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The fight intensifies over Ann Arbor’s proposed “ambassador” program
A2 might get its own downtown mall cops on fake segways, just like Portland!
january 2015 by karl
Truth Tellers Blog | The Voice of True & Faithful Moorish American Moslem's who are NOT afraid to Speak the TRUTH!
Moorish Science Temple of America still trying to prevent some of its members from running the same tricks they were up to 100 years ago. I wonder if they're trying to pass their own IDs again?
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december 2014 by karl
Paintings - Hundertwasser
The best way to kill the cars is to let them disappear at the crossings. You make a cross which becomes a cross road which becomes a round about. The traffic circle is a trap the cars drive into the spiral get smaller and smaller and vanish in a point.
november 2014 by karl
lcamtuf's blog: Pulling JPEGs out of thin air
Wasn't this the backstory for the apocalypse in _Kaleidoscope Century_?
november 2014 by karl
ProvenSecure - Voice Enrollment
He moved his position, and the illusion was gone.
I'm sorry about your amnesia, said the Scarecrow.
There was none of the joy of meeting in his face.
He hoisted the coffin to the top of the scaffold.
He saw only the effect in a general, sketchy way.
As I say, he had tapped the message very rapidly.
Such a dog the wise driver kills, or turns loose.
It took him half an hour to reach the edge of it.
If I was out of the game it would be easily made.
What in the world put such a thing into his head?
february 2014 by karl
Jon Shaw Paintings
I used to pass under this sign every day.
december 2013 by karl
[no title]
AHAHAHAHAHAHA! (seriously, hope you get your bike back, Olive/Dingo)
october 2013 by karl
CALUMET 412 — Drug paraphernalia peddler in Uptown, 1975,...
That's Tyner! Was at Maxworks in the 90s. I hope I still have some of his manifestos somewhere.
october 2013 by karl
fuck yeah, science fiction!: I’m afraid.
Stop, Dave. I'm afraid. I'm afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it.
july 2013 by karl
How Not to Be Alone - NYTimes.com
First intelligent essay I've seen on connectedness and technology.
june 2013 by karl
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