Yet another Olympus Trip 35 Review | Canny Cameras
Okay I suspect the dog and his dinner has blogged about this camera but it feels like a right of passage for a camera blog and what the heck I love it.
olympustrip35  camera  photography 
Dean Allen – on his mother’s wedding. | Open Letters
Vancouver, B.C. November 27, 2000 So Mom got married yesterday. It was in a park, amid some lurid autumn trees. The ceremony was performed with the river and the mountains in the background, and the whole affair was small, and nice, and stress-free. Unforced.
29 days ago
403 Forbidden
Dean Allen, a web pioneer and good man, has passed away. I've been processing the news for a few days and still don't know where to begin. Dean was a writer, who wrote the software he wrote on.
29 days ago
The World of FUJIFILM Film Simulation – Episode 1 | Photoxels
On their Facebook page, Fujifilm is publishing a series of “episodes” on their unique Film Simulation modes.
29 days ago
It's Nice That | Photography: Miyoko Ihara's Grandma and her trusty stray cat are a match made in heaven
I probably wouldn’t happily scroll down on this one if you cried at any of the following films: Homeward Bound, Amore, The Notebook or even Stepmom (“No one loves you like I do”) because this photography series is tear jerk CENTRAL.
29 days ago
He’s in It for the Long Run - The New York Times
RAMSEY, N.J. IF Detroit sold a car that could withstand 30 years of hard driving and cost less than $7,000, its main industry would be in a better place than it is today.
29 days ago
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