Trendy Palettes | Beautiful Color Palettes
Curated collection of beautiful hand-made color palettes
4 days ago
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14 days ago
Bit - Share and build with code components
Imagine all your components organized on the cloud, made discoverable for your team and synced in all your projects. That’s Bit.
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17 days ago
Crystal for Rubyists
Crystal programming language is super interesting. I've spent the time checking out Crystal and digging through what is available, and wrote it all down as I learned.
ruby  crystal  ebook  tutorial 
24 days ago
Contrast is the difference in luminance or color that makes an object (or its representation in an image or display) distinguishable. In visual perception of the real world, contrast is determined by the difference in the color and brightness of the object and other objects within the same field of view.
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24 days ago
QMK Configurator - QMK Configurator Demo
One of the most basic Incan measurements of time was the time it took to cook a potato.
keyboard  qmk 
27 days ago
Google, but for colors.
service  colorscheme 
28 days ago
SaaSスタートアップが達成すべき4つの “フィット” – 前田ヒロ
リーンスタートアップによって〈プロダクト・マーケット・フィット(PMF)〉という概念がスタートアップ業界の中に浸透した。では、B2B SaaSスタートアップにとっての PMFとは何か?それは、1つではなく複数の指標があると思う。そしてPMFは、数週間や数ヶ月で達成するものと思われがちだが、B2B SaaSスタートアップの場合は、最低でも2年程度はかかると考えるべきだ。
startup  product 
4 weeks ago
Nano ID CC
The aim of this calculator is to help you realize the extent to which the ID length can be reduced.
4 weeks ago
Checkbox vs Toggle Switch – UX Planet
When deciding between a checkbox and toggle switch control, it is better to focus on the usage context instead of their function.

Below are few use-cases along with guidelines to decide between these two controls while designing form experience.
ui  tips 
4 weeks ago
マチマチをGAEで動かす話 - マチマチ技術ブログ
rails  heroku  gae  gcp 
5 weeks ago
There’s always more work to do—but you still don’t need to work long hours
Have you ever wished you could reduce your working hours, or even just limit yourself to 40 hours a week, but came up against all the work that just needs doing? There’s always more work to do, always more bugs, always some feature that’s important to someone—

How can you limit yourself to 40 hours a week, let alone a shorter workweek, given all this work?

The answer: by planning ahead. And planning ahead the right way.
lifehack  productivity  @4 
5 weeks ago
WCAG 2.0 解説書
この文書、「WCAG 2.0 解説書」は、Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 (日本語訳) [WCAG20] を理解して実践するために不可欠な案内書である。WCAG 2.0 の関連文書群の中の一つだが、この文書のコンテンツはガイダンスを提供する参考文書であり、WCAG 2.0 に適合するための要件を定める規定文書ではない。WCAG、関連技術文書、教育用素材へのイントロダクションは、Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Overviewを参照のこと。
web  html  accessibility 
5 weeks ago
Remote product management: challenges and opportunities | Wildbit
I confess that I was skeptical at first. But as we started to work together and make progress at Postmark, my skepticism fell away. I do believe it’s harder to make product management work remotely than some other roles like customer success or development. But it is definitely possible, and I really believe that companies need to start being more open to hiring remote product managers.
remote  product  team 
5 weeks ago
Configure any server to run Ruby on Rails servers in minutes and without hassle.
ruby  heroku  hosting 
5 weeks ago
Building a long tail of evergreen content - Inside Intercom
What is evergreen content? Put simply, it is content that addresses timeless themes and answers recurring questions people in your industry are going to have. Rather than reacting to recent events, it takes a broader perspective on topics.
marketing  blog 
5 weeks ago
Planckキーボードの話 - 鳰のような形をした僕の迂回路
keyboard  qmk 
6 weeks ago
左右分離型キーボードを橋渡しする「TRRSケーブル」を探し求めて - ここぽんのーと
7 weeks ago
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