Gmvault: gmail backup
Could come in handy at some point.
backup  email  gmail  tools 
march 2015
Cultivated Play: Farmville
Fantastic meditation on Farmville's significance to contemporary citizenship.
socialgames  farmville  zynga  politics  citizenship  corporations  democracy 
march 2013
The future is Movie OS
Fun contrarian musings from Dan on how operating systems should act more like their movie counterparts.
OS  operatingsystem  gui  interactiondesign  ixd  films  movies 
march 2013
The Book-Writing Machine
"The story behind Bomber is a kind of techno-thriller in its own right, a story about the emergence of a new kind of text, a technotext, mediated not by computer software but by a sophisticated electro-mechanical device for storing and manipulating written words."
writing  computers  literature  technology  wordprocessors 
march 2013
hacking public space and influence people - YouTube
Charming playful performances in public by Ahmett. A welcome change from the Anglocentric work we commonly see. The last project in this video around the 15 minute mark is enjoyable.
publicspace  resistance  play  performance 
march 2013
The Singularity Already Happened; We Got Corporations
"What if the private pursuit of profit was—for a long time—proximate to improving the lot of humans but not identical to it? What if capitalism has gone feral, and started making moves that are obviously insane, but also inevitable?"
singularity  capitalism  corporations  ai  artificialintelligence 
march 2013
The Ugly, Corrupted, Brilliant Games of Michael Brough
Fun interview with Brough, whom I admire greatly. I was a bit annoyed by the discussion of his art stule, though. For me thatbis a huge part of his work's charm. Why must everything be polished and immediately appealing?
MichaelBrough  games  art  indiegames  play  culture 
february 2013
The Inexorable Rise of the Crapjects
"If you want a crapject to complain about, look at the personal technology industry of 2013, with their internet watches that don’t work unless you have a phone too, and their glasses that are unlikely to ever let you get a good look at the real world through them."
objects  crapjects  futures  technology  googleglass  pebble  products 
february 2013
Making culture for the internets—all of them
About the need for more translated internet culture. As an Anglophile Dutchman, I can relate.
culture  language  translation  internet 
february 2013
Giant tigers and rooftop teepees: the Royal London Hospital play space
Lovely design work for a children's hospital. Now if only adult spaces would get as much consideration.
healthcare  hospitals  design  fun  play  children 
february 2013
PlayStation 4: A Videogame Console
"In some sense, we love big budget, high-gloss videogames because they are terrible, because they have to compromise to a lowest common denominator to justify their absurd budgets, and because we secretly know that our highest aspirations for them are actually quite low. We don't really want Cold War Berlin; we want big motherfucking guns."
ps4  playstation4  games  consoles  products  innovation  novelty  technology 
february 2013
Seven Tips From Ernest Hemingway on How to Write Fiction | Open Culture
The next time I sit down to do some serious writing, I will give at least some of these rules a go.
writing  ernesthemingway  creativity  rules 
february 2013
Europe is haunted by the myth of the lazy mob | Ha-Joon Chang | Comment is free | The Guardian
"Starting from Disney animations we watch as young children telling us that "if you believed in yourself, you can achieve anything", we are bombarded with the message that individuals, and they alone, are responsible for what they get in their lives. This is what I call the L'Oreal principle – if some people are paid tens of millions of pounds a year, it must be because they're "worth it"; if others are poor, it must be because they are either not good enough or not trying hard enough."
justice  economics  politics  europe 
february 2013
Land Art for the Internet
"The ideas around the New Aesthetic grew in part out of a dissatisfaction with the cultural dominance of retro and vintage. I’ve spent plenty of time articulating the cognitive dissonances of electronic books: this is what is happening to everything. The cognitive dissonance of time, what some people have called atemporality, which appears as hauntology, and which I sometimes prefer to think of as simultaneity or network realism. Atemporality is not an aesthetic, its the affect of this condition."
landart  newarsthetic  internet  network  art 
february 2013
Little Printer: A portrait in the nude
This borders on gushing fan writing, but to see all the work that went into Little Printer laid out like this is still awe inspiring.
littleprinter  berg  design  products  process 
february 2013
Levenslang stage
About the increase in unemployment among young people in NL and the rest of Europe.
unemployment  youth  labor  work 
february 2013
Music For Shuffle Sketch #16
"I’ve also talked about mesh-networked busking before – maybe this idea could scale up to street/city level. Imagine taking over several city blocks and creating huge sonic fields of improvised, random music you could just stroll around in, stopping to listen to different little facets of."
music  shuffle  random  pervasive 
february 2013
What is a book in the age of the iPad? An interview with Craig Mod
Some interesting thoughts on thr state of the digital reading industry.
books  reading  magazines  ebooks  tablets  ipad  kindle 
february 2013
The cyberpragmatics of bounding asterisks
"So, by giving yourself your own stage directions enclosed in asterisks, you treat your own words as lines in a play, and then step outside of your character to give the perspective of the playwright in the play you're acting in. It's all so meta."
performance  writing  play 
february 2013
Grim account of San Francisco's current tech boom and its impact on the city.
sanfrancisco  boom  cities  technology  society  economy 
february 2013
Toward Independence – Indiecade 2012
"This is how I like to think about independence in gaming and in culture. Not a status but a tension and a direction to pursue."
indie  independence  games  production  capital  politics 
february 2013
Tiny Games, being indie, and having a relationship with your players
Welcome thougts from Hide&Seek on the challenges of balancing client work with self commissioned projects and the importance of building an audience.
indie  games  studio  agency  consultancy  audience  social 
february 2013
The virtual adventures of a blogging ship propelled by weather data
Nice bit of background on Bridle's Ship Adrift project, which I find a fascinating example of where online storytelling might be headed—humans partnering with machines.
storytelling  writing  network  internet  web  ship  architecture  algorithms 
february 2013
Holding On To San Francisco
"I wish San Francisco could live up to its funky, romantic, Tales of the City image more often. Solnit’s version, the “city that poets can’t afford,” is the one we’ve got at the moment. I’ll likely feel forever stuck between those two San Franciscos: One that might never have existed, and one that does, but of which I’ll never quite be a part."
sanfrancisco  cities  gentrification  tech  games  housing  employment 
february 2013
Arimaa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Arimaa (English pronunciation: /ɑrˈiːmɑː/) is a two-player abstract strategy board game that can be played using the same equipment as chess. Arimaa was designed to be more difficult for artificial intelligences to play than chess."
games  chess  artificialintelligence  ai 
february 2013
Why Social Movements Should Ignore Social Media | New Republic
"Relations among humans have many more layers of complexity than those among ants; there are inequalities, asymmetries, and grievances to be found at all layers—and what might seem like inefficiencies or gaps in participation or transparency might, on second look, prove to be the very democracy-enabling protective tissues that allow liberal societies to function."
StevenJohnson  FuturePerfect  reviews  networks  hierarchies  politics  society  Internet  from instapaper
february 2013
Dan Hill, “Essay: On the smart city; Or, a ‘manifesto’ for smart citizens instead”
"So I’m maximizing my “inefficiency.” I do it because it’s so enlivening and stimulating, and I can’t be the only one with that approach to urbanism. Presumably there’s some kind of class of us: flaneuring, deriving, situationist smart-city dropouts. A really “smart city” would probably build zones of some kind for us: the maximum-inefficiency anti-smart bohemias."
smartcities  DanHill  brucesterling  cities 
february 2013
De Groene Amsterdammer - ‘Een vriend doet ertoe’
"EEN VOORBEELD dat haar positief stemt en waarover ze ook heeft geschreven zijn de zogenaamde ‘common security clubs’, die nu ook wel ‘resilience circles’ worden genoemd. Deze groepen werden post-2008 opgericht door mensen die alles waren kwijtgeraakt: hun baan, hun huis. Ze besloten elkaar te helpen en begonnen een ‘skill sharing system’ waarbij verschillende taken worden uitgewisseld. ‘Als ik een verpleegster ben en jij een computerreparateur, dan kijk ik naar je kinderen als ze ziek zijn terwijl jij mijn computer maakt als hij stuk is.’ Ze kopen gezamenlijk eten in en halveren daarmee hun kosten voor boodschappen. Ze werken samen om hun huizen beter te isoleren en houden daarna een pizza-party. Op die manier hebben ze hun energierekeningen al gehalveerd. Interessant genoeg was het grootste probleem van deze ‘resilience circles’ om mensen zo ver te krijgen hulp te aanvaarden. Iedereen wilde dolgraag anderen helpen, maar mensen vonden het maar wat moeilijk om hulp te krijgen. Niemand wilde de hulpbehoevende zijn. Hochschild: ‘Dat komt door die anti-afhankelijkheidcultuur. Mensen moesten weer helemaal opnieuw leren wat het betekent om een gemeenschap met elkaar te hebben.’ In die coöperatieve beweging schuilt echter wel de hoop voor de toekomst, denkt Hochschild."
resilience  community  self  meaning  commercialization  market  dependence 
january 2013
253 - interactive novel home
"a novel for the Internet about London Underground in seven cars and a crash"
hypertext  writing  web  fiction  storytelling 
january 2013
Paul Romer: The world's first charter city? | Video on TED.com
What kind of an idea is it to build a city from scratch? I would say a hubristic undertaking bound to backfire.
cities  urbanism  urbanplanning  architecture  law 
january 2013
“Being human always points, and is directed, to something or someone, other than oneself — be it a meaning to fulfill or another human being to encounter. The more one forgets himself — by giving himself to a cause to serve or another person to love — the more human he is.”
meaning  happiness  life  psychology  humanity  the  good  purpose  from instapaper
january 2013
» on the “non-game” merritt kopas
"So the label “non-game”, far from a neutral classification or harmless matter of definition, is a political weapon that repels nontraditional authors from membership in the community of game makers."
games  definitions  art  criticism  politics  authorship  from instapaper
january 2013
Girl Geeks and Boy Kings | Dissent Magazine
"Because we who populate this book, endlessly documenting ourselves as the tech bubble swelled, never thought we were making a new normal. We thought we were playing—at fame, at attention—even though we knew we were working hard at it. “We were such assholes,” is the note I wrote myself over and over in the margins, with our cameras pointed at our faces, with our thumbs on our phones, hovering over “post” and “send.” No “real people,” we thought, would want to be an auto-refreshing Internet icon in 2006, in 2007, unless they had a stake in it like we did."
Facebook  women  sexism  feminism  labor  social  media  from instapaper
january 2013
A Eulogy for #Occupy | Wired Opinion | Wired.com
"Like Anonymous and Piratbyrån before them, OWS was a messenger from the future, not so much fighting the system as explaining to the old way of doing things that it had already lost. […] But the old world around us had rejected the message from the new world, never understanding that theirs was a mission of mercy to the lost."
Occupy  wallstreet  society  politics  from instapaper
january 2013
河本の実験室: Prototyping "Tempescope", an ambient weather display
An ambient weather display that can simulate four weather conditions: rain, clouds, sunshine, and lightning.
weather  hardware  hacking  ambient 
december 2012
Kickstarter: Crowdfunding Platform Or Reality Show? | Fast Company
"But what if Kickstarter is more about the experience of kickstarting than it is about the finished products? When you fund something like OUYA, you’re not pre-ordering a new console that will be made and marketed, you’re buying a ticket on the ride, reserving a front-row seat to the process and endorsing an idea. It’s a Like button attached to your wallet."
kickstarter  crowd  funding  products  experiences  dreams  from instapaper
december 2012
Gamasutra - Features - Persuasive Games: Wii Can't Go On, Wii'll Go On
"Even Nintendo may not have fully realized what it has done. It has domesticated the wildness of the present moment in video games, consumer electronics, the internet, and home entertainment by caging them out in the open. It’s lurid and beautiful and repugnant and real, like watching Mickey Mouse smoke a joint in the alley behind Space Mountain."
Nintendo  WiiU  platforms  consoles  games  videogames  from instapaper
december 2012
New Public Sites
"Situated within disparate zones of overlap, contradiction, ambiguity and interstice, the ongoing New Public Sites project investigates the ways in which invisible sites and overlooked features exist within our everyday environment."
publicspace  urbanism  situationism  play  cities 
november 2012
Annealing the Tactical Pattern Stack
"It is sort of a fractally multi-scale approach to a mindful life that has a dynamic range from emptiness and tenths of a second on one extreme to extremely cluttered complexity and decade-long attacks on wicked problems at the other."
cognition  behavior  mindfulness  ritual  habits 
november 2012
Probability is in the Mind - Less Wrong
"Probabilities express uncertainty, and it is only agents who can be uncertain. A blank map does not correspond to a blank territory. Ignorance is in the mind."
probability  from instapaper
november 2012
"The really important kind of freedom involves attention and awareness and discipline, and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them over and over in myriad petty, unsexy ways every day."
DavidFosterWallace  dfw  awareness  life  thinking  education  mindfulness  from instapaper
november 2012
Your brain on pseudoscience: the rise of popular neurobollocks
"The hucksters of neuroscientism are the conspiracy theorists of the human animal, the 9/11 Truthers of the life of the mind."
neurology  science  books  selfhelp  brain  from instapaper
october 2012
Under the Shadow of the Drone | booktwo.org
"We all live under the shadow of the drone, although most of us are lucky enough not to live under their direct fire. But the attitude they represent—of technology used for obscuration and violence; of the obfuscation of morality and culpability; of the illusion of omniscience and omnipotence; of the lesser value of other peoples lives; of, frankly, endless war—should concern us all."
drones  art  jamesbridle  newaesthetic  from instapaper
october 2012
The Play Generated Map & Document Archive
"The Play Generated Map and Document Archive collects, preserves and interprets documents related to game play – especially tabletop role playing games and computer games.  Any mark made on paper is collected by the archive."
games  play  maps  documents  gaming  rpgs  roleplaying 
october 2012
Learnable Programming
Another great, although slightly grumpy, Bret Victor piece, on ways in which programming might be redesigned to better support learning.
learning  programming  code  software 
october 2012
Elos » OASIS
"The Oasis game is a two day event that invites a community to project and build in a cooperative way a challenging project chosen by the members of the community to suit their needs. Projects can range from a square, a park, a kindergarten to a cultural center.  The game considers a broad definition of the community and involves representatives from different sectors of the society – NGO’s, Government as well as community members from other parts of the city."
oasis  games  communities  resilience 
october 2012
The Perfected Self
"What distinguishes our intellect from animals’ is not that we can go against our environment—most of us can’t, not in the long run—but rather that we can purposefully alter our environment to shape our behavior in ways we choose."
behaviorism  skinner  psychology  health  obesity  habits  from instapaper
september 2012
The Experience Stack revisited – Blog – BERG
"More generally, it has to be realised that experience is very badly understood by observation: the designer has to take part. I can sum this up: Nothing is easier than believing we understand experiences we’ve never had."
experience  design  interaction  products  from instapaper
september 2012
Short post on the seminal Jejune Institute. An ARG-as-a-service company that has sadly closed its doors.
city  games  street  urban  ARGs  JejuneInstitute  from instapaper
september 2012
Mark Fisher - Capitalist Realism - Spike Magazine
“The most gothic description of capital is also the most accurate. Capital is an abstract parasite, and insatiable vampire and zombie-maker, but the living flesh it converts into dead labour is ours, and the zombies it makes are us.”
capitalism  capitalist  realism  culture  books  from instapaper
september 2012
Rediscovering Literacy
"Exposition and condensation are in fact the fundamental learned behaviors that constitute literacy, not reading and writing. One behavior dissolves densely packed words using the solvent that is the extant oral culture, enriching it, while the other distills the essence into a form that can be transmitted across cultures."
literacy  reading  writing  from instapaper
september 2012
Realtechnik, Nausea and Technological Longing
"... old political institutions aren’t just weak with respect to the new challenges. This weakness begins to undermine their legitimacy and erode their power even where they are capable of operating effectively. While such undermining is going on, the early work of arranging the new technological equilibrium is done by new actors with de facto political power, but no de jure political status. So until nation states learn to engage Facebook and Google, they are effectively outlaw political entities that issue the equivalents of passports and currencies. They might pass a more basic test of political legitimacy (tacit consent of the governed, given that we are not fleeing en masse), but they are not themselves governed in any meaningful way via accountability mechanisms. We are forced to rely on imperial don’t be evil affirmations."
technology  politics  war  from instapaper
september 2012
Peak Attention and the Colonization of Subcultures
"Subcultures will be comprehensively tamed. Institutional sociopaths within the class-culture matrix are now in a position to detect and take control of subcultures before they even come into existence. This will lead on to control over the very inception of subcultures."
cultures  subcultures  attention  from instapaper
september 2012
Disruptive versus Radical Innovations
"In fact, in most documented cases of disruption, the disruptive innovation was a minor/incremental change and well within the technical capabilities of the incumbent (and was often taken to market by a renegade spin off from the original company). Similarly, companies have taken huge risks, massively churned their workforces and mastered extremely complex new technologies for innovations that were valuable to their existing mainstream customers and, therefore, sustaining"
disruption  innovation  business  markets  from instapaper
september 2012
Transcript of Reboot 11 speech by Bruce Sterling, 25-6-2009 | Beyond The Beyond | Wired.com
Classic Sterling talk at Reboot 11 about "stop acting dead" and getting rid of superfluous stuff.
brucesterling  products  future  culture 
september 2012
The Return of the Barbarian
"As a civilization becomes increasingly refined, and far less intelligent, it becomes easy prey for pastoral nomads on the margins, who swoop in cleanse the culture of accumulated stupidity, and revitalize it with a fresh infusion of barbarian blood at the top.

You might even say that barbarians operate at a meta-level: they plant and harvest value out of civilizations. They are civilization farmers, just as they are animal herders."
barbarians  nomads  culture  civilization  from instapaper
august 2012
The Gollum Effect
"Here is what should worry you: both the extreme couponers and the hoarders map better, conceptually, to the center of our consumerist world than to the margins. The margins are for drop-out exiles who have managed to flee sufficiently far away that they can live semi-redeemed human lives. Couponers and hoarders, by contrast, straddle the event horizon of the black hole at the very heart of things.

And around the black hole, sandwiched in an annular ring between the full-blown Gollums and the exiles, is the mainstream world you and I inhabit. Not far enough out to have escaped, not close enough to have been torn apart and assimilated like couponers and hoarders."
consumerism  products  gollum  lordoftherings  lotr  addiction  from instapaper
august 2012
Designing Culture | Jacobin
"Maybe the problem with designers who boast that they are “giving form to culture” is that they don’t realize how big a responsibility they’re claiming. The chicken-and-egg relationship between systems of stuff and systems of people is very real, and with the world as it is, anyone who could legitimately claim control over either would have to be a pretty unthinkable asshole. Rather than glorifying themselves as cultural architects, perhaps designers should be relieved that they are such a small part of the apparatus that actually gives rise to the stuff all around us."
culture  design  capitalism  consumerism  industrial  products  things  social  systems  from instapaper
august 2012
Warrens, Plazas and the Edge of Legibility
"social systems that thrive and grow are on the edge of legibility"
systems  legibility  chaos  complexity  social  software  from instapaper
august 2012
Hacking the Non-Disposable Planet
"Hackstability is the idea that we’ll get enough autopoietic lift through hacks and occasional advances in anti-fragile system design to just balance entropy gravity, but not enough to drive exponential self-improvement."
hacking  technology  systems  singularity  collapse  stability  hackstability  disposability  from instapaper
august 2012
Can Hydras Eat Unknown-Unknowns for Lunch?
"Unusually visible chaos, plus an authority vacuum, plus a perceived sense of greater control equal a deep restlessness." Fantastic post on a new way of dealing with uncertainty.
uncertainty  chaos  blackswans  systems  hydras  unknownunknowns  from instapaper
august 2012
Marketing, Innovation and the Creation of Customers
"That’s because a customer isn’t a human being. Repeat after me:

A customer is a novel and stable pattern of human behavior.

You shouldn’t be surprised. What, after all, are user stories (innovation) and psychographic profiles (marketing) but hypotheses about the stability of human behavior patterns? Underneath humanistic rhetoric about authenticity, the creation of a customer is an act of control."
marketing  innovation  design  products  behavior  customers  from instapaper
august 2012
Rohrer's blood diamonds: Three years, two publishers and a garage full of games | The Verge
On the long road Jason Rohrer had to travel to get Diamond Trust published. Most interesting to me is his reported disinterest in the subject of blood diamonds, despite the fact that the game is about them.
JasonRohrer  blooddiamonds  ethics  games  video  art  publishing  from instapaper
august 2012
Sapir-Whorf, Lakoff, Metaphor and Thought
"The essence of metaphor is understanding and experiencing one kind of experience in terms of another." I really should read Lakoff. Most interesting at this point is the possibilities offered by conceptual metaphor for new and interesting game ideas.
concepts  metaphors  language  thought  philosophy  conceptualmetaphor  communication  from instapaper
august 2012
Letters from a New York Indie #3: How much is enough?
Column about the challenges of game ideation an playtesting. I can relate to this.
playtesting  ideation  games  creativity  gamedesign  from instapaper
august 2012
Playing Like A Machine: The New Aesthetic In Gaming on PostDesk
"What’s more “human” than play? What’s more strange and disorienting than machines built to surprise and delight, living in that darkly lit place between the quantified self and inner child?"
newaesthetic  play  games  machines  video  from instapaper
august 2012
Still Falling: On Chickens and Eggs, Cause and Effect and the Real Problem with the Creative Class
"The prob­lem is that I don’t under­stand why Cre­ative Class The­ory is regarded as any­thing more than a kind of urban phrenol­ogy, with Florida feel­ing the bumps on the sur­face of our cities’ heads and draw­ing wild con­clu­sions about what goes on underneath."
richardflorida  creativeclass  creativity  cities  economy 
august 2012
The Fall of the Creative Class
"[Richard Florida] took our anx­i­ety about place and turned it into a prod­uct. He found a way to cap­i­tal­ize on our nag­ging sense that there is always some­where out there more cre­ative, more fun, more diverse, more gay, and just plain bet­ter than the one where we hap­pen to be.

But I’ve been down that road, and I know where it goes. I know that it leads both every­where and nowhere. I know you could go down it for­ever and never quite arrive. And I know now that it may be wiser to try to cre­ate the place you want to live, rather than to keep try­ing to find it."
creativity  cities  economy  from instapaper
august 2012
Mighty Vision: You Can Make Videogames
"It’s not easy, it’s time-consuming and sometimes hard work, but making your own videogames is the most fun you can have with a computer. Forget playing games, making them is where it’s at!"
creativity  gamedesign  from instapaper
august 2012
Vengeful Tiger, Glowing Rabbit - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"I would be less offended by Coolidge if he, or other artists, also created art that involved human animals in the guise and context of nonhuman animals (and did so without casting aspersion on the “swinish,” “beastly” humans so represented)—that is, if there were a reciprocity that bespoke a sincere desire to broach the species barrier and see how the other half lives. But that wouldn’t sell many cigars."
animals  culture  ethics  from instapaper
august 2012
Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas
"The popular image of the visionary is someone with a clear view of the future, but empirically it may be better to have a blurry one." On big, dangerous ideas that might make good startups.
startups  ideas  technology  business  from instapaper
august 2012
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