dwyl/learn-tachyons: Learn how to use Tachyons to craft beautiful, responsive, functional and fast UI with minimal CSS!
Learn how to use Tachyons to craft beautiful, 100% responsive, functional and fast User Interface/Experience (UI/UX) with minimal CSS in much less time.
css  tachyons  tutorial 
12 days ago
Digital design studio – Mono
We are a digital design studio from Belgium that designs digital products and services for people.
agency  design 
13 days ago
Purple3 is a CSS framework for all of Heroku's digital properties. Purple provides guidelines for the aesthetic, function, and form of user interfaces to provide a consistent experience for our customers. This is a living document and is under constant iteration.
css  framework  heroku 
19 days ago
Here I'm sharing a couple of quick notes on how I implemented an onboarding tour with mock data in my SaaS app WiseCash, which essentially reduced my customer support time to zero. This is a follow-up of this tweet.
rails  onboarding 
19 days ago
Amazonの推薦システムの20年 | takuti.me
IEEE Internet Computingの2017年5・6月号に "Two Decades of Recommender Systems at Amazon.com" という記事が掲載された。

2003年に同誌に掲載されたレポート "Amazon.com Recommendations: Item-to-Item Collaborative Filtering" が Test of Time、つまり『時代が証明したで賞』を受賞したことをうけての特別記事らしい 1。
19 days ago
スタートアップからスケールアップへ – Taka Umada – Medium

だから「プロダクトマーケットフィットを達成すると明らかにそうだと分かる」と表現されます (Emmett 等より)。今現在 PMF を達成しているかどうか分からないのであれば、まだ間違いなく達成していない、というのはよく聞くフレーズです。
startup  growth 
19 days ago
第3回:小説家になろう〜「場」の提供に徹底する先駆者 « マガジン航[kɔː]
book  service  businessmodel  @4 
19 days ago
[タニマチPR] データダイエット03:肥える秋が迫るとき…体重のトレンド線に注意しよう | MODUL.JP

analytics  data  visualization  @5 
19 days ago
Things I wish I knew before my first Design Sprint
There will be at least one nervous person who says they “cannot draw”, their ideas will probably be some of the most interesting.
design  designsprint  tips 
19 days ago

Voicebotが、この新しい機能に気が付いたのは、Alexaに株価に関する質問をした時だった。この新機能が登場する前は、質問に対する応答を得るためには、Alexaにその種の情報に答えるサードパーティー製のスキルを開くように依頼する必要があった。しかし現在、Alexaが答を知らない質問を受けると、彼女はこう答える「わかりません。おそらくOpening BellのStock Pricesスキルが役に立つかも知れません。試してみますか?」
voice  product  ux 
19 days ago
Reminders Company
Schedule and manage reminders. Notify your customers about their appointments through SMS, emails or webhooks.
service  api  calendar  automation 
22 days ago
Palx - Automatic UI Color Palette Generator
Provide a single color value and Palx returns a full-spectrum color palette, well suited for UI design and data visualizations that work harmoniously with brand colors.
service  design  colorscheme 
27 days ago
Sticky-js is a library for sticky elements written in vanilla javascript. With this library you can easily set sticky elements on your website. It's also responsive.
javascript  ui  library 
28 days ago
paypal/downshift: 🏎 Primitives to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant enhanced input React components
Primitives to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant enhanced input React components
react  autocomplete  ui 
4 weeks ago
React.js components for modular charting and data visualization.
javascript  chart  react  reactnative 
6 weeks ago
Team Feedback Platform - Teambit
Improving performance and engagement can often feel unclear.
By making feedback a daily habit Teambit empowers your team to perform as best teams in the world.
service  team 
7 weeks ago
We start, buy, and invest in wonderful internet businesses.
startup  vc 
9 weeks ago
Charts with Chartkick and Groupdate (Example) - GoRails
Add various types of charts to your Rails app with Chartkick and use Groupdate to make easy group queries in SQL
rails  screencast  chart 
10 weeks ago
Native Directory
Native Directory is a curated list of 250 React Native libraries to help you build your projects.
10 weeks ago
shieldfy/API-Security-Checklist: Checklist of the most important security countermeasures when designing, testing, and releasing your API
Checklist of the most important security countermeasures when designing, testing, and releasing your API
api  security 
10 weeks ago
Baseline atomic CSS toolkit.
fractures helps you bootstrap design-systems and prototypes by providing a set of non-blocking, atomic, utility classes.
css  framework 
11 weeks ago
A bulletproof guide to improve your onboarding - Inside Intercom
Instead of distracting, let’s aim for “integrated”.
Instead of controlling, let’s aim for “empowering”.
And instead of flaky, let’s aim for “steadfast”.
ux  onboarding  @5 
12 weeks ago
Engineering a culture of psychological safety - Inside Intercom
The biggest finding was that the number-one indicator of a successful team wasn’t tenure, seniority or salary levels, but psychological safety.
team  workstyle  @4  management 
june 2017
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