What libertarianism has become and will become — State Capacity Libertarianism
Having tracked the libertarian “movement” for much of my life, I believe it is now pretty much hollowed out, at least in terms of flow.
11 days ago
Shopify: A StarCraft Inspired Business Strategy
Update: “Upgrade complete” (Yes, that was a StarCraft joke.) Thanks for reading Tobi! Shopify’s CEO Tobi Lütke was once asked: People are starting to characterize Shopify as the next Amazon. Is that the right lens to view your strategy?
11 days ago
This Is Why Your Holiday Travel Is Awful
At the northeastern corner of the underground maze that doubles as the Western Hemisphere’s most heavily trafficked transit hub, two frantic streams of pedestrians converge.
28 days ago
The Lesson to Unlearn
The most damaging thing you learned in school wasn't something you learned in any specific class. It was learning to get good grades. When I was in college, a particularly earnest philosophy grad student once told me that he never cared what grade he got in a class, only what he learned in it.
6 weeks ago
The Disproportional Power of Anecdotes
As humans, we make decisions emotionally, and justify them rationally. And nothing helps us do both quite like the anecdote. It gives us the push we need to make the decision we want, and enough data to feel good about it. BUT...
anecdotes  data  mentalmodels  psychology 
august 2018
The Tyranny of Stuctureless
The Tyranny of Stuctureless by Jo Freeman
organization  politics 
august 2018
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