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june 2018 by junyi.liu
How do I - Yocto Project
Q: How do I put Yocto on a hard drive?
A: bitbake core-image-sato or core-image-sato-sdk

have a suitable partition on the disk - say partition #3
this partition will show up as sde3 on my host machine and sda3 on the atom
mkfs.ext3 /dev/sde3
mount /dev/sde3 /mnt/target
mount -o loop tmp/deploy/images/core-image-sato-sdk.ext3 /mnt/target-ext3
cp -a /mnt/target-ext3/* /mnt/target
grub-install --recheck --root-directory=/mnt/target /dev/sde
If grub install passed, copy the following to...
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june 2018 by junyi.liu
Modifying the SD-Card Image / Adding new Layers - Entries - Forum - Industry Support - Siemens

at first you have to have a look at ªªhttp://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/recipes/ andºº search for your recipe (i.e apache). 

You will find the layer (i.e meta-webserver)  which includes the package. This layer you will have to clone to your build system. If you click on the layer you find the adress to clone and its dependencies. It may be that you will need to clone other layers additionally. 

In your case meta-webserver is already cloned, because it is inc...
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june 2018 by junyi.liu
linux - Difference between wic and hddimg format in yocto - Stack Overflow
There was not much info about online, so I asked this question in the intel community and here is the response of that: Generally a .wic image is intended to be installed directly to its final destination, whereas an hddimg is for evaluation and installation elsewhere. By default meta-intel .wic images only have an EFI bootloader, and will not boot via legacy BIOS. An hddimg will have both an EFI bootloader and the syslinux binaries that let it boot from legacy BIOS. On startup with your installer USB image do you get a light gray screen with four options? If so it is booting via legacy BIOS.
june 2018 by junyi.liu
[yocto] IMAGE_FSTYPES - what formats are supported?
>> Is the list of values for IMAGE_FSTYPES documented somewhere? Searching though the documentation shows references to it, but not a list of values that are supported. > > meta/classes/image_types.bbclass > > look for IMAGE_TYPES
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june 2018 by junyi.liu
meta-debian : image build failed on ncurses. - Google 網上論壇
在 Google 網上論壇中,您可以建立並參與線上論壇及電子郵件群組,體驗最精彩的社群交流。
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june 2018 by junyi.liu
GitHub - meta-debian/meta-debian: Meta-layer for Poky to build embedded Linux exvironments by Debian's source codes
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
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june 2018 by junyi.liu
Running a Yocto image inside VirtualBox | gmacario.github.io
I managed to have a Yocto image boot inside Oracle VirtualBox by performing the following steps.
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june 2018 by junyi.liu
Yocto project
Yocto Project looked over by Linux Foundation is an open source project. Yocto can be summarized in a single - "It is not an embedded Linux distribution, It cr…
may 2018 by junyi.liu
Yocto Project Overview and Concepts Manual
he Yocto Project is an open source collaboration project that helps developers create custom Linux-based systems that are designed for embedded products regardless of the product's hardware architecture. Yocto Project provides a flexible toolset and a development environment that allows embedded device developers across the world to collaborate through shared technologies, software stacks, configurations, and best practices used to create these tailored Linux images.

Thousands of de...
may 2018 by junyi.liu
Introduction to yocto
An introductiont to version 1.2.1 of the Yocto Linuxdistribution build system.
may 2018 by junyi.liu
[Webinar] An Introduction to the Yocto Embedded Framework
Slides from January 19, 2017 webinar, An Introduction to the Yocto Embedded Framework.
may 2018 by junyi.liu
The Yocto Project: Challenges and Opportunities | RTC Magazine
RTC magazine spotlights trends and breakthroughs in the design, development and technology of embedded computers. The publication offers broad based technical, product and market-coverage of the embedded computer arena to industry decision makers.
may 2018 by junyi.liu
Why the Yocto Project for my IoT Project? | Embedded
The Yocto Project is a collection of recipes, configuration values, and dependencies that are used to create a custom Linux runtime image tailored...
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may 2018 by junyi.liu
The Architecture of Open Source Applications (Volume 2): The Yocto Project
In 2001, Sharp Corporation introduced the SL-5000 PDA, named Zaurus, which ran an embedded Linux distribution, Lineo. Not long after the Zaurus's introduction, Chris Larson founded the OpenZaurus Project, a replacement Linux distribution for the SharpROM, based on a build system called buildroot. With the founding of the project, people began contributing many more software packages, as well as targets for other devices, and it wasn't long before the build system for OpenZaurus began to show fragility. In January 2003, the community began discussing a new build system to incorporate the community usage model of a generic build system for embedded Linux distributions. This would eventually become OpenEmbedded. Chris Larson, Michael Lauer, and Holger Schurig began work on OpenEmbedded by porting hundreds of OpenZaurus packages over to the new build system.

The Yocto Project springs from this work. At the project's core is the Poky build system, created by Richard Purdie. It began as a stabilized branch of OpenEmbedded using a core subset of the thousands of OpenEmbedded recipes, across a limited set of architectures. Over time, it slowly coalesced into more than just an embedded build system, but into a complete software development platform, with an Eclipse plugin, a fakeroot replacement and QEMU based images. Around November 2010, the Linux Foundation announced that this work would all continue under the heading of the Yocto Project as a Linux Foundation-sponsored project. It was then established that the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded would coordinate on a core set of package metadata called OE-Core, combining the best of both Poky and OpenEmbedded with an increased use of layering for additional components.

23.1. Introduction to the Poky Build System
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may 2018 by junyi.liu
使用 Yocto Project 构建自定义嵌入式 Linux 发行版
Yocto Project 是一个开源项目,设立该项目是为了使嵌入式 Linux 开发更简单,更易于在不同架构间进行移植。本文将介绍该项目并提供如何开始使用该项目的分步指导。
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may 2018 by junyi.liu

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