The community platform for the future.
The internet was built for communities.

But, as the web has changed and improved radically, community software has hardly improved since the heyday of messageboards and IRC.

Spectrum makes it easy to grow safe, successful online communities that are built to last
5 days ago
as/a: A graphical text editor
A is a text editor inspired by the Sam and Acme text editors for the Plan 9 operating system
editor  golang 
9 days ago
Composing Programs
In the tradition of SICP, this text focuses on methods for abstraction, programming paradigms, and techniques for managing the complexity of large programs.
python  programming  learning  free  sicp 
14 days ago
robinhood/faust: Python Stream Processing
Faust is a stream processing library, porting the ideas from Kafka Streams to Python.
14 days ago
Lightning Fast Modular CSS with No Side Effects
5 weeks ago
A fully-modern text-based browser, rendering to TTY and browsers
browser  terminal  awesome  opensource 
5 weeks ago
GitHub - bcongdon/corral: 🐎 A serverless MapReduce framework written for AWS Lambda
Corral is a MapReduce framework designed to be deployed to serverless platforms, like AWS Lambda. It presents a lightweight alternative to Hadoop MapReduce.
etl  golang  mapreduce  aws-lambda 
may 2018
Author Earnings
Our purpose is to gather and share information so that writers can make informed decisions. Our secondary mission is to call for change within the publishing community for better pay and fairer terms in all contracts. This is a website by authors and for authors.
publishing  analytics 
may 2018
Animated Youtube videos to learn math concepts
math  animation  video  inspiration 
april 2018
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