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service  github 
2 days ago
hsnaydd/moveTo: A lightweight scroll animation javascript library without any dependency
A lightweight scroll animation javascript library without any dependency
javascript  ui  library 
7 days ago
The dribbblisation of design - Inside Intercom
Design is a multi layered process. In my experience, there is an optimal order to how you move through the layers. The simplest version of this is to think about four layers:
design  methodology  product  @5 
7 days ago
Tracking Schema Changes with GraphQL-Ruby - Robert Mosolgo
One way to keep an eye on your GraphQL schema is to check the definition into source control.

When modifying shared code or reconfiguring, it can be hard to tell how the schema will really change. To help with this, set up a snapshot test for your GraphQL schema!
ruby  graphql  testing  tips 
12 days ago
Unlock honest feedback with this one word
Instead of asking, “What feedback does anyone have for me?”… she asked this:
“What advice does anyone have for me?”
All of sudden, everyone started weighing in. “Well I might try this…” and “The way you brought up this point could’ve been better…” and “You could try structuring the meeting like this…”
team  management 
12 days ago
The Anatomy of a GraphQL Query
Well, it turns out names for almost every concept in the GraphQL language are right there in the GraphQL specification. But the spec is pretty long, so in this post I’ll lay out some of the most important concepts and terms, with concrete examples, so that you can be an expert in talking about GraphQL.
graphql  tutorial 
12 days ago
dmathieu/sabayon: Automated generation and renewal of ACME/Letsencrypt SSL certificates for Heroku apps.
Automated generation and renewal of ACME/Letsencrypt SSL certificates for Heroku apps.
heroku  ssl  letsencrypt 
12 days ago
{ sevos.io } | Turbolinks' lifecycle explained
If your setup/teardown code has side effects on DOM, use the following snippet:

document.addEventListener('turbolinks:load', this.setup(), {once: true})
document.addEventListener('turbolinks:render', this.setup())
document.addEventListener('turbolinks:before-render', this.teardown())
If your setup/teardown code does not cause side effects on DOM and you don’t mind that the cached versions of the pages may be not interactive (just a visual), use the following snippet:

document.addEventListener('turbolinks:load', this.setup())
document.addEventListener('turbolinks:before-cache', this.teardown())
rails  turbolinks  tips 
12 days ago
The magic of microcopy
In design, one detail that often gets overlooked is microcopy — the little bits of text that guide us through an experience. In apps and websites, microcopy includes things like button labels, hint text, and error messages.
When used in the right places, microcopy can turn a mundane task into something memorable. In this story, we’ll see how microcopy can be used in all sorts of delightful ways.
design  ux  copywriting 
12 days ago
A new way to share messages across channels — using emoji
The Reacji Channeler lets you route messages to other channels with a quick click
slack  tips 
12 days ago
The mythical 10x programmer - <antirez>
In twenty years of working as a programmer I observed other programmers working with me, as coworkers, guided by me in order to reach a given goal, providing patches to Redis and other projects. At the same time many people told me that they believe I’m a very fast programmer. Considering I’m far from being a workaholic, I’ll also use myself as a reference of coding things fast.

The following is a list of qualities that I believe make the most difference in programmers productivity.
programming  productivity  @4 
12 days ago
Hex Naw | A color accessibility tool for designers and developers.
Hex Naw is a tool that helps designers and developers test entire color systems for contrast and accessibility. Plug in your palette or color system and let Hex Naw do the rest. Happy testing!
accessibility  color  colorscheme 
12 days ago
Annotation is now a web standard – Hypothesis
Many have tried over the years to bring us web annotations. The lack of standards has been one of the key things holding these efforts back– a need we highlighted in the first of our 12 original principles back in 2013 and have been working towards ever since.

Yesterday, on February 23, things took a giant leap forward when the W3C, the standards body for the Web, standardized annotation.
web  annotation 
12 days ago
Designing robust and predictable APIs with idempotency
Safely handling failure is hugely important, but beyond that, it’s also recommended that it be handled in a considerate way. When a client sees that a network operation has failed, there’s a good chance that it’s due to an intermittent failure that will be gone by the next retry. However, there’s also a chance that it’s a more serious problem that’s going to be more tenacious; for example, if the server is in the middle of an incident that’s causing hard downtime. Not only will retries of the operation not go through, but they may contribute to further degradation.
api  scalability  architecture 
12 days ago
ireade/alix: Alix, a Chrome extension for a11y.css
Alix is a browser extension for a11y.css. It allows you to lint your HTML for Accessibility issues simply by applying a stylesheet that makes use of advanced CSS selectors.
chrome  accessibility 
14 days ago
HSTS をやめる方法 | Open the Next
該当ホストの HSTS を無効にするには、Web サーバ側で「Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=0」を出力してあげれば OK のようです。
http  security 
16 days ago
Storing Data with Redis
You don't get to tune Redis for the individual needs of "cache" and "transactional". I strongly recommend avoiding namespaces. I see people use namespaces to share a single Redis across multiple apps and/or multiple environments. Consider this for hobbyists only who only want to pay for a single Redis database from a SaaS; you do not want to build a business on top of this hack.
redis  tips  scalability 
17 days ago
TDD Harms Architecture - Clean Coder Blog
As the tests get more specific, the production code gets more generic.
testing  dhh  @4 
18 days ago
Humans On-Demand. Get high quality results within minutes.
api  service  automation 
19 days ago
Re: OAuth 2.0のclient_secretって本当に秘密鍵ですか? - OAuth.jp
client_secretを埋め込む実装をしているOAuth Client Developerは、一度利用しているAPIがClient Credentials Flowをサポートしているのか、Client Credentials Flowで得たaccess tokenでは何ができるのか、一度APIドキュメントを確認したりAPI提供者に問い合わせてみた方が良いかも知れません。
Facebookの用にclient_secretさえあれば任意のユーザーをBanできてしまったりする場合は、client_secretが漏洩することでClient Developerとエンドユーザー両方が被害を受けることもありえます。
oauth  security 
20 days ago
Authentication in GraphQL | Scaphold
When you build a GraphQL API, you define a set of types each of which contains a set of fields and an optional resolver function that knows how to fetch the data necessary to satisfy that field.
graphql  security  api  authentication 
20 days ago
Run code with an HTTP call. No provisioning. No deployment.
serverless  javascript  saas 
20 days ago
Reacji Channeler
Add a reacji (emoji reaction) to a message to send it zipping through the microscopic pipelines inside Slack, popping out into another channel — where the right people can see and act upon it.
slack  bot 
20 days ago
How OkCupid organizes its multi-page React app
OkCupid’s desktop and mobile sites are multi-page apps: the HTML of each page you load is generated server-side, and when you load a new page, you ask our servers to generate the next page.
react  architecture 
21 days ago
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