How to mitigate DDoS using Rack::Attack | BigBinary Blog
Recently, we faced a DDoS attack in one of the clients’ projects. There were many requests from different IPs to root and login paths, and we were running thrice the usual number of servers to keep the system alive. We had to throttle requests based on different parameters and the gem Rack::Attack helped us with that.
rails  rack  performance  security 
3 days ago
Screely - Generate Beautiful Images
Screely instantly turns your screenshot or design into a beautiful image you can share anywhere.
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3 days ago
Day One Outage Postmortem - portal shit!
2018 年の 5 月 7 日から 10 日にかけて、 Day One は重大な Sync サービスの停止に陥りました。ユーザーの皆さんから堅牢な Sync サービスを期待されていることはわかっていますし、この出来事は我々の基準を満たすものでもありません。何が起こったのか、そして将来にわたってどのようにこの問題を回避していくかをユーザーの皆さんにお伝えしたいと思います。
postmortem  @4 
7 days ago
Google Testing Blog: Code Health: Understanding Code In Review
Don't spend more than a few seconds trying to understand it. Simply add a code review comment saying, "It's hard for me to understand this piece of code," or be more specific, and say, "Please use more descriptive names here."
codereview  programming  @4 
12 days ago
Cushion - Peace of mind for freelancers™
Cushion is the tool that will finally help you organize your freelance business, get paid on time, and build your financial cushion.
productivity  timetracking  service 
17 days ago
React in patterns · GitBook
A book about common design patterns used while developing with React. It includes techniques for composition, data flow, dependency management and more.
react  ebook  tutorial 
28 days ago
ITにより洗練されたカジノでは、すべてのゲーム履歴を捕捉し、各顧客の勝ち負けをリアルタイムに把握しています。そのデータは顧客の年齢、年収、居住地などの情報と結合され、回帰式(回帰分析という統計手法により導かれた計算式)に代入されて、顧客ごとの「再来店する程度には満足しつつ帰ることができる負け額」(痛点; pain point) が推定されます。
ux  information 
29 days ago
You've got a lot going on. Get to the messages, files, and links you need without a second thought.
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4 weeks ago
Making Decisions and Keeping a Product Team Firing on all Cylinders
When it comes to effective decision-making, there is no one size fits all approach, but there are decision-making “smells” that can disrupt a product team’s effectiveness. Like “code smells,” a team should acknowledge and consider addressing these dysfunctions.
team  productivity 
5 weeks ago
How to Hack User Research - Algolia Blog
Your colleagues may be tempted to skip research altogether and “learn and iterate after it’s live.” That approach can create the illusion of saving time in the short term, because the product is out sooner. However, in the long term, and I’ve seen it, it can lead to wastefulness. If you release a product whose most important hypotheses are not validated even a little, you may have to spend a lot of effort redesigning and rebuilding the product (potentially incurring tech and design debt in the process).
product  ux  research  testing 
5 weeks ago
「ちょっと時間ありますか?」というあなたへ。残念だが答えは「ノー」だ | Lifehacking.jp

lifehack  productivity 
5 weeks ago
Foursquare、スタートアップと中小企業向けに場所情報のAPI「Places API」をローンチ - THE BRIDGE(ザ・ブリッジ)

「Places API for Startups」は、位置情報の検索と共有、ビジネスに関する詳細情報などを追加することを可能にするものだ。

news  foursquare  geolocation  api 
5 weeks ago
Productivity - Sam Altman
It doesn’t matter how fast you move if it’s in a worthless direction.  Picking the right thing to work on is the most important element of productivity and usually almost ignored.  So think about it more!  Independent thought is hard but it’s something you can get better at with practice.
lifehack  productivity  tips  @4 
5 weeks ago
Liveの新エフェクト - 誕生の舞台裏:Drum Buss、Echo、Pedal | Ableton
Drum Bussのプロトタイプの予期せぬ誕生からほどなくして、初期バージョンが開発チームの定期的なHack Sprint(チーム内でLiveに関する実験の発表と考察をおこなう場)で披露され、開発者から称賛を獲得した。「やりたいことなら何でも試してみるように言われています。例えばPedalの場合、プロジェクトオーナーが正式に開発を決定していたわけではありません。Hack Sprintで見たDrum Bussの初期バージョンが納得のいくものだったので、みんなはすぐに支持していましたね」と語るのは、Drum Bussのほか、Live 10の新しいシンセであるWavetableや、Pedalの開発に携わったデバイスデザイナーのMatt Jacksonだ。Pedalも同じくHack Sprintから派生したデバイスだ。
music  live  development  team 
6 weeks ago
Simple, powerful engagement
scoring for all SaaS applications.
service  analytics  saas 
6 weeks ago
Pitfalls of Card UIs - daverupert.com
The desire to reduce clicks increases complexity and raises the cognitive load. Depends on your situation, but I honestly think the workaround here is to go back to having a strong detail view pages. Scope cards in your UI to truly being previews or –to borrow a term from the watchOS Human Interface Guidelines– a “glance”.
ui  patterns  card  @4 
6 weeks ago
Overthinking BEM – Mono
unnecessary to try to reflect the structure of your HTML in your CSS.
css  bem  tips 
6 weeks ago
Enjoyable content drag-to-scroll library
8 weeks ago
How to run a successful beta in 7 steps - Inside Intercom
Understand the problem that you’re trying to solve
This will pinpoint why you’re running a beta and help to define what you want to learn as early as possible. This should be done before you even create a build plan.
Paint a picture of what success looks like
Decide how you will measure it so you can assess whether or not you are solving the problem adequately.
Consider who should get access
Start small with early adopters who already experience the problem you’re trying to solve. Broaden the audience over time to include users who haven’t asked for the feature.
Decide how you’re going to pitch
Work on how you’ll pitch and describe the solution in a way that makes the most sense for your users.
Get feedback direct from your customers
Jump on customer calls and send targeted messages based on usage of the beta to gather feedback. Create one source of truth that keeps this up to date and organized.
Evaluate the findings
You should evaluate all of your learnings and feedback against the problem you set out to solve. Decide whether or not you are holding something of value back from non-beta customers or if it falls short of the bar you set out to exceed.
Decide when to ship
Set a timeline to make a final call on whether and when you will ship the feature you’re testing – this is a crucial forcing function to avoid becoming paralyzed by the mountain of feedback.
product  tips  testing 
9 weeks ago
Shopify/toxiproxy: A TCP proxy to simulate network and system conditions for chaos and resiliency testing
⏰ 🔥 A TCP proxy to simulate network and system conditions for chaos and resiliency testing.
network  performance  proxy  testing  resiliency 
9 weeks ago
Future Proofing Our Cloud Storage Usage – Shopify Engineering
S3 stores data in partitions based on shortest common asset prefixes. For example, in our base case, in the above example, we can imagine starting out with all our assets under a single partition.

An important note here is that each partition has its own rate-limits as well as a limit on the number of assets allowed in a single partition.
aws  s3  tips  performance 
9 weeks ago
Fake presign for FileSystem? - Google グループ
The new recommended way is to use Minio, which is an open source Amazon S3 compatible app that you can run locally, and it stores data on disk. This allows you to continue using Shrine::Storage::S3 and the same JavaScript code, but without paying the network penalty. I wrote a short tutorial here.

Alternatively you can have your JavaScript cover both the S3 and the FileSystem case. This is the approach used in the demo app.
shrine  ruby  s3  testing 
10 weeks ago
おとぎ話に見たUXの落とし穴 | SEO Japan – アイオイクスによる海外最新SEO情報ブログ
11 weeks ago
契約リスク判定サービス | AI-CON
service  law  legal 
11 weeks ago
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