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Journal of Emerging Investigators | JEI is a scientific journal for middle and high school scientists.
the Journal for Emerging Investigators (JEI), a publication founded by a group of Harvard grad students in 2011 that provides a forum for the work of middle school and high school students. It has the same standards as academic journals, and each submission is reviewed by grad students and academics.
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march 2014 by katieday
Scholastic.com - The SpotLit collection
50 top choices for different age groups from primary to middle school, selected by a team of 27 expert adults
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october 2013 by katieday
The Impact of Digital Tools on Student Writing and How Writing is Taught in Schools | Pew Research Center's Internet
"A survey of teachers who instruct American middle and high school students finds that digital technologies are impacting student writing in myriad ways and there are significant advantages from tech-based learning.

Some 78% of the 2,462 advanced placement (AP) and National Writing Project (NWP) teachers surveyed by the Pew Research Center’s Internet
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august 2013 by katieday
Educational Leadership:Reading Comprehension:Making Sense of Online Text
October 2005 | Volume 63 | Number 2 /
Reading Comprehension    Pages 30-35 / 
Making Sense of Online Text /
Julie Coiro /
Four strategy lessons move adolescents beyond random surfing to using Internet texts meaningfully.
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september 2011 by katieday
Student Work Samples 2010-2011 - Mahara
from the Canadian Int'l School in Hong Kong -- how Mahara can be used to collect portfolio work
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september 2011 by katieday
Positively MAD - Free Reading Resource
"Fun, short reading tasks to promote literacy skills" -- a downloadable, printable PDF -- but just useful for ideas of activities relating to reading
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june 2011 by katieday
Dalton Middle School Library » 2011 Summer Reading Lists and Requirements
This is a leading private school in New York City and the librarian usually has great recommendations.
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june 2011 by katieday
OIHS Little Brother Reading Guide - home
Cory Doctorow: "Ninth graders at Oakland International High School read my novel Little Brother and produced a fantastic school reading kit with chapter summaries, student discussions, student-made comic strips, and further topics for classroom discussion. It's a tremendous piece of work, and I'm grateful to the young people in Sailaja Suresh's class."
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may 2011 by katieday
100 New York Schools Try ‘Common Core’ Approach - NYTimes.com
Excerpt re literacy: 
"While English classes will still include healthy amounts of fiction, the standards say that students should be reading more nonfiction texts as they get older, to prepare them for the kinds of material they will read in college and careers. In the fourth grade, students should be reading about the same amount from “literary” and “informational” texts, according to the standards; in the eighth grade, 45 percent should be literary and 55 percent informational, and by 12th grade, the split should be 30/70."
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april 2011 by katieday
The Teen Brain on Technology | NewsHour Extra: Video ClipBoard | PBS
"What is constant multi-tasking doing to teens' brains? That's the question NewsHour Science Correspondent Miles O'Brien set out to answer as he interviewed teens and neuroscience experts around the country.

Scientists at the National Institutes of Health are currently studying whether teens' addictions to technology are wiring their brains differently than those of their parents and earlier generations. During adolescence, brain connections are "pruned" - those that are used a lot are strengthened, while those that are rarely used fall off.

According to a scientist at UCLA who also studies the effects of technology on teens' brains, the brain's release of the chemical dopamine has a lot to do with why technology can become addictive for young people. When the brain experiences something pleasurable, like connecting with others via social networking, it is hard-wired to want more of it by releasing dopamine.

Yet other researchers say multi-tasking and playing intense video games can actually help develop some skills like better vision and improved short-term memory. Because modern technology is still in its infancy, scientists are only uncovering the beginnings of how it will affect the human brain functions of tomorrow.
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april 2011 by katieday
Learning science through gaming - MIT
"“Vanished” is a two-month-long game, which debuted the week of April 4 and stems from an initial scenario revealed in recent video messages on the site. The premise is that people living in the future have contacted us in the present, to answer a question: What event occurred between our time and theirs that led to the loss of civilization’s historical records? Students must decode clues in hidden messages, and in response find and provide information about Earth’s current condition, such as temperature and species data, to help people in the future deduce what wound up happening. "
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april 2011 by katieday
Project ARTiculate: Visual Art Lessons for K-8 educators
This website provides art lesson plans for teachers. All lessons have been developed and time-tested by the specialists at the Art Center in the Fairbanks, Alaska public schools
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february 2011 by katieday
The Daring Librarian - wiki
"The Daring Librarian’s Steam Powered Wiki in a Digitally Shifted World is a professional development technology wiki to support the teachers and admin of Murray Hill Middle School in Laurel, Maryland (and all educators who are interested in Web 2.0, animation, tech-tips, building a PLN, and other various professional development information) in a easy to use, graphically charged Steampunk format."
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january 2011 by katieday
Friendship - Lesson Plans - Middle School - Character Education
Teaching Guide: Friendship (for grades 5-9) - This material is from the teaching guide for the video "Friendship" in the 12-part DVD series "Big Changes, Big Choices"
middle_school  friendship  lesson_ideas 
december 2010 by katieday
GlobalEd 2
"Utilizing educational technologies currently available in most middle schools (computers with Internet connection), GlobalEd 2 situates students in a virtual, international decision-making environment focused on critical world issues. Across the country
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november 2010 by katieday
Oxfam Education: Resources index | biography and autobiography: Nelson Mandela
series of lessons suitable for 10-11 year olds... re recognizing fact, opinion, fiction....point of view... effect of first and third person, etc.
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october 2010 by katieday
Lure of the Labyrinth
Lure of the Labyrinth is a digital game for middle-school pre-algebra students. It includes a wealth of intriguing math-based puzzles wrapped into an exciting narrative game in which students work to find their lost pet - and save the world from monsters!
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september 2010 by katieday
PGSC Reading wiki
A wiki suggesting alternative ways to respond to texts has been developed by Preston Girls’ Secondary College.
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june 2010 by katieday
Great Gatsby - online projects -- The Nerdy Teacher: 10 Weeks and No Tests VIII
examples of students being given the chance to produce an online assessment about a novel.... Prezi, Glogster, YouTube, etc.
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june 2010 by katieday
EWU | Excellent Choices of Trade Books for K-9 - from Eastern Washington Univ
<< Teachers who use children's literature as an integral part of their curriculum are challenged to keep abreast of newly published titles. Librarians who are supporting the classroom curriculum also have the same challenge. Part of my role as a consultan
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april 2010 by katieday
Grammar Book Give-Away
I saw some interest in my post a week ago on Maupin House’s Giggles in the Middle: Caught Ya! Grammar with a Giggle for Middle School. Seems a lot of teachers have been struggling with the “how to teach grammar” and even the “should I teach grammar?” issues.

Maupin House just announced that they’ll give a copy of Giggles in the Middle: Caught Ya! Grammar with a Giggle for Middle School to one lucky winner. Just visit their site to see how to enter (so many ways to win!).

But Keith, I already bought the book! You said to! Well, in that case, Maupin House has generously agreed to let the winner choose any other book from their wide array of original titles for teachers. I’m thinking of grabbing a copy of Amazing Hands-on Literature Projects for Secondary Students and Razzle Dazzle Writing for myself .

All entries must be entered by Thursday, February 25th at 11:59 pm EST.

Good luck, folks!
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february 2010 by katieday
Reading Rants! Out of the Ordinary Teen Booklists!
Reading Rants, a website featuring out of the ordinary booklists for teens, has been an online presence since 1998. Written by Jennifer Hubert and designed by Andrew Mutch, Reading Rants has become a popular book review source for teenagers as well as the
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january 2010 by katieday
Welcome to Dot-to-Dot: A Global Learning Reception (Dot-to-Dot)
An online portfolio for a whole middle school.... which was featured on Frontline (PBS) << Dot-to-Dot was hosted online and in person at IS 339, a public middle school in the Bronx, on June 9th, 2009. Learn more about the event here. Dot-to-Dot represents
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august 2009 by katieday
Teachers' Domain: Inspiring Middle School Literacy

These self-paced classroom activities are designed to enhance the literacy skills of struggling readers in grades 5–8. Each uses videos, interactive activities, note-taking, reading, and writing to present students with an engaging science or history
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march 2009 by katieday
lisahuff wiki / Lit Circles
a wiki about literature circles and getting adolescents to read, think, discuss, write and connect around texts
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january 2009 by katieday
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