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Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy
I want to talk about a pattern I've seen over and over again in social software that supports large and long-lived groups. And that pattern is the pattern described in the title of this talk: "A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy."
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5 weeks ago by kadymae
Raine Wynd's Tumblr — mamalizmas: churchyardgrim: girlfriendluvr: ...
mainstream media they can write off as garbage, but progressive niche media that makes a sincere attempt to represent marginalized folks must be Absolutely Perfect. the idea that a piece of media can have good parts and bad parts, that it can try and only partially succeed, but that that partial success is still worth something, is completely lost on many young fans. either its irredeemable garbage or its the literal messiah, there’s no in-between.
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august 2018 by kadymae
AO3 "pedo" and fannish history
i didnt realise ao3 was started in response to lj deleting account relating to p//edophi|ia and they explicitly support the posting of such works yikes
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june 2018 by kadymae
Universal Fan Con: Peeling Back the Layers - Women Write About Comics
Universal Fan Con was meant to be a celebration of inclusivity and fandom. But as the show was unceremoniously canceled a week before it was expected to occur, fans are asking what happened. Many find themselves left out of pocket, having backed the Kickstarter and booked often non-refundable flights. We, Rosie Knight and Jazmine Joyner, have compiled a comprehensive investigation into Universal Fan Con and what went wrong. We’ve utilized the now-deleted Fan Con website, Twitter, Kickstarter page, interviews, and emails that were shared with us to put together this piece which we hope will help people gain a better understanding of what happened.
april 2018 by kadymae
It Be Your Own People: On Universal FanCon and the Perversion of Community
And many black people and other marginalized groups understand what I mean when I say hostile. Between the gross injustice and ableism of cons not being wheelchair- and ramp-accessible, the overt and covert racism that particularly black and people of color cosplayers face, and the physical, emotional and verbal harassment that female con attendees face for merely existing in these spaces, this con—Universal FanCon—was poised to be different.
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april 2018 by kadymae
Fandom is Not Your Safe Space — practicingproductivity: sirenalpha: ...
Neither of them is wrong or right, because this is not a question with an answer. This is a question with a discussion. There are a great many things that depend entirely on perspective or that read as oppressive or *ism-y more in a larger context than they do individually, and if removed from that larger context, might be unobjectionable or unremarkable. Oppression is a spectrum, with a relatively small area on the “unquestionably bad” end, and a relatively small area on the “unquestionably good” end, and a very wide, layered, complicated expanse between them. This is why we have intersectionality
april 2018 by kadymae
winter k on Twitter: "if you feel extremely fucked up about sex, for whatever reason, i think being able to talk and write about that is requisite for moving into… https://t.co/t1q3aJuMnx"
basically: i think all women, queers, gender weirdos are going to have some jagged, uncomfortable shit they need to talk through

people, especially in the Fandom Discourse internet, come for artists who talk through these things as having essentially committed an act of violence
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december 2017 by kadymae
(13) Rod Roscoe - Repeat after me: "Perfection should never be the...
Repeat after me: "Perfection should never be the standard for welcoming or supporting an ally."
People will make mistakes. At least give them a chance to make amends out of respect for all the good they've done. Do not erase their good works from your memory, or else you're showing that you never cared about them in the first place... only appearances.
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december 2017 by kadymae
Freedom of Speech & AO3
when you start implementing limitations to free and inclusive expression, people can and will manipulate those limitations to cause harm to others.
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october 2016 by kadymae
Anti-AO3 wank with killer responses
Back in 2007 with Strikethrough (link to the fanlore article here) it was conservative Christians targeting any works they found distasteful, these days it’s young “progressive” people clamouring for precisely the same censoring of fan content in the name of social justice. It’s the same kind of policing, the same conflation of fiction and reality, and although the arguments are different on a superficial level, the reasoning behind them is, in essence the same.
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october 2016 by kadymae
the deeper i get into fandom the weirder it is to... | You move.
ike yeah ok you love Jace Beleren enough to know his backstory and all his stats but i’m sorry did you personally stitch what looks like over two hundred eyelets onto your stockings so you could cosplay Liliana Vess? fake geek girls my ass. get back to me when you can do something with the worlds you love other than memorize them.  
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january 2016 by kadymae
The Simple Feeling and Beyond: Kirk and Spock’s Place in Queer History | The Mary Sue
People have been dissecting the subtext embedded in Star Trek for decades now, from Henry Jenkins (who was more or less the pioneer in writing about fandom from an academic perspective) all the way to web series like The Ship’s Closet. That is its own brand of important, since reinterpreting media to create space for the unseen has been one of the few recourses of marginalized voices for many years. But those fine individuals are too often dismissed as delusional or ridiculous, “projecting things that aren’t there” (or “recognizing things that I do not personally relate to my life experiences and therefore it isn’t a thing). So instead, let’s focus on the proponents of queerness behind the scenes.
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july 2015 by kadymae
Untitled — Fandom is not your safe space.
Nor should fandom be your safe space. Fandom is for people to explore all sorts of possibilities in fiction and art. Not all of those possibilities are going to be fluffy, “wholesome,” “healthy,” “uplifting,” or whatever other adjective the Morality Brigade here on Tumblr wants to trot out.

Fiction is not reality. Depiction is not endorsement. No, it may never be “just a movie/fic/artwork,” but that does not make it reality. Fiction serves particular purposes, and one of them is to permit us to vicariously experience certain dangerous or otherwise unpleasant things safely.
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june 2015 by kadymae
10 Fair Use Misconceptions | Organization for Transformative Works
This is Fair Use Week 2015 in the U.S. which takes place from February 23-27. The event is held to raise public awareness of the importance the rights of individuals, nonprofits like schools and libraries, and even corporations like Google and The New York Times have when it comes to copyright. Today we're following up on yesterday's post which explained how Fair Use works in the U.S. - and we're looking at some misconceptions about Fair Use.
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february 2015 by kadymae
Why Are We Here? | Safe
Fistbumps from another memer who’s sick and tired of constantly hearing people outside FFA insisting that people like you and I and the other POC nonnies who have spoken about our experiences and observations must be lying. This reeks of the same sort of identity-policing WF was notorious for back in her
heyday, and it’s a lose-lose game for people like us.
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november 2014 by kadymae
A Report on Damage Done by One Individual Under Several Names | Laura J. Mixon
I am also one of the many regular participants on the Fail_Fandomanon LJ and DW discussions of Winterfox/RequiresHate, and one of the editors of the unofficial FFA wiki entry on her. And for the record, since WF/RH and her supporters have often tried to paint FFA as a wretched hive full of racist stalkers, I am a queer WOC; my grudge against WF/RH has nothing to do with political disagreements — more often than not I agreed with many of the actual critical points she raised about sexist/racist/colonialist/etc. elements within works under review — and everything to do with the viciousness and persistence of her personal attacks, the chilling effect her vitriol and harassment has had upon numerous communities,and the self-serving hypocrisy with which she used social justice concepts as bludgeons to tear people down and “win” arguments.
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november 2014 by kadymae
The following is an open letter to my friends and colleagues who are established members of the science fiction and fantasy community.
Isn’t it curious how often someone who is attacked by the wielder of an abusive narrative is held accountable for everything they may have ever done or said–whether in anger, or in their cups, or just in a moment of carelessness? Editing blog posts, taking down twitter feeds or websites, scrubbing the past, apologizing–all of these are cause for redoubled vituperation. Anything the victim says can be spun, questioned, deconstructed using opaque logic to create any sort of hammer the abuser wishes to swing.

And yet, there are abusers who consider their own right to edit to the narrative sacrosanct. What is past is past; what is true today is only true so long as it facilitates the abuser’s narrative. The goalpost shifts and the gaslight flickers.

On the internet, we call those people trolls, but–colorful as it is–the word is a euphemism. What we are really talking about here is predators. Abusers.
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november 2014 by kadymae
A Report on Damage Done by One Individual Under Several Names | Laura J. Mixon
It was because of the tactic you highlighted here: “hiding behind the language of progressive causes”. Every time she viciously insulted an author or a fellow community member, she framed it as bravely speaking out against racism and other injustices. No matter what anyone said, Winterfox found a way to twist it into them being a racist pig and herself being the only one standing up for what’s right. If she could not immediately find anything in a person’s comments to twist and misconstrue, she would simply accuse them of being white. If they responded that they were not white, she would accuse them of being mixed race or no longer living in the country of their ancestors. Only she was an authentic person of color, and only she could judge what was racist and what was not, which books were good and which were bad, and what language was acceptable to use.
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november 2014 by kadymae
On POC/WOC as an identity category: it’s different from the inside | VacuousMinx
Nevertheless, for some, Mixon’s white-woman status raised questions about whether she should be involved in this conversation at all, let alone a central player in it.

This criticism seems off to me. POC women live in a world in which they interact repeatedly in critical, unavoidable ways with white women. It’s hard to think of public interactions, or at least interactions with public import, that don’t cross the POC/white boundary. There are white women who are inextricably involved with POC interests, in negative but also in positive ways.1 SFF, like every other (North American and Western European) environment shaped by power relationships, is dominated by white people.2 Some of those people are women. The point to me isn’t whether the evidence is collected, analyzed, and disseminated by a white woman, but whether that evidence is reliable, valid, and convincing.
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november 2014 by kadymae
A Report on Damage Done by One Individual Under Several Names | Laura J. Mixon
People are pissed off about that kind of thing, and rightly so. Context matters. Anger is an appropriate response to abuse of power. It can be a huge relief, when you feel as if your own voice isn’t being heard in your community—whether it’s a suburb of St. Louis, or a subcommunity of SFF—for someone to raise their voice above the din on your behalf.

It’s easy when a controversy like this occurs to shrug and call it fanwankery, or a tempest in a teapot; or to loftily counsel the participants to stop feeding the energy creature and move on. It’s certainly easier to do that than it is to investigate and sort out the actual issues. It’s very complicated; there’s a lot of he-said-she-said; and it’s hard to find direct links for some of the most damning allegations. I’ve already seen calls for everyone to just move on, let the current ruckus die down, and trust that things will eventually sort themselves out with no help from the rest of us.

Bluntly, I disagree. The SFF community matters to me. So does basic fairness. So does social justice, which should not be reduced to a rock people throw at each other when they want to hit harder. I don’t believe we can answer the questions bouncing around about BS/RH, or decide what (if anything) should be done about her, if the community doesn’t first get a clearer and more complete picture of what has already been going on.
fandom  SocialJustice(tm)  Winterfox 
november 2014 by kadymae
Failing Tolkien: The Fall of High Fantasy
So Tolkien loved sub-creation for its own sake, which caused him to do quite a lot of it, which in turn made the setting of The Lord of the Rings vivid beyond compare, which in turn led to the widespread popular love of those books, which in turn helped found the genre of high fantasy. Now, over a half century later, high fantasy is a genre cluttered with books full of maps of fantasy countries and continents, but none of them have remotely captured the grandeur of Tolkien’s original because they have tried to imitate his product without understanding the process that led to it.
fandom  LOTR  meta 
august 2014 by kadymae
We All Matter- Playlist
Interesting playlist of music compiled by a fangirl
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august 2014 by kadymae
brownbetty | Why do Fanboys Always Make them Fight?
Superman and Captain America are about to get in a fight, in this art, because it is a scene the artist wants to see.

And yet. Fangirls are being asked to explain why we "make them gay" and told we must justify 'making them act out of character.'

No one ever asks, "Why do fanboys always make them fight?" Because fanboys write the comics.
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july 2014 by kadymae
Look Back in Eyeliner: Three Girls at a Duran Duran Sleepover in 1984 - The Awl
"When I was in eighth grade, I went to a Duran Duran party hosted by my friend Allyson, who lived across the street. This was 1984—a little after Seven and the Ragged Tiger came out. There were five, maybe six other girls there. "

The thing I so wanted in 6-7th grades, but never got to have.
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june 2014 by kadymae
The Killer Crush: The Horror Of Teen Girls, From Columbiners To Beliebers - The Awl
Intensity without an outlet is a dangerous thing; it is also sometimes where revolution comes from. Beatlemaniacs sensed something not-right in their world, and reacted by freaking out, like some sort of 1960s-era maenads in knee socks. "To abandon control—to scream, faint, dash about in mobs—was, in form if not conscious intent, to protest the sexual repressiveness, the rigid double standard of female teen culture," Ehrenreich and her co-authors write. "It was the first and most dramatic uprising of women's sexual revolution." Everyone else made the mistake of assuming that Beatlemania was about the Beatles. As every woman who pledged her teenage devotion to someone embarrassing (I'm sorry, Gavin) could tell you, a crush is more about the crusher than the crushee. Perhaps what's so disturbing about the Columbiners is not who they're crushing on, but how it's actually not so difficult to imagine what it might be like to be one. Why not let yourself inhabit their world for a moment? What might you need to unleash? What makes you want to scream and scream until someone slaps you?
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june 2014 by kadymae
Why fans have high hopes (but low expectations) for 'Supernatural'
“How many times have we been around this block?” Sam asks Dean in the latest episode. The answer is nine. Nine seasons of see-sawing character development, endless manpain, homoerotic subtext, and vanishing lessons learned from earlier seasons—themes that play out over the bodies of dead women, with jeering nods to SPN's worn-out fandom.
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may 2014 by kadymae
The ultimate guide to Sebastian Stan, fandom's fiery new obsession
this year’s big summer hit is Sebastian Stan. As in, that guy who starred in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as the titular Winter Soldier, but had such a tiny amount of dialogue that he compared it to acting a silent film.

Perhaps it’s that mysterious silence that has made him so popular over the past few weeks. It leaves fans wanting more.

The problem is, there isn’t much more. And we’re not just talking about the two-year wait for a sequel. If you came out of Captain America wanting to see more of Chris Evans, then you’re in luck. He already has about 20 other movies under his belt, and several of them are other superhero adaptations. However, Sebastian Stan’s accessible acting credits are mostly limited to recurring roles on Once Upon A Time and Gossip Girl, a few terrible movies that barely anyone watched, and an intriguing pedigree as Hollywood’s go-to guy for sad gay youth roles. (We’ll get back to that one in a moment.)
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may 2014 by kadymae
Op-ed: Burning Books, One Word at a Time | Advocate.com
Some time in the early 2000s, I saw a profoundly troubling trend being born in the newly popular Live-Journal-type blogs. It later spread through Tumblr and Twitter, across our small, bright quilt of communities: an online thought police. The officers of the thought police felt deeply entitled and were intent on unraveling a half-century of LGBT community-building to insulate themselves from what has become the unendurable offense of much of today’s activism: feeling offended.
rights  feminism  free-speech  fandom 
april 2014 by kadymae
Socially Awkward Isn't An Excuse | Paging Dr. NerdLove
And today, I’m going to piss a lot of you off. I’m going to piss a lot of you off and I’m going to do it deliberately. Because today I’m going to take a whack at one of the greatest sacred cows on the Internet: the Socially Awkward Exception.
feminism  fandom  dr-nerdlove 
march 2014 by kadymae
[META] Artistic Freedom, or This Is Not a Review of The Hobbit
Who cares? We don’t really deserve any say in how others choose to retell a tale. I mean this as a statement about natural rights rather than gracious conduct. A gracious standard of conduct might well choose to consult with a respected original author or their heirs, might make an effort not to bruise their feelings, might listen to critiques and revise accordingly. But a narrative belongs to the mind of every person it has touched. And no one has a right (regardless of the current law of the land) to tell any person not to re-envision that narrative however they wish.
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january 2014 by kadymae
Twilight Fanfiction: Can It Turn Sexism Into Feminism? | wom*news
I’m known in the UQ Women’s Collective for having a crack at defending the Twilight series, especially criticising the sexist way it’s been received. I really enjoyed the paranormal romance as a teenager (a time when I was already identifying as a feminist), mostly because of the protagonist Bella: she was quiet, bookish, brunette, pale, and had divorced parents. Wow! That was me in 25 words or less. She got to have sexually charged moments with an older guy. Awesome! It was an exciting and enjoyable read for me back then, and I still enjoy the story now. More importantly, I enjoy the mental and emotional conundrum I put myself into when I try to justify my enjoyment of the series in reconciliation with my feminist beliefs.
feminism  fandom  fanfic  meta 
august 2013 by kadymae
Postmodern geekdom as simulated ethnicity
As geekdom moves from the cultural fringes into the mainstream, it becomes increasingly difficult for the figure of the geek to maintain the outsider victim status that made him such a sympathetic figure in the first place. Confronted with his cultural centrality and white, masculine privilege—geeks are most frequently represented as white males—the geek seeks a simulated victimhood and even simulated ethnicity in order to justify his existence as a protagonist in a world where an unmarked straight white male protagonist is increasingly passé.
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august 2013 by kadymae
girls who like girls but only if they like other girls RIGHT
A searing discussion of how "social justice" becomes thought police
feminism  fandom 
august 2013 by kadymae
the adventures of man-child and mutt.
What I’m working on now is giving myself permission to not let people who never create fanworks about ladies make me feel guilty for not writing enough stories about ladies, or not writing stories about ladies that they want to read, or stories about their favorite ladies as opposed to my favorite ladies.  I refuse to let these people continue to erase me and my work.
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may 2013 by kadymae
Rape culture in fandom | Disrupting Dinner Parties
And here we kick off the trigger warning battles again
feminism  fandom  fanfic  writing  meta 
may 2013 by kadymae
On Fandom Activism and the Logical High Ground - Amazing Stories
Because ultimately, I realized, what was I fighting against? What would happen if my opponents won? I’ll tell you what would—and, I believe, will—happen: more stories. Better stories. Stories from people we haven’t had a chance to hear from yet. Stories about characters with lives very different from our own. Stories about characters so similar to us, we weep from the resonance. Stories that take place in lands inspired by a vast, varied abundance of traditions and cultures. Stories plumbing the unfathomable depths of the human experience a little deeper. Stories that would change our lives forever, that we would tattoo on our bodies and read to our children. Stories that would cradle us and carry us out of dark times. Stories currently denied to us by a threatened, unreasonable elite whose sun is beginning to set. Stories. That’s what happens if the activists win.
fiction  writing  meta  fandom 
may 2013 by kadymae
The Unbearable Baggage of Orcing | Epiphany 2.0
Think about that. Creatures that look like people, but aren’t really. Kinda-sorta-people, who aren’t worthy of even the most basic moral considerations, like the right to exist. Only way to deal with them is to control them utterly a la slavery, or wipe them all out.
racism  writing  fandom  meta 
march 2013 by kadymae
One of the very first things I learned in writing class was ...
Once you have written something and somebody else has read it or had it read to them or performed it or seen it performed, that thing does not belong to you anymore. This is Writing 101, guys. This is Creative Anything 101. This is SO BASIC. People will ask questions you think are irrelevant; they’ll fixate on details you threw in there on a whim; they’ll berate the characters you love and overidentify with and put the most effort into portraying, and they’ll love the characters you created as villains or cannon fodder. They’ll miss what you thought was the most beautiful part of your story, or the most important part. They’ll see symbolism that you think is bullshit and subtext that goes directly against what you intended to get across. They’ll see some oppressive bullshit you sure as fuck didn’t mean to put in there. They may even imagine things about you and what you were thinking and what you were trying to say. They will MAKE SHIT UP. And here’s the thing: they won’t be wrong.
writing  meta  copyright  fandom 
january 2013 by kadymae
Buffy vs Edward Remix Unfairly Removed by Lionsgate
Classic example of abusive enforcement by corporations
copyright  fandom  songvid 
january 2013 by kadymae
giandujakiss | Now that I'm back at a computer
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has a provision that imposes special penalties for anyone who circumvents the copy protection on electronic media. These penalties - which can be quite onerous - apply regardless of whether the "use" was fair. That is, you could break the copy protection on a DVD to make the fairest-use ever new work, and still be, technically, in violation of the DMCA and subject to very harsh penalties. In other words, your new, transformative work could be totally not infringing on the original copyright, and you'd be subject to penalties anyway. The DMCA imposes penalties for breaking a lock - it doesn't matter why you broke the lock.

But the DMCA has a provision that says that the Library of Congress can create exemptions to these provisions when the situation warrants it. People can petition for an exemption, interested parties can oppose it, the Library of Congress holds hearings, hears testimony, and then makes a decision. Even if they do create an exemption, it has to be periodically renewed, and the advocates have to once again prove their need for the exemption every time.

We got the exemption again!
copyright  fandom  songvid 
october 2012 by kadymae
peter hale | Tumblr
Pleased to meet you, I'm a man of weath and taste ....
teenwolf  peter-hale  fandom 
september 2012 by kadymae
On Shipping and Fanboys | Pathetic Avengers Fangirl
What I don’t love are angry fanboys (I wish there were a different word for them). I don’t love being scoffed at when I jump excitedly at finding a comic. I don’t love being told that, if I didn’t like something, it’s because it wasn’t “meant for chicks.” I don’t love the notion that I’m not a real fan because I have two X chromosomes and like to look at the Avengers cast.
comics  fandom  feminism 
june 2012 by kadymae
synecdochic: the Megaupload indictment, in detail; or, a crash course in the DMCA and why they're totally fucked
Okay, so, the Megaupload indictment. I started out thinking "what the actual fuck" when I saw the site had been shut down, and then I read the indictment. Yeah, uh, if a quarter of that stuff is correct, the US Attorney almost certainly has a very, very good case against them.
copyright  rights  fandom 
january 2012 by kadymae
tzikeh: Pure Genius Star Wars Ultimate Remix is the perfect example of how stupid SOPA/PIPA are/were.
And whenever you see someone online moaning that the people against SOPA/PIPA "just want to steal stuff," point them to this and explain that, had those acts passed, anybody involved in this this joyous film/homage/interpretation would have been under threat of arrest (or flat-out arrested), and any website that hosted it would have been brought down, and the owners of the website prosecuted.
copyright  rights  politics  fandom 
january 2012 by kadymae
Fandom and its hatred of Black women characters | Racialicious - the intersection of race and pop culture
(How happy I am that in my f'list, the conversation is more about how we're sick of the awesome Tara being given the stupid story lines and short shift, and that I don't see the wank about how 'ugly' she is. and that we don't like Bonnie with Jeremy because the two actors have ZERO chemistry.)
feminism  racism  wank  vampire-diaries  true-blood  fandom 
october 2011 by kadymae
The Tits Have It: Sexism, Character Design, and the Role of Women in Created Worlds | Racialicious - the intersection of race and pop culture
And there it was, the truth about character design that so many players know but most designers wouldn’t usually articulate: most of the egregiously sexist character designs are based on fuckability, rather than playability.

Drawing attractive characters isn’t a crime. But it starts to become grating when characters are not only attractive, but hypersexualized and mostly defined by their appearance. Even when characters aren’t hypersexualized, they can still be boring and flat in execution if there is more attention paid to animating her curves than the character herself.
feminism  fandom  meta  comics 
october 2011 by kadymae
Personal Fanon - When Bookmarks Were In Mustache Land
The other great bit of fanfic about Pinboard/Fandom.
"Monsterdoc Eats Tokyo." Diez and iz ded.
delicious  fandom  meta  pinboard  humor 
october 2011 by kadymae
The Fans Are All Right (Pinboard Blog)
The guy behind pinboard is powerful funny and he gets fandom. Though, honestly, I really don't want to read Picard/Gandalf
fandom  humor  pinboard  delicious 
october 2011 by kadymae
The Morning After
Pinboard begins a hot and heavy with Fandom
fandom  fanfic  humor 
october 2011 by kadymae
melannen: Some Minor Historical Notes on Copyright and Censorship
I very quickly realized that what I had in my hands was popular music that had been stolen by immoral copyright pirates sixty-five years ago. No wonder the music publishing had completely died out by the 1950s, if people were making copies of stuff and passing them around for free! Just imagine what music today might have been like if there had still been a profitable recording industry when Elvis and the Beatles were performing.
rights  politics  fandom  copyright 
september 2011 by kadymae
Language Log » The Tolkien estate over-reaches
"While you were reading Tolkien, I was watching Evangelion", which, they claim, infringes on the trademark owned by the estate. They are almost certainly wrong. The rights granted trademark holders are very limited and have to do with identification of products and services.
rights  fandom 
august 2011 by kadymae
melannen: Science, y'all.
Melannen takes a look at several polls asking fanfic writers about their sexuality.
fandom  slash  meta 
august 2011 by kadymae
cereta: The Tone Argument and Logical Fallacies
she explains what it is, what it isnt, and why cussing somebody out and then damanding that they reply to you isn't probably going to get the response you want.
tone_argument  writing  fandom 
june 2011 by kadymae
hradzka | The death of the Western: and what it means for us
The reason I'm writing about the Western is this: if the culture can change to such a degree that the Western, once the most popular of popular genres, sputters and goes out, what does that mean for the bulge of science fiction and fantasy productions we've been having of late?
meta  fandom  slash 
may 2011 by kadymae
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