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Word Painting — Commas: They save lives!
funny poster showing the importance of commas....
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july 2011 by katieday
Shady Characters
This is Keith Houston’s blog about the unusual stories behind some well-known — and some rather more outlandish — marks of punctuation.
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june 2011 by katieday
Language Log » One comma too many
"Jonathan Falk did a double-take, and quite rightly, when he saw this opening sentence in a recent article by Megan McArdle in the Business section of The Atlantic:
Oddly enough, the New York Times health blog has an item on performance reviews, which sug
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may 2010 by katieday
The fate of the semicolon | World news | The Guardian | April 4, 2008
An unlikely row has erupted in France over suggestions that the semicolon's days are numbered
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april 2008 by katieday

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