Term Sheets
Create animated terminal presentations. Export as SVG, animated GIF, or HTML+CSS
service  terminal  presentation 
15 hours ago
alectro/SCSScale: Typographic modular scale starter based on body's font-size built on SCSS.
Typographic modular scale starter based on body's font-size built on SCSS. Font-size calculated in rem with a fallback integer number in pixels and line-height in number (unitless).
scss  font  typography 
4 days ago
visualizing uncertainty — storytelling with data
We often have some measure of uncertainty in our data—a forecast, prediction or range of possible values. A common challenge is how to visualize that uncertainty and help our audience understand the implications.
visualization  tips 
4 days ago
pavelkuligin/chart: Create the most popular types of charts by real or random data
Chart is a Sketch plugin and uses real or random data to create the most popular charts. Chart supports copy-paste from text editors like: Notes, Word, Google Docs, etc, and copy-paste tabulated data from Google Sheets.
sketch  chart 
7 days ago
Textalytic | Text Analysis in the Browser
Text Analysis is a complex and specialized task. Textalytic makes it super simple to extract insight from textual content.
service  nlp 
7 days ago
Remove Unused CSS | UnusedCSS
Easily Find And Remove Unused CSS Rules
css  service 
7 days ago
Deliveroo、パリで最初のシェアードキッチンをオープン | TechCrunch Japan
フードデリバリーのスタートアップ、Deliverooが、パリで最初のシェアードキッチンをスタートした。Deliverooは昨年ロンドンで、Deliveroo Editionsと呼ばれるこのシェアードキッチンのコンセプトを初めて実現した。

food  businessmodel  idea 
7 days ago
Fauna | Transactional NoSQL database from the team that scaled Twitter.
FaunaDB serves tens of millions of users in production. Start your free trial of FaunaDB Cloud and experience the power of transactional NoSQL.
database  nosql  service 
7 days ago
Tech Notes: Why not add an option for that?
This post is an attempt at producing a canonical consolidated answer to why the answer to this is often "no".
product  design  ux  @4 
8 days ago
Request Map Generator
Submit a URL to generate a node map of all of the requests on the page. Rapidly identify what third-parties are on your site, where your transmitted bytes are coming from and how slow your domains are! Read more on my blog or see an example.
performance  web  visualization 
8 days ago
geolocation  businessmodel  transportation 
12 days ago
Ruby: EnumerableをincludeするよりEnumeratorを返そう(翻訳)

return enum_for(:your_method_name_which_is_usually_each) unless block_given?`

ruby  tips 
15 days ago
Pull request reminders for Slack
Review and release code faster with automatic Slack reminders.
service  github  slack  bot  review 
17 days ago
Canny: Customer Feedback Management Tool
Track feedback to build better products
Capture feedback in one organized place to inform your product decisions.
service  product  feedback  roadmap 
17 days ago
Your Emails (and Recipients) Deserve Better Context · An A List Apart Article
Email communication is an integral part of the user experience for nearly every web application that requires a login. It’s also one of the first interactions the user has after signing up. Yet too often both the content and context of these emails is treated as an afterthought (at best), with the critical parts that users see first—sender name and email, subject, and preheader—largely overlooked. Your users, and the great application you’ve just launched, deserve better.
email  newsletter  ux  @4  context 
18 days ago
Tracklib - the world’s first record store with songs for sampling.
Tracklib is a new music service where every song can be licensed for release in minutes.
music  service  sampler 
20 days ago
ActiveRecord's where.not and nil
The takeaway: When using where.not, be explicit if you want NULL values.
rails  activerecord  tips 
24 days ago
Blot is a blogging platform with no interface. It creates a special folder in your Dropbox and publishes files you put inside. The point of all this — the reason Blot exists — is so you can use your favorite tools to create whatever you publish.
service  blog  dropbox 
25 days ago
Facebookはグループに「サブスクリプション」機能の導入テストを行っている | TechCrunch Japan
facebook  service  product  subscription  community 
25 days ago
Backstage Blog - Project Necromancy - SoundCloud Developers
When resurrecting an unfinished, dormant project:

Revisit your requirements. All of them.
Revisit your existing code. All of it.
Be conscious of cognitive biases that say, “But someone decided that earlier.”
Adopt a flexible mindset. Be prepared to change course.
Communicate with stakeholders even more than usual.
product  team 
26 days ago
What we learned moving sales and product upmarket together
Focus on the problem, not the solution – Rather than prescribing what should be built, describe the roadblocks customers are coming up against.

Don’t be afraid to get granular – Be specific about the problem. For lead qualification, that might be distinguishing leads from customers or enriching email addresses.

Stack rank requests by impact – Identify which problems need to be solved first based on order of magnitude (blockers for new business or reasons for churn).
product  design  @4 
26 days ago
missive/emoji-mart: One component to pick them all 👊🏼
Emoji Mart is a Slack-like customizable emoji picker component for React.
emoji  react  ui 
28 days ago
Using cohorts to improve your retention
There are few issues more important than customer retention when running software-as-a-service businesses. It’s no good acquiring customers for $10, if they only stick around for a month or two.
growth  visualization  saas 
29 days ago
Introducing the Merge Queue – Shopify Engineering
Shipit was the obvious candidate to house this new automation — it’s the source of truth for the state of master and deploys, and already is integrated with Github. We added the ability to enqueue pull requests for merge directly within Shipit (you can see how it’s configured here in the Shipit Github repo). Once queued and the state of master is ok, a pull request is merged very quickly. We didn’t want our developers to have to leave Github to enqueue pull requests, and we looked at the browser extension to solve that problem!
deployment  team  devops 
29 days ago
The Agile way: grow instead of build – Jean-Pierre Lambert's blog
Indeed the development process is more alike to growing plants than to building houses.
agile  software 
29 days ago
.arc is a plaintext manifest for defining next generation cloud infrastructure
serverless  framework  aws  lambda 
29 days ago
Priority Nav Scroller - Priority+ navigation in a horizontal scrollable container with controls
Priority Nav Scroller is a plugin for the priority+ navigation pattern. When the navigation items don’t fit on screen they are hidden in a horizontal scrollable container with controls.
javascript  ui  navigation 
29 days ago
Rails: Shopify流「非同期マイグレーション」でデプロイを安定させよう(翻訳)
スキーマ変更を伴うコードをデプロイするたびに、bin/rails db:migrateを実行して新しいActive Recordマイグレーションを適用しなければなりません。これは共通で使われるデプロイスクリプトです(Capistranoを参照)。
rails  database  migration  architecture 
4 weeks ago
Micro.blog is a safe community for microblogs. A timeline to follow friends and discover new posts. Hosting built on open standards.
service  blog  microblog  sns 
4 weeks ago


4 weeks ago
Facebook、思い出を懐かしむ “Memories”ページ を公開

「思い出は極めて個人的なものだと理解している——必ずしもポジティブでないことも。われわれはフィードバックに耳を傾け、人々が正しく制御し、簡単にアクセスできるようにデザインしていく」とFacebookのプロダクトマネージャー、Oren Hodが発表で語った。「これらのコンテンツは各自の個人的体験の一部であることを留意して取り組んでいる。これまでに情報を共有してきた人たちに感謝している」
servicedesign  engagement 
4 weeks ago
Google Mapsを超える高性能低料金の地図APIを提供するMapfitが$5.5Mを調達

service  geolocation  fundraise 
4 weeks ago
問題を説明するために”queen”(女王)という単語を考えてみよう。あなたと私が話しているときに、私がその単語を話した場合、あなたは文脈からそれが、エリザベス女王か、チェスの駒か、蜂の巣の女王か、あるいはRuPaul’s Drag Raceを指しているのかを判断できる。

複数の意味を持つことのできる、このような単語の特性は、多義性(polysemy)と呼ばれる。そして実際に、それは例外的なものではなく慣例的に決まるものなのだ。通常はフレーズによって、その解釈は曖昧さなく決めることができる ―― 例えば “God save the queen!” (女王陛下万歳!)と “I saved my queen!”(クイーンの駒を守ったぞ!)など ―― そしてもちろん、これはトピック、文章の構造、返答が期待されているかどうかなどを伝えている。

4 weeks ago
Sketch.systems helps software designers think about complex product behavior. Sketch out states, add prototypes, and clarify questions quickly.
sketch  service  prototyping  design  ui 
4 weeks ago
Churn Buster - Failed Subscription Payment Recovery
Churn Buster puts you in control. Recover payments
with advanced campaigns that work better than a human.
service  saas  stripe  churn  growth 
4 weeks ago
New in Basecamp: See where projects really stand with the Hill Chart
“42% of the tasks are complete.” What does that tell you? Very little.
visualization  servicedesign  ui  chart  @5 
5 weeks ago
How to build a better product with UX writing – UX Collective
Using fancy words to bring people to a product is normal. Using the same words to keep them is not. When we browse a new website, we embark on a journey, and we definitely need guides. Just as we do on a real journey, we experience emotions with each tap, click, scroll, and swipe.
ux  writing  howto  @4 
5 weeks ago
Siftery Track - Magically track your SaaS
Effortlessly visualize and optimize your team's software spend. Don't leave money on the table.
saas  service 
5 weeks ago
Outline - Team wiki & documentation
Team wiki, documentation, meeting notes, playbooks, onboarding, work logs, brainstorming, & more…
software  service  collaboration  documentation  team  wiki 
5 weeks ago
Gitで気をつけるべき設定 - 水底
あまりお目にかかる機会がないかもしれないがGitのCommitに記録されているタイムスタンプは2種類ある (git log --pretty=fuller で確認できる). 一つは AuthorDate という基本的には不変のタイムスタンプで, 例えば git commit --amend しても変わらない.
git  tips 
6 weeks ago
How to Hold the Most Effective Meetings – HelloTech
Communicate what decision needs to be made to everyone in advance
Explicate why that decision needs to be made at this moment in time
Consider who does and doesn’t need to make the decision
Organize when the meeting should happen relative to other events
Assure where you have the meeting is prime
Reflect on how you actually communicate the message
meetings  tips  @4 
6 weeks ago
Work in Progress
We are a community of makers shipping together.
community  chat  product 
7 weeks ago
By the people, for the people: Keeping your design system evergreen
From our UI Library, anyone can submit a Github issue to the team for review.
team  styleguide  designsystem 
7 weeks ago
Build the right thing - Inside Intercom
So one way I think about the advice I give is, “What would I definitely bring to the next startup?” To build the right thing, knowing your strategy is critical. In my mind there are 4 aspects to product strategy that need to be considered:

Why your strategy matters
What you should build
How to keep everything aligned
Growing and maintaining your product
presentation  product  @5 
7 weeks ago
Backstage Blog - Engineering Levels at SoundCloud - SoundCloud Developers
Transparency around everyone’s level at a company helps people identify their role models. Additionally, an explicit level structure is beneficial for people who are underrepresented, as non-explicit hierarchies tend to favor the people who form the majority (which, most of the time, is white men).
engineering  culture  humanresource  @4 
7 weeks ago
Stealth - Build amazing chatbots with tools you know and love.
Stealth is an open source Ruby framework for conversational voice and text chatbots.

ruby  framework  chat  bot  messaging 
7 weeks ago
Minuteman - Fast analytics using Redis
Minuteman provides fast analytics using Redis as a backend. Uses bitwise operations to provide complex data analysis and reporting.
ruby  redis  rails  analytics 
7 weeks ago
overview – Trend - Anomaly Detection and Forecasting API
Trend is a free anomaly detection and forecasting API. Get started quickly with state-of-the-art algorithms. No need to set up your own infrastructure.
api  security  ruby 
7 weeks ago
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