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Ham, cheese, and chicory rolls
Casserole-type thing, on top of mashed potatoes.
chicory  ham  cheese  potatoes  _not_yet_tried 
december 2009 by kake_food
Gol gappa/pani puri
I used the pani recipe but without the mint (and with more coriander, and not checking the quantities carefully). It also includes a recipe for the puri.
indian  snacks  chaat  pani_puri  fresh_mint  fresh_coriander  tamarind  fresh_ginger  green_chillies  black_salt  potatoes  _tried_and_liked  puri 
may 2009 by kake_food
Potato, Quinoa, and Cumin Hash Browns
Tried them with sweet potatoes instead of potatoes, and was unimpressed. Might try them again with actual potatoes some time.
quinoa  cumin  potatoes  vegan  _tried_and_reserved_judgement 
november 2007 by kake_food
nisaba: Just a Sunday roast
The roast chicken from Saint Heston's "In Search of Perfection".
chicken  meat  roast_chicken  potatoes  heston  _not_yet_tried  sunday_lunch 
september 2007 by kake_food
Cold borscht
This is not bad. I need to try it with all the trimmings too, but even without them it is not bad.
vegan  beetroot  potatoes  carrots  soup  starters  appetisers  _tried_and_liked 
september 2007 by kake_food
Rich vegan scalloped potatoes.
Thinly-sliced potatoes and onions baked in a savoury creamy sauce.
vegan  potatoes  kreeli  _not_yet_tried 
january 2007 by kake_food
Roasted potato bread.
Not that leftover roasted potatoes ever _really_ exist, but it sounds like it's worth making extra for this.
potatoes  roast_potatoes  leftovers  leftover_potatoes  breads  vegan  _not_yet_tried 
december 2006 by kake_food
Cream of dill soup.
Fresh dill, potatoes, onion, garlic, cream.
_tried_and_liked  soup  fresh_dill  cream  potatoes 
november 2006 by kake_food
Aubergine curry.
Aubergine curry with potatoes and okra, made with baby aubergines. Recommended by being_here.
aubergine  indian  curry  okra  potatoes  fresh_coriander  veganable  baby_aubergines  _not_yet_tried 
october 2006 by kake_food
Vegetable pie with pilchards and a potato crust.
I can't think of a title for this that makes it sound tasty, but the recipe does sound good.
potatoes  leftovers  mashed_potato  pilchards  sweetcorn  eggs  oven  fresh_parsley  _not_yet_tried 
april 2005 by kake_food
Hasselback potatoes.
Some kind of spice instead of the parmesan might make this veganable.
sunday_lunch  potatoes  sides:carbs  oven  veganable  _not_yet_tried 
april 2005 by kake_food

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