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Wondrous, detailed map of the history of science fiction
Artist Ward Shelley's brilliant map of the history of science fiction from 2009 is a kind of interestingness black hole whose event horizon captured me for several hours this morning as I pored over the diagram and the arguments it makes about the history and origins of science fiction. I don't agree with every conclusion illustrated here, but thinking about them made me reconsider a lot of cherished beliefs.

History of Science Fiction (JPEG)

 Institute for the Future: Map of the Robot Renaissance - Boing Boing
Fringe Characters Relation Map - Boing Boing
Christopher Nolan's hand-drawn Inception timeline - Boing Boing
Flowchart: How D&D is a gateway drug to every flavor of nerdiness ...
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Norman Mailer vs. Marshall McLuhan « Welcome to The Salon
<<1968; CBC’s Summer Way program hosts a conversation between Norman Mailer and Marshall McLuhan. The two intellectual giants discuss (read: argue) their stances on violence, the modern man, technology, and the mental processes of interpreting experiences
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