How to run a successful beta in 7 steps - Inside Intercom
Understand the problem that you’re trying to solve
This will pinpoint why you’re running a beta and help to define what you want to learn as early as possible. This should be done before you even create a build plan.
Paint a picture of what success looks like
Decide how you will measure it so you can assess whether or not you are solving the problem adequately.
Consider who should get access
Start small with early adopters who already experience the problem you’re trying to solve. Broaden the audience over time to include users who haven’t asked for the feature.
Decide how you’re going to pitch
Work on how you’ll pitch and describe the solution in a way that makes the most sense for your users.
Get feedback direct from your customers
Jump on customer calls and send targeted messages based on usage of the beta to gather feedback. Create one source of truth that keeps this up to date and organized.
Evaluate the findings
You should evaluate all of your learnings and feedback against the problem you set out to solve. Decide whether or not you are holding something of value back from non-beta customers or if it falls short of the bar you set out to exceed.
Decide when to ship
Set a timeline to make a final call on whether and when you will ship the feature you’re testing – this is a crucial forcing function to avoid becoming paralyzed by the mountain of feedback.
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6 days ago
Shopify/toxiproxy: A TCP proxy to simulate network and system conditions for chaos and resiliency testing
⏰ 🔥 A TCP proxy to simulate network and system conditions for chaos and resiliency testing.
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7 days ago
Future Proofing Our Cloud Storage Usage – Shopify Engineering
S3 stores data in partitions based on shortest common asset prefixes. For example, in our base case, in the above example, we can imagine starting out with all our assets under a single partition.

An important note here is that each partition has its own rate-limits as well as a limit on the number of assets allowed in a single partition.
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7 days ago
Fake presign for FileSystem? - Google グループ
The new recommended way is to use Minio, which is an open source Amazon S3 compatible app that you can run locally, and it stores data on disk. This allows you to continue using Shrine::Storage::S3 and the same JavaScript code, but without paying the network penalty. I wrote a short tutorial here.

Alternatively you can have your JavaScript cover both the S3 and the FileSystem case. This is the approach used in the demo app.
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13 days ago
おとぎ話に見たUXの落とし穴 | SEO Japan – アイオイクスによる海外最新SEO情報ブログ
14 days ago
契約リスク判定サービス | AI-CON
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17 days ago
ブロックスキップを考える — Website Usability Info
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20 days ago
Olio Apps | Software Development Firm
We’re a Portland-based software development and consulting firm. We specialize in mobile, social, and web apps.
20 days ago
Gifski | Sindre Sorhus
Convert videos to high-quality GIFs
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22 days ago
Keep track where and when your team is.
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24 days ago
The design system that powers GitHub

Install Primer 10.3.0
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26 days ago
Strong community.
Powerful API.
A social network with
cookies, dance parties, and badges.
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4 weeks ago
Sass Guidelines
An opinionated styleguide for writing sane, maintainable and scalable Sass.
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4 weeks ago
The Open Source platform for Real Time Transit Info
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4 weeks ago
Make Sales & Product meetings a win-win - Inside Intercom
The fortnightly sync has elevated the bond between Sales and Product to new heights at Intercom.

Not only are PM’s choosing to play a more active role in various sales cycles, but our senior Sales reps are also collecting more data-based product feedback than ever before. Additionally, we’re getting better at setting the right expectations with customers, and building things that strengthen our products’ ability to deliver on the jobs-to-be-done.
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5 weeks ago
Probot | GitHub Apps to automate and improve your workflow
GitHub Apps to automate
and improve your workflow
Use pre-built apps to extend GitHub,
and easily build and share your own.
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5 weeks ago
cuid | Cuid
Collision-resistant ids optimized for horizontal scaling and binary search lookup performance.

Currently available for Node, browsers, Ruby, .Net, Go, PHP and Elixir (see ports below – more ports are welcome).
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7 weeks ago
MIT licensed illustrations for every project you can imagine and create.
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7 weeks ago
Linqes - Manage and share your collection of bookmarks
Create an own Groups of your favourite content
and share with your friends or colleagues
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7 weeks ago
How I Got Hired by GitHub
I’ve been at GitHub for about half a year now, and I figured I’d make this a tradition. GitHub’s assignment was slightly different in scope. DigitalOcean asked for an actual redesign of a module, and I decided to take it the extra mile to impress them. GitHub, on the other hand, asked for a quick critique. It took considerably less time and the output wasn’t as impressive, but I think it spoke to my current priorities as a designer. GitHub’s hiring process has since changed.
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7 weeks ago
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