Thomas Husson, an analyst with Forrester Research.

Angel Dobardziev and Eden Zoller, analysts at Ovum, also note these tie-ups address the problems of huge fragmentation that will need to be resolved before mobile payments have any hope of growing
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july 2012 by keithbaumwald
Report: Payleven, A European Square From Rocket Internet, Gets Funding From NEA, Holzbrinck, Ru-Net | TechCrunch
Like Square and iZettle, Payleven is largely aimed at merchants and others who have not had the facilities to process card payments at the point of sale. While Square and iZettle have spent a lot of resources encouraging merchants to sign on to their platform, Rocket Internet has a portfolio of other operations that could serve as a very immediate route to customers for Payleven’s dongles: take-out food companies (FoodPanda) and private accommodation (for its Airbnb clone Wimdu) among them.

Also, it should be pointed out that although the Samwers’ are often dismissed as clone makers, they have continued to attract not only customers, but investment and partnerships with established players. Across the markets where Payleven is already in business, it has deals with MasterCard, American Express and Eurocard (Germany) and AmEx, Diners’ Club, MasterCard and Visa (Brazil). Their Wimdu venture has had $110 million in backing so far, Deutsche Startups points out.
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june 2012 by keithbaumwald
iZettle begins testing its mobile payment service in the UK
After pretty much conquering Nordic markets, iZettle is going for the rest of Europe. Their first stop is UK, where the mobile payments company is currently organizing an invite only beta programme with MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.
Under the scheme, users are invited to download iZettle’s free app and request an invitation or sign-up via iZettle’s UK website. iZettle is looking for a wide spread of users to ensure it tests the service with all kinds of businesses and individuals using it for different purposes. It has 3000 mini chip-card readers to give away.
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may 2012 by keithbaumwald
Mobile Payments Startup Jumio Takes On With Credit Card Scanning Toolkit For App Developers | TechCrunch
The SDK allows developers to integrate the card-scanning technology into their app, which means users can hold up a credit card to their smartphone’s camera in order to have the card “read” by the app and the numbers automatically entered into the correct fields. To confirm the purchase, the 3-digit CVV still has to be entered, however.
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