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Library Wars Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Sato Shinsuke Movie HD - YouTube
saw inflight movie: "Library Wars" 2013 Japanese dystopia re #libraries fight agst censorship (violence + true love)
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december 2013 by katieday
Kurodahan Press
We're a Japanese publisher serving readers worldwide with top quality translations of new and classic texts focused regionally in Northeast Asia.
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november 2012 by katieday
Asia for Educators | Columbia University
Columbia University’s East Asian Curriculum Project site. Helpful teaching materials primarily for secondary school teachers on Japan and China.
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october 2012 by katieday
Bookish ways to help Japan
There are lots of book-related initiatives taking place to help raise funds for victims of the Japan Quake. Take your pick of those below and choose one to support.

Authors for Japan
150 different book related auctions all housed under one roof. Lots of opportunities to get proofs critiqued and to win signed copies of books. This subset contains those auctions specifically relating to children’s and YA books

New Sun Rising – Stories for Japan
Are you an author or illustrator? Books That Help are going to publish a collection of stories, poems, and art honoring and celebrating Japan. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to a charity currently working on the relief effort in Japan. You can contribute – find out how to here. Found thanks to the Pratham Books blog.

Art for Japan
Are you an illustrator? Donate an illustration for Show and Tell’s auction. Full details here.

Illustration by Lea Wade

Japan Tsunami Appeal: Ganbare Nippon
Another one for illustrators. Contribute to Illustration Rally’s Japan Tsuname Appeal. Full details here.

Please let me know of any other bookish efforts that are going on to raise funds, and I shall add them to the list. Also, there’s still time to bid on this stunning cherry blossom brooch made by my sister, all funds going to Global Giving.
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march 2011 by katieday
Starving the Elephants: The Slaughter of Animals in Wartime Tokyo's Ueno Zoo -- JapanFocus
"This study deals with what really happened at Ueno Zoo in the summer of 1943, how it came about, and how unique this event was. To put it into context I will present relevant information also from the years before and after the (main) slaughter and will
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may 2010 by katieday
The Cove Movie
Documentary re covert mission to uncover dolphin slaughter in a cove in Japan -- came out in 2009 -- has won many awards -- and the annual September slaughter did not occur because of the effect of this film.
G5_help  animalrights  dolphins  japan 
may 2010 by katieday
2010 Sakura Medal Reviews
International School students in Japan review this year's entries
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april 2010 by katieday
Digital Gallery of World Picture Books - Japan
<< This series introduces famous picture books of Japan and the West in the period from the eighteenth century to the 1930s. Looking at the books made in different countries during this time we can see at work a ceaseless process of transmission of images
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april 2010 by katieday
Sakura Medal
Children's choice award run by the international school librarians in Japan
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april 2010 by katieday
The American School in Japan - Sakura Medal Overview
The Sakura Medal 2010

A book award program held at International School Libraries throughout Japan
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november 2009 by katieday
ASIJ Sakura Medal | Facebook page
Facebook page for the American School in Japan -- Sakura Medal (children's choice book awards)
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november 2009 by katieday
YouTube - Pecha Kucha: Get to the PowerPoint in 20 Slides
Daniel Pink demonstrating Pecha Kucha ("chatter" in Japanese) - 20 slides 20 seconds - showing emotional signage in Japan
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september 2009 by katieday
Graflex Directions -- Piece Together for Peace
visual art of the continents of the world re-assembled into the twelve animals of the Japanese zodiac
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march 2009 by katieday
Japan as ground zero for no-waste lifestyle | csmonitor.com
Three environmental models: Toyota's Prius factory, an electronics recycler, and a village that recycles 80 percent of its trash.
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december 2008 by katieday
The Moment The Post-Materialist | Muji Obsession « - T Magazine - New York Times Blog
The Japanese call them (that is, they call us) “Mujirers” — people so addicted to Muji’s “no brand quality goods” that its store openings and new product announcements set our pulses racing.
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june 2008 by katieday
MIT Visualizing Cultures -- Image-Driven Scholarship
Llaunched at MIT in 2002 to explore the potential of the Web for developing innovative image-driven scholarship and learning and using new technology and hitherto largely inaccessible visual materials to reconstruct the past as people of the time visualiz
research  visual_literacy  visuals  history  learning  education  academic  photos  japan  imported_from_delicious 
may 2008 by katieday
The Origami Lab: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker
Why a physicist dropped everything for paper folding. by Susan Orlean Feb 2007
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january 2008 by katieday
Losing an Edge, Japanese Envy India’s Schools - New York Times
Japan is suffering a crisis of confidence these days about its ability to compete with its emerging Asian rivals, China and India. But even in this fad-obsessed nation, one result was never expected: a growing craze for Indian education.
education  international  primary_school  japan  india  imported_from_delicious 
january 2008 by katieday
Pecha Kucha Night: Global
Central location for pecha kucha events around the world, where designers get 20 slides and 20 secs each to talk about them in a live performance situation
Japan  presentations  world  architecture  design  creativity  powerpoint  visuals  imported_from_delicious 
november 2007 by katieday
MIT Visualizing Cultures project
NB: Units so far relate primarily to Japanese history, but the methodology can be widely applied
visuals  visual_literacy  Asia  art  Japan  photography  teaching  learning  history  imported_from_delicious 
april 2007 by katieday

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