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No Difference Between Kids' Comprehension of Ebooks, Print Books, Study Says
""Student Comprehension of Books in Kindle and Traditional Formats" by Michael Milone, a research psychologist and educational writer at Renaissance Learning, asked students in two fourth-grade classes located in the Upper Midwest to read up to six books from a selected list of a dozen popular fiction titles"
digitalgist  reading  ebooks  primary_school  research  reports 
january 2012 by katieday
Smashwords - School Libraries: What's Now, What's Next, What's Yet to Come - A book by Kristin Fontichiaro
School Libraries: What's Now, What's Next, What's Yet to Come
Ebook By Kristin Fontichiaro
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Oct. 15, 2011
school_librarians  ebooks  digitalgist  sources 
october 2011 by katieday
The Lean Publishing Manifesto - Leanpub
Lean Publishing is the act of self-publishing a book while you are writing it, evolving the book with feedback from your readers and finishing a first draft before optionally using the traditional publishing workflow.
books  future  digitalgist  publishing  self-publishing  blogs  lean_publishing 
october 2011 by katieday
No eReader Supports College Students Needs: Study - eBookNewser
"Co-author of the study Charlotte Lee, a UW assistant professor of Human Centered Design and Engineering, had this statement:  “Most e-readers were designed for leisure reading – think romance novels on the beach. We found that reading is just a small part of what students are doing. And when we realize how dynamic and complicated a process this is, it kind of redefines what it means to design an e-reader.”
digitalgist  ebooks  mobile_devices  universities  research  reading 
may 2011 by katieday
Capstone Digital: New Online Service Applies the ‘Netflix’ Model to Literacy| The Committed Sardine
"Anyone who’s familiar with Netflix knows the online video streaming and rental service lets users rate the movies they watch, as well as their level of interest in various genres, and then delivers personalized recommendations based on this information.

Now, Capstone Digital—a division of Capstone Publishing—has launched a new online service that aims to do for literacy what Netflix has done for consumer entertainment, with the hope that this approach might spark students’ interest in reading.

The myON reader system is a personalized digital reading environment that functions like Netflix’s “Suggested For You” section. After screening the abilities and interests of K-8 students, myON suggests titles based on the students’ Lexile levels and the topics that most appeal to them—and this process is further refined each time a student rates a text he or she has read.

“We actually have students take an interest inventory, similar to if you were going on to an eHarmony or a Netflix and saying, ‘I’m looking for a match,’” said Todd Brekhus, president of Capstone Digital.
digitalgist  ebooks  school_libraries  netflix  recommendations  publishers 
may 2011 by katieday
DID YOU KNOW WE HAVE eBOOKS? | Columbus Library
example of a public library's online intro to patrons re ebooks
digitalgist  ebooks  borrowing  public_libraries 
may 2011 by katieday
TL Virtual Cafe - Diving into Digital Books: Adding eReaders to Your School Library
Diving into Digital Books: Adding eReaders
to Your School Library
Guests: Buffy J. Hamilton & Jennifer LaGarde
Host: Gwyneth Jones
May 2 - 8pm EST
Learn Central Page
Participant Link
Kindles, Nooks and iPads, Oh My! Implementing eReaders into your library program is about more than just jumping on the latest technological bandwagon or attempting to reinvent your library in order to stay relevant. It’s about good practice. Join Buffy Hamilton and Jennifer LaGarde as they discuss how eReaders have helped them provide students with a) access to the most up to date titles, b) the unique ability to efficiently link works of fiction with nonfiction resources and, c) the opportunity to interact with texts in ways that are simply not possible with traditional, library owned, books – all in an environment that both appeals to and enhances their skills as 21st century learners.
school_librarians  digitalgist  ebooks 
may 2011 by katieday
Benedict Evans — The ebooks explosion
The paperback is being displaced by ebooks.... "This chart also illustrates, to me, the foolishness of spending all your time playing with apps and enhanced ebooks when those will only represent a tiny proportion of the publishing business. When cheap colour printing came in that didn’t mean all novels had to be in colour, and the availability of apps doesn’t mean everything has to be an app. The $50 coffee table book is not the publishing market, and the app that cost $500k to develop won’t be either. 
digitalgist  ebooks  future  apps  publishing 
april 2011 by katieday
Free Kindle Books offers Free Classic E-Books in Kindle-compatible MOBI and PRC formats
Free Kindle Books offers 1000s of Free Classic E-books (below) in Kindle-compatible MOBI and PRC formats. Also for Windows PC, Mobile, PocketPC, Smartphone, Palm, Symbian, Nokia, Sony, Erisson, Blackberry, Franklin, Casio, Psion, Clie, Garmin, ...
digitalgist  ebooks  free  kindle  sources 
april 2011 by katieday
Swap, Borrow or Lend ebooks with e-book rental | eBookFling.com
"With 14-day lending now available on tens of thousands of Nook and Kindle books, eBook Fling makes it possible for readers across America to borrow and share their ebooks. Lend an ebook, earn a credit, and borrow any other for free! It's 100% safe with the book returned in 14 days guaranteed. Here's how it works:
Step 1: LIST. Got ebooks? List them up for grabs.Any Kindle or Nook books you own can be listed. Your collection is what makes up our collection.
Step 2: LEND. Email your book if requested.Send your book along to the requesting borrower and earn credits for each successful fling. But don't send your e-reader!
Step 3: BORROW. Snatch up any ebook you'd like!Spend 1 credit and choose any ebook from thousands to borrow. No credits? It's just $1.99 to borrow. Cheap, right? We prefer thrifty.
Step 4: READ. Enjoy a 14-day fling with your book!Download to your Mac or PC, KindleTM or NookTM device, or your iPad&tm;, iPhone&tm;, Blackberry&tm;, or Android&tm; smartphone. Afterward, the book disappears and is automatically returned to the original owner. Simple."
digitalgist  ebooks  borrowing  kindle  nook  swap 
april 2011 by katieday
Tutorial: PDF to Kindle for academic journal articles | Kindle blog
"This tutorial shows you how to convert PDF ejournal articles and book chapters to read on your Amazon Kindle. I’m assuming that you are converting relatively simple arts and humanities articles of the sort found via JURN, and not fiendishly formatted articles from maths, medicine or science. There is no reliable way of converting PDFs for the Kindle, and your results will only be “good enough”, not perfect. Do not use this method for converting PDF content you wish to sell commercially.
digitalgist  kindles  conversion  PDF  tools 
april 2011 by katieday
Spring Cleaning - Gadgets You Can Get Rid Of - NYTimes.com
"BOOKS Keep them (with one exception). Yes, e-readers are amazing, and yes, they will probably become a more dominant reading platform over time, but consider this about a book: It has a terrific, high-resolution display. It is pretty durable; you could get it a little wet and all would not be lost. It has tremendous battery life. It is often inexpensive enough that, if you misplaced it, you would not be too upset. You can even borrow them free at sites called libraries.

But there is one area where printed matter is going to give way to digital content: cookbooks. Martha Stewart Makes Cookies a $5 app for the iPad, is the wave of the future. Every recipe has a photo of the dish (something far too expensive for many printed cookbooks).
digitalgist  ebooks  cooking  books  future 
march 2011 by katieday
The Technium: 99 Cent Books
" I am having trouble convincing myself why digital books will not cost 99 cents within 5 years. All books, on average. Just as the price of music does not in general change on the length or quality.
Here's a reason why they'll be as inexpensive as music. The other day Joe Konrath, a genre writer, and avid self-publisher of ebooks, said:
Eighteen days ago, I dropped the price of my ebook, The List, from $2.99 to 99 cents on Amazon. I was selling 40 copies a day prior to that. Currently, The List is #37 in the Top 100 Bestsellers on the Kindle. It's selling 620 copies a day on Amazon. "
digitalgist  ebooks  economics  future  kevin_kelly 
march 2011 by katieday
The Utopian Library » The eRead* Experience…
notes of a presentation done at a children's literature conference by a public library "Youth Services Technology Coordinator".... to share experiences of "intersection of Text and Technology" - includes link to public Evernote notebook with links used in the presentation
digitalgist  ebooks  childrens_lit  presentations 
march 2011 by katieday
The Kindles Are Coming: Ereaders and tablets are springing up in schools—and librarians are leading the way
article which highlights how TLs like Buffy Hamilton are using Kindles in their school libraries... and mentions differences between iPads and Kindles for that purpose....
school_libraries  kindle  ipad  lending  article  ebooks  digitalgist 
march 2011 by katieday
2010 DBW Publishing Innovation Awards Longlist | Digital Book World
Organizers of Digital Book World 2011 have announced the longlist for the inaugural Publishing Innovation Awards, to be presented during the Opening Ceremonies for DBW 2011 on Monday, January 24th, 2011, at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers in New York City.

“The Publishing Innovation Awards will honor those making strides in this nascent medium,” said David Nussbaum, CEO of F+W Media, parent company to Digital Book World. “As the mission of Digital Book World is to learn, share and celebrate innovation in our industry, the Publishing Innovation Awards are a natural extension to the community.”
digitalgist  ebooks  awards 
february 2011 by katieday
Video: An Interview with Brewster Kahle - Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter
"At the recent RootsTech Conference held in Salt Lake City, I had a chance to sit and talk with Brewster Kahle, a digital librarian who is also the founder of The Internet Archive. Brewster had delivered a keynote speech at the conference a few minutes earlier to about 3,000 people. He then kindly agreed to appear on EOGN in a video interview in which he discusses digital archiving to preserve information forever and to make it available to anyone, anywhere in the world, at no charge."
digitalgist  ebooks  future  libraries  videos  interview 
february 2011 by katieday
I.N.K.: Authors & ebooks: 11 points to ponder
Author Loreen Leedy discusses issues relating to the creation of ebooks
digitalgist  ebooks  authors  childrens_lit 
february 2011 by katieday
Bluefire Reader - Using library books in Bluefire
instructions on how to get Overdrive library bokos onto your iPhone/iPad using Bluefire
digitalgist  ebooks  borrowing  libraries  overdrive  mobile_devices  howto 
february 2011 by katieday
Kindle & Nook Book Lending | pafa.net
discuses how people can "lend" ebooks to each other
digitalgist  ebooks  kindle  nook  lending 
february 2011 by katieday
Text Patterns: teaching e-books
Argues that there isn't enough choice in ebooks yet to get the texts you need for group teaching - "Look in the Kindle or Nook or Sony stores for these authors and you’ll find most of you want only in a few cases (Orwell, Rushdie, Beckett, Murdoch); in others you’ll find minimal choices (Waugh, Woolf, Stoppard — one play), poor, outdated, or non-standard editions (Joyce, Yeats), or nothing at all (Auden, Greene, Friel). You couldn't create a reasonable course in Modern British Literature with e-books. Not yet."
digitalgist  ebooks  teaching  literature 
february 2011 by katieday
Readability: Enjoy Reading. Support Writing.
a subscription app that zaps online clutter and saves web articles in a comfortable reading view.... (like Instapaper?)
reading  online  digitalgist  app 
february 2011 by katieday
COPIA - a social reading site
a social networking site where you can buy ebooks and get into online reading groups
digitalgist  ebooks  social_media  reading 
january 2011 by katieday
FT.com / Comment / Opinion - Accessing the e-book revolution - Stephen Johnson
discusses the danger of information on the web (e.g., inside/via apps and pages inside e-books) that cannot be directly linked to - proposes the solution is the mirror web, whereby you have parallel information online
digitalgist  mirror_web  stephen_johnson  ebooks  internet  digital_library 
december 2010 by katieday
Textbook Deathwatch
Project Tomorrow’s latest Speak Up survey, released in March, shows an increased desire among students to ditch the papyrus. Currently, 29 percent of middle- and high-school students say that they are using some kind of online textbook or online curriculum as part of their regular schoolwork. That number will inevitably grow. What would their fantasy digital textbook include?"
digitalgist  ebooks  textbooks 
december 2010 by katieday
Hit and Miss and More: MediaBistro’s eBook Summit Returns
"An entertaining speaker, [Douglas] Rushkoff never disappoints, and once he got rolling, he unleashed a string of strong opinions. He called stores like B&N and Borders "fake, bad bookstores." He said the "future of the bookstore was the past of the bookstore," predicting that with technology making books and e-books easily available, smaller bookstores that focus on the customer experience will make a comeback. He professed hatred for book videos, and railed against the iPad, calling it the most "stayaway" technology since Microsoft introduced "wizards" to install things for consumers, which he suggested, has helped keep computer users from truly understanding how the technology works, and tilted their behavior from interaction to mere consumption."
ebooks  digitalgist  future 
december 2010 by katieday
YouTube - BOOKGLUTTON: How It Works
good intro to BookGlutton from the BookGlutton channel on YouTube
digitalgist  ebooks  social_software  howto  videos 
december 2010 by katieday
Bidding Adieu to Textbooks -- ties - TIES10_55
In 2010, the Byron High School Math Department decided to discontinue using expensive textbooks and develop their own curriculum with a blend of open education resources and teacher-created content. This session will describe the successes and challenges
digitalgist  etextbooks  mathematics  imported_from_delicious 
december 2010 by katieday
Official Google Blog: Our commitment to the digital humanities
 "Google’s Digital Humanities Research Awards will support 12 university research groups with unrestricted grants for one year, with the possibility of renewal for an additional year. The recipients will receive some access to Google tools, technologies a
google  humanities  literature  statistics  research  academic  digitalgist  ebooks  imported_from_delicious 
december 2010 by katieday
Google Set to Launch E-Book Venture - WSJ.com
Set to debut at the end of 2010 in the US and internationally in the 1st quarter of next year.....
ebooks  digitalgist  google  article  imported_from_delicious 
december 2010 by katieday
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