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Who Wants Free Love Anyway? - NYTimes.com
cf to matching people with books -- limiting competition can be better
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may 2014
Tomorrow's Professor Postings
Stanford Center for Teaching and Learning
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may 2014
The novel is dead (this time it's for real) | Books | The Guardian - Will Self
"the hallmark of our contemporary culture is an active resistance to difficulty in all its aesthetic manifestations, accompanied by a sense of grievance that conflates it with political elitism."
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may 2014
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) - journal
"Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) is an international scientific journal dedicated to the publication and public discussion of high quality studies investigating the Earth's atmosphere and the underlying chemical and physical processes. It covers the altitude range from the land and ocean surface up to the turbopause, including the troposphere, stratosphere and mesosphere."
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may 2014
For innovation/guts David Levithan's TWO BOYS KISS
For innovation/guts David Levithan's TWO BOYS KISSING, Steve Brezenoff's BROOKLYN, BURNING, Swati Avasthi's CHASING SHADOWS. #loftCYA
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april 2014
Photoset: scholasticreadingclu
Photoset: scholasticreadingclub: epicreads: 18 YA Shakespeare retellings ––
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april 2014
Caine prize for African writing
"The shortlist for the 2014 Caine Prize for African Writing, which awards the author of the winning short story £10,000, was announced this week. The list includes work by Diane Awerbuck, Okwiri Oduor, Billy Kahora, Tendai Huchu and Efemia Chela. According to a press release, the head of the judges, Jackie Kay, said this is "a golden age for the African short story," adding that the shortlisted works were "compelling, lyrical, thought-provoking and engaging." She said, "From a daughter's unusual way of grieving for her father, to a memorable swim with a grandmother, a young boy's fascination with a gorilla's conversation, a dramatic faux family meeting, to a woman who is forced to sell her eggs, the subjects are as diverse as they are entertaining." The full list, with links to each story, is ."
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april 2014
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