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Prioritizing the Long-Tail of Performance
By prioritising the long tail you move the mean result further to the left, and more importantly, further towards the fastest loading scenario. Great article from Tim about what to focus on when working on performance.
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4 days ago by justinavery
More Common Voices
Common Voice, Mozilla’s initiative to crowdsource a large dataset of human voices for use in speech technology, is going multilingual! Common voice is a tool that you can use to incorporate speech technology into what you're building.
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4 days ago by justinavery
GitHub - guess-js/guess: Libraries & tools for enabling data-driven user-experiences on the web
Guess.js provides libraries & tools to simplify predictive data-analytics driven approaches to improving user-experiences on the web.
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4 days ago by justinavery
User flows done right, turn your designs into playable user flow diagrams that tell a story.
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4 days ago by justinavery
Artificial Intelligence for more human interfaces
One of the most responsive ways in which we can design any interface is to make it more human or at least allow us to interact with it in a more human and natural way. This is where AI, cognitive systems are incredibly valuable.
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4 days ago by justinavery
Image Inconsistencies: How and When Browsers Download Images – CSS Wizardry – CSS Architecture, Web Performance Optimisation, and more, by Harry Roberts
Harry takes some time to look at the download of images across background-image (in CSS) and using the regular image tag. The results, as you might expect, are mixed across the different browsers that are on the market.
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5 days ago by justinavery
The Trouble with D3 – Ian Johnson – Medium
If you love the idea of creating data visualistions and think you can just drop into D3 and emerge at the other end.... well I hope you're right but the chances are this article will help set the record straight and point you down the _right_ road for your particular journey
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5 days ago by justinavery
Easier scrollytelling with position sticky
I'm working through some product landing pages for my pocket notebooks and I really like the things you can do with position: sticky without having to worry about fixing things when it's not supported (it's an enhancement and degrades wonderfully). This tutorial shows how you can use some graph related graphics and control them through the scrolling story.
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5 days ago by justinavery
Adactio: Journal—Registering service workers
In Jeremy's very good book on Service Workers (it's actually about going offline, but there's a main role for service workers as the lead actor) he shows the feature detection way in which you call a service worker. He also covers a future-friendly way, which seems like it might never see the light of day :(
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5 days ago by justinavery
Your Brain on Front-End Development | CSS-Tricks
I love this article from Chris. He takes a look at a beautiful design on Dribbble and goes through how a front-end developer would look at it and build it out. Chris even uses live code pen examples to showcase how these things would be pulled out.
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5 days ago by justinavery
Getting your website ready for Apple Watch OS5
An overview from us on the new web browser for the watch. We take a look at how this works, how to optimise your layout for the watch, what to do when integrating forms and what happens with the reader mode
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5 days ago by justinavery
Monitor performance budgets at a glance with your Status dashboard
Speed Curve is one of my favourite paid performance dashboards. With the likes of Steve Souders and Tammy Everts being employee's two and three you can tell they do something right. This week Tammy has written about the introduction of a status dashboard that allows you to take a glance at the performance of a site and get quick visual references around any issues you might want to look a little closer at.
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5 days ago by justinavery
The new (and old) CSS units you've never heard about
I'm sure you're familiar with px. You've almost certainly used % or EMs, and if you've used EMs there's a chance you've extended to REM. You've also probably tried out the viewport units, vh & vw, and if you've been near Grid at all you've certainly come across fr. Well, the units in this article are even more obscure than those (if you can believe that!)
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7 days ago by justinavery
On paying for software
For a long time I didn't pay for software. I pirate copies, risk viruses with key generators, update my hosts file to trick software... anything to avoid paying for something. Nowadays I've changed, I'm in a better position to afford to pay for the tools that I use professionally, and even the ones that are free I try to contribute towards. It takes a lot of time to build things, this newsletter has taught me that ten times over, so when I'm able to I like to try and provide people who make things able to have a house and eat food while providing them. There are some subscriptions I wish were cheaper... but they're a professional expense and as professionals, we should charge in a way that allows us to pay for and afford the tools we're required to use.
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8 days ago by justinavery
Web Componen) (.org()
The components on this site provide new HTML elements that you can use in your web pages and web applications.
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8 days ago by justinavery
Create & Publish Web Components With Vue CLI 3
When web components first arrived on the scene I thought they were going to be wonderful, then I thought they'd be terrible, and now I realise they're just like anything on the web. You can have well thought out progressively enhanced web components, or you can have render blocking performance destroying web components... it depends on how you build them.
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8 days ago by justinavery
Fostering a Web Performance Culture - José M. Pérez
Web Performance is not only about understanding what makes a site fast. It’s about creating awareness amongst both developers and non-developers. Performance is a feature and needs to be prioritized as such.
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11 days ago by justinavery
AMPstinction and Robin
Robin looks at Jeremy's comments about AMP in a slightly different light, in that AMP might be like Flash. Flash showed us that the web could be so much more than just words and links, perhaps AMP will be the catalyst for a faster more performant web.
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11 days ago by justinavery
Designing Web Content for watchOS
Erik Runyon covers off the interactions, limitations, layout, forms, reader mode etc for the Apple Watch with websites.
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12 days ago by justinavery
World wide wrist. — Ethan Marcotte
Ethan, the father of Responsive Design, on the World Wide Wrist.
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12 days ago by justinavery
I totally agree with the idea that all Frameworks (Polyfils) should themselves eventually become extinct and no longer needed. The idea of jQuery was always to superceded by Javascript itself and I'd like to see AMP go the same way one day.
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12 days ago by justinavery
How to start with variable fonts on the web
Another reader who wrote in this week was Oliver who has written this great starter article on variable fonts, complete with a demo page.
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12 days ago by justinavery
Beautiful Free Images | Unsplash
I'm sure you've all seen Unsplash before, but just in case you haven't you're really missing out. This week we had an email from Larry who is always on the look out for royalty free images and recommended this... we've used Unsplash for a long time now and they've recently celebrated their 5th birthday.
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12 days ago by justinavery
Introducing Spectrum: How Adobe Is Building a Design System at Scale | Adobe Blog
With so many products across the Adobe line, they face unique challenges when building a design a system that scales. For example, a button element has 9 variants, with each having five states, and is supported across four colour themes. That's 180 permutations.
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12 days ago by justinavery
Learning front-end development is tough and sometimes it's helpful to ask someone a question. That's where Dev Pal steps in as your pal for help and advice.
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12 days ago by justinavery
How to analyze images using the Azure Computer Vision API
The Scrimba tool is brilliant and I really enjoy the tutorials that Per has been putting together. This week you can learn how to automatically get metadata on your image using one of Azure's machine learning API's.
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12 days ago by justinavery
Am I Responsive?
This is a pretty cool site, but it's a shame that they don't allow you to view the site on a screen less than 800px is size UNLESS you fall into the browser/device sniffing and get the mobile version of the site.
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19 days ago by justinavery
Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria - The Atlantic
An amazing story of the process that has been the complete digitisation of every written book by Google, and the likely chance that you will never be able to access them.

During my holiday this week I read "Change is Good" after backing it on Kick Starter last year. It's a story of the wild west internet days in the late 90's before the dot-com crash. The story follows the IPO of a fictional search company called GNUhere and is told from many points of view. The reason I mention this, other than it's a great book, is that GNUhere's goal was to make a better, more connected, and more educated world. This is what I used to this Google was trying to do, and I hope is still their ultimate goal
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19 days ago by justinavery
Text editing techniques every Front
Any Front-end developer is going to spend a lot of time typing and manipulating code. It pays to know how to ‘drive’ your editor to get the best performance.
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19 days ago by justinavery
Introducing kepler.gl, Uber’s Open Source Geospatial Toolbox
kepler.gl is a data-agnostic, high-performance web-based application for visual exploration of large-scale geolocation data sets. Built on top of deck.gl, kepler.gl can render millions of points representing thousands of trips and perform spatial aggregations on the fly
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19 days ago by justinavery
Presentational and Container Components
There’s a simple pattern Dan Abramov find immensely useful when writing React applications. If you’ve been doing React for a while, you have probably already discovered it, but Dan adds a few tips for those of you struggling to come to grips with React.
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19 days ago by justinavery
The privacy-friendly and GDPR compliant way to add tracking to your website. Get consent before loading third party tracking scripts.
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19 days ago by justinavery
UX Writing: The Case for User-Centric Language - Boxes and Arrows
One of the things that often gets overlooked during a website project, which is pretty ridiculous, is the words that go onto the page. In this article from Boxes and Arrows, we see how it can make a huge difference to the users' experience.
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19 days ago by justinavery
Dippy's Naturenauts
The Natural History Museum has developed a Progressive Web App for kids - Dippy! I went through it with my 4yo and he loved it, and if you want to work on things like this check out the job ad below...
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19 days ago by justinavery
Know your ARIA
A primer on appropriately using aria-hidden='true' and role='none/presentation'. They each do very different things to elements, but their purposes are sometimes confused by developers.
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19 days ago by justinavery
Getting Started With CSS Layout — Smashing Magazine
After going on and on about CSS layouts with Grid and Flexbox here's something that can get you all started from the basics. Rachel Andrew is probably the best person to learn from (for me it's between Rachel and Jen Simmons for different reasons), and this tutorial will get you up and running and take you from zero to hero... just what you need for a Friday.
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19 days ago by justinavery
How to display a "new version available" of your Progressive Web App
With Progressive Web Apps being the next biggest thing since RWD there are a few best practices that we're working through as more and more examples are being created. The one that I like the most is the prompt for users to let them know that a newer version of the PWA is available (from the one they've just retrieved from cache). This tutorial from Dean walks you through how to create this for your users.
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19 days ago by justinavery
Solving Life’s Problems with CSS | CSS-Tricks
A wonderful (and entertaining) piece of writing from Diana Smith this week. You're probably familiar with Diana's CSS drawings, but this is more than an article on pushing the boundaries with CSS, the must read for the week
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19 days ago by justinavery
GitHub - assetgraph/assetgraph: Optimization framework for web pages and applications
AssetGraph is an extensible, node.js-based framework for manipulating and optimizing web pages and web applications. It's the core of the third generation of the production builder tool that is being used at One.com for some of their web apps.
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19 days ago by justinavery
Chrome DevTools CSS Variable hints
DevTools have started showing the autocomplete drop-down with available CSS Custom Properties for the current element. Which makes debugging/theming development much easier.…
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19 days ago by justinavery
Front End Guide: 📚 Grab
This study guide is inspired by "A Study Plan to Cure JavaScript Fatigue" and is mildly opinionated in the sense that it recommends certain libraries/frameworks to learn for each aspect of front end development, based on what is currently deemed most suitable at the company who developed the guide --> Grab.
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19 days ago by justinavery
Tools for developing, documenting, and testing React component libraries
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19 days ago by justinavery
Burke Holland on Twitter: "Just read a comment on a video like 🤯 You should move the sidebar in @code to the right (View / Move Side Bar Right) so your code doesn't jump around when you collapse it. The viewport will always stay the same! Look at the d
If you're using Code for development these days this might be of interest to you. If you move the sidebar to the left you won't get the code/text reflowing when you show hid the panel. Great for video/visual tutorials.
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19 days ago by justinavery
Release 3.0.0 · viljamis/vue-design-system · GitHub
We've featured VDS before, but now Viljamis has released version 3.0. Vue Design System provides you and your team a set of organized tools, patterns & practices and can work as the foundation for your application development. This version is running Webpack 4, contains separate views for all components, includes a tone and voice section (very not Vue, but ultimately important for any product), includes support for Safari 10 plus much more.
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19 days ago by justinavery
Math and front-end
This week at work we all spent around 30 minutes going through these school maths problems(https://www.theguardian.com/education/2018/may/16/sats-maths-quiz-smarter-11-year-old-key-stage-two-exams-england) resulting in a lot of scribbling on paper (and some embarrassed faces). You should give it a go, because like Chen points out in this article we do use maths when we're dealing with the front end. This can be setting the page layout, creating border-radius, triangles with borders or setting fluid typography.
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4 weeks ago by justinavery
Alex Russell on Twitter: "At Google, a few of our major SW users need features that aren't in Safari yet, e.g. Navigation Preload: https://t.co/UvBH6Kzpyb… https://t.co/yQqlymVhfC"
Within a few minutes of posting the question on twitter the ever helpful Alex Russell confirmed the issues with rolling it out to iOS as well.
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4 weeks ago by justinavery
Exploring Progressive Web Apps to Enhance eBay’s Mobile Experience
It's a shame that eBay is focusing their PWA for Android devices first now that iOS also support Service Workers. I'm sure it's because there's some additional functionality that isn't supported and I have reached out to the author for further clarification
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4 weeks ago by justinavery
Responsive tables, revisited | Lea Verou
Lea Verou comes back to one of the more challenging issues we've had since the move from fixed desktop sites to the responsive world, the data table. There are a number of existing solutions which I think are covered really well with Table Saw (link to resource), but these are some interesting approaches that I've not seen before.
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4 weeks ago by justinavery
Page Transitions for Everyone | CSS-Tricks
A couple of weeks ago Sarah Drasner wrote an article on getting nice page transitions using Vue. This we have Georgy Marchuk taking a look at using Swupjs to enable page transitions for all sites.
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4 weeks ago by justinavery
Designing for Inclusion with Media Queries
It's not often that a presenation becomes the headline of the newsletter, but Eric Bailey absolutely smashes this with his slide deck and comments. This is not a video of Eric presenting, but instead it's 127 slides of amazing information, tips, and tricks for building on the web today.
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5 weeks ago by justinavery
The Front-End Tooling Survey 2018 - Results - AshleyNolan.co.uk - Blog and Portfolio for Ashley Nolan
A cracking effort from Ashley Nolan in putting the survey and results together. These results represent a sample of front-end developers working in the industry. Therefore, they shouldn’t be taken as gospel, simply as pointing towards a rough trend.
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5 weeks ago by justinavery
I Used The Web For A Day With JavaScript Turned Off
Do you know the difference between building a website that works with and without javascript? Does it involve a <noscript> tag? This article explains the difference between using a noscript tag and building a website/interface that will work regardless if the javascript loads on a page.
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5 weeks ago by justinavery
Google Duplex: An AI System for Accomplishing Real-World Tasks Over the Phone
So this is weird/amazing/creepy. At Google IO they unveiled Google Duplex which allows you to accomplish tasks over the phone like booking a restaurant reservation. For example, let's say you invite 3 people to lunch on Google Calendar and then include the phone number of the restaurant. Technically, this tool can call the restaurant and have a proper conversation with them to book the reservation, and then update the invite with the results (if it needed updating). That's amazing, but I find it creepy that the person from the restaurant *thinks* they conversing with a human. What do you think?
newslettered  308  article  google  voice 
5 weeks ago by justinavery
Alternative analytics
The other week I left a comment on someone's LinkedIn posts who was talking about removing analytics from websites. This week Jeremy discusses the options you have for Analytics that are NOT Google Analytics. There's a few newcomers in there, plus others that have sadly gone away (Mint). Check them out!
article  analytics  privacy  data  newslettered  308 
5 weeks ago by justinavery
What’s in a pattern name?
Would a rose not smell as sweet if it were known by a different name? Would a media block not have media if it were called something else? Ethan doesn't really talk about the names we should use, but the approach to discovering the patterns and the discussion around their naming is important.
article  newslettered  308 
5 weeks ago by justinavery
WordPress Gutenberg Block API: Block Look and Feel
I'm really excited about the editing experience that Gutenberg is going to bring to Wordpress. You have the ability to customise the experience as well, and this tutorial takes you through those steps.
newslettered  308  wordpress  tutorial 
5 weeks ago by justinavery
CSS Grid — Responsive layouts and components
Let’s make a photo gallery responsive quickly and using very few lines of CSS.
newslettered  308  tutorial  grid 
5 weeks ago by justinavery
Field Guide to UX Research for Startups
How to spot the 5 studies startups need most
article  newslettered  308 
5 weeks ago by justinavery
We’re Looking for People Who Love to Write · An A List Apart Article
A list apart a looking for contributors just like you to add to their long-standing publication. They want people that have a passion (that's you), who work on the web every day (that's also you), and have something to share with the rest of the community (seriously.... it's you!).
article  writing  newslettered  308 
5 weeks ago by justinavery
CSS Grid Layout
This is just what Foundation and Bootstap did with their 12 column designs with offsets and all the bells and whistles. I would encourage you to build the grids out yourself, this stuff is a bit of an overkill. It is GREAT for understanding how grid can be used though.
newslettered  307  tools 
6 weeks ago by justinavery
cssgr.id | An interactive CSS Grid code tool and generator
This is a great tool to showcase just how little CSS you need to build out amazing grids.
newslettered  307  tools  grid  generator  add-site 
6 weeks ago by justinavery
The Power of Flex-Grow – Hacker Noon
Ever since CSS Grid hit browsers I've left Flexbox out of the newsletter... it seems a shame that after so long with floats that we've almost already discarded the first amazing fix that came along. There are some great and powerful things that you can do with Flexbox though, and these have benefits over using Grid on some occasions. In this tutorial, learn how flex grow can help your layouts.
tutorial  flexbox  newsed  newslettered  307 
6 weeks ago by justinavery
CSS Grid: More flexibility with minmax()
Using minmax() in CSS Grid to create perfect margins on a grid site.
newslettered  307  tutorial 
6 weeks ago by justinavery
Custom domains on GitHub Pages gain support for HTTPS | The GitHub Blog
Today, custom domains on GitHub Pages are gaining support for HTTPS.
newslettered  307  article  https  github 
6 weeks ago by justinavery
Priority Guides: A Content-First Alternative to Wireframes
I'm sure that Stephen Hay touched on something very similar to this when he was writing responsive wireframes in the browser. This technique, however, doesn't require any knowledge of HTML or CSS but creates that same key focus of content first and a sensible heirarchy.
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6 weeks ago by justinavery
Service worker resources
I've already mentioned that you absolutely go out and buy Offline, the new A Book Apart book from Jeremy Keith. Well, Jeremy kindly has shared a tonne of really helpful links that will help you learn more about the topic... but seriously the book does the best job.
newslettered  news  307  resources 
6 weeks ago by justinavery
The Next Big Thing in Type
Take a look at these amazing variable types. Remember though, some browsers (including my version of firefox) doesn't support variable fonts just yet, Chrome is all good.
newslettered  307  tools  typography  font 
6 weeks ago by justinavery
The Surprising Science Behind Colour Codes
Have you ever wondered about the science behind colour? I recently did a lot of research on this very topic when creating the CMYK Colour Edition notebook set. I still remember using the Primary Colours in school, Red/Blue/Yellow which allowed you to create any other colour.
article  colour  newsed  newslettered  307 
6 weeks ago by justinavery
HTML5 Boilerplate 6.1.0 Released
The new release brings updates to jQuery 3.3.1, Modernizr and Normalize, .htaccess and migration to eslint.
newslettered  307  resource 
6 weeks ago by justinavery
Progressive Web Apps core guides on MDN Web Docs
MDN Web Docs are the unofficial manual to building websites. Now, and just in time for service workers being supported on every current web browser, they have all the details you need to get going with your progressive web app.
newslettered  news  307  resource 
6 weeks ago by justinavery
The Basics of Information Architecture
I'm not a visual designer, but I can design the crap about of information and data! It's one of my favourite parts of the job, working out the information that needs to appear on the page, and how that content can link with other information on the site in intelligent ways that create a great user experience.
article  ia  newsed  newslettered  307 
6 weeks ago by justinavery
Grid Level 2 and Subgrid
Rachel has been keen to see this come to the specification ever since it was removed from the Grid Level 1. This fixes the issues where a nested grid will currently not line its tracks up with the parents, there's no connection between the two. With SubGrid it will follow the existing parent tracks, very cool
newslettered  307  article  grid  news 
6 weeks ago by justinavery
Obnoxiously Readable Responsive Text with Viewport Units
Zach is great with web typography. A long time ago he created a sweet little script called BigText similar to Dave's FitText.js. As the web has grown and we can do more with CSS he is now rolling Viewport units to make those big large feature headlines
newslettered  307  tutorial  typography 
6 weeks ago by justinavery
Data visualisation: how the FT newsroom designs maps
I properly geek out on maps and data visualisations. This article in the FT is a great example of design data maps, and if you're looking for a brilliant example then check out the Shipping Maps.
newslettered  307  article  data-visualisation 
7 weeks ago by justinavery
Is service worker ready?
Yeah they are! Now go out and buy Jeremy's book on going offline and relish in the wonderful world of service workers and Progressive Web Apps.
newslettered  news  307  feature-site 
7 weeks ago by justinavery
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