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The Obligatory Best of 2011 List(s)
Best Books I Read in 2011 That Were Published in 2011 (Or Close Enough to 2011)

MetaMaus, Art Spiegelman

The Avian Gospels, Adam Novy

Spurious, Lars Iyer

The Third Reich, Roberto Bolaño

Humiliation, Wayne Koestenbaum

The Pale King, David Foster Wallace

Between Parentheses, Roberto Bolaño


Best Books I Read in 2011 That Were Published Before 2011

The Elementary Particles, Michel Houellebecq

Wittgenstein’s Mistress, David Markson

Expelled from Eden: A William Vollmann Reader

Ray, Barry Hannah

Trans-Atlantyk, Witold Gombrowicz

The Garden of Eden, Ernest Hemingway

Light in August, William Faulkner

Hadji Murad, Leo Tolstoy

First Love and Other Sorrows, Harold Brodkey

Airships, Barry Hannah

Speedboat, Renata Adler

Under the Volcano, Malcolm Lowry

Vertigo, W.G. Sebald


Best Rereading

Candide, Voltaire


Best Audiobook of 2011

The Collected Fictions of Gordon Lish, read by Gordon Lish


Best Film of 2011

The Tree of Life


Most Charming Film of 2011

Midnight in Paris


Most Overhyped Book of 2011

The Art of Fielding, Chad Harbach


Best Book Cover of 2011 


Best Book Series Design

Melville House’s Neversink Imprint



Best New TV Series of 2011

Game of Thrones


Best Individual TV Episode of 2011

“Gimcrack & Bunkum,” Boardwalk Empire (The Memorial Day one where Jimmy and Richard scalp that old bastard)


Best Musical Album of 2011

I don’t think I listened to much new music in 2011. Maybe that Battles record? I don’t know. I’m getting old.


Speaking of Getting Old: Video That Made Me Feel Really Old and Out of Touch and Convinced That Kids These Days Are Basically Cartoon Characters, Yet Nevertheless Fascinated Me (The Video, That Is)


Favorite (If Bewildering and Baffling) Music Video of 2011


Schadenfreude Award

Rebecca Black


Weirdest (Yet Nevertheless Moving) Novel of 2011

How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive, Chris Boucher


Book I Read in 2011 That Still Confounds and Haunts Me

The Kindly Ones, Jonathan Littell


Saddest Book I Read in 2011

Tie: Under the Volcano, Malcolm Lowry; The Stories of Breece D’J Pancake, Breece D’J Pancake


Best Essay (Print)

“Some Notes on Translation and on Madame Bovary,” Lydia Davis (The Paris Review)


Best Essay (Online)

“Nude in Your Hot Tub, Facing the Abyss (A Literary Manifesto After the End of Literature and Manifestos),”  Lars Iyer (White Review)


Worst Literary Trend of 2011

Tie: Lame “literary fiction” novels; Articles that link everything to David Foster Wallace


Best Literary Trend of 2011



Most Obvious Disclaimer

I did not read or see or hear every book or essay or audiobook or film or TV show or record or video that came out in 2011. Also, there are some days left in the year. These are all, just like, opinions man.

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'Story' versus 'literature' | Book club | Guardian Unlimited Books
Week three: Philip Pullman speaks up for the narrator and argues that 'literature' is what a film director must leave out when translating a 'story' into a movie
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